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Well, that escalated quickly. I have to say, I knew that I was going to love this Ikea IVAR bookshelf headboard, but I don’t think I realized how much all of you would love it! I posted a video of this process on both my Instagram and TikTok accounts, and people kind of went crazy for it! It is also honestly one of the easiest DIYs I have ever done, so if you want to recreate, I’ll tell you how! Please note that these supplies are what I used for a queen bed.


IVAR Bookshelf side piece (I used the 20x70in piece

Cotton Webbing (I used 75 yards worth in the color “cream”)

That’s it. That’s honestly all you need.

1.To begin, I stapled pieces of the cotton webbing along the shorter, vertical side of the bookshelf piece and cut them to length. Pull the pieces tight, cut to length, and staple along the back of the other short, vertical side.

2. Next I did the same along the long, horizontal piece. Once I had the pieces all cut and stapled on the top, I wove the pieces along the long, horizontal side (or TOP) through the pieces that I had already stapled in the first step. I alternated starting above and below the first strip, in order to ensure a woven look throughout the piece.

3. Once woven, pull shorter pieces tight and staple along the back to secure.

4. To secure ours to the wall, we screwed directly through the IVAR piece and into our bead board. Optionally, you could attach picture hooks on the back to hang.

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