Partying with friends, near and dear ones is the most chilling activity and that too in your own home kitchen means it’s a double treat for the guests right! Just create an aesthetic space for your guests as they will love it, if your kitchen is the central hub for all the social events then it’s good to organize space for the cooks, guests, buffet, drinks, etc. as it makes things feel free and upbeat. Make the kitchen decor unique and stylish for enhancing the party mood. Here are 5 great things to consider to redo your kitchen for next house party

1. Include Good Lighting Options

Redo Your Kitchen for Next House Party


Lighting is one of the critical aspects as it has the power to make and break the elegance of any space in your home, apart from all, to look and feel like the party set up proper lighting in the kitchen is necessary. Plan the type of lighting for each nook and corner in your kitchen and for what you intend to do there. Pendant lights are the new fashion to add up in the kitchen space as it goes out very well from farmhouse chic to modern kitchens.

If you’ve planned your kitchen as the hub of parties then choose the right lighting scheme, for daytime don’t go for a brighter option. When the dinner evening begins switch on the vibrant lighting set up for enhancing the party moods, it offers aesthetic lighting for the party.

2. Add Multiple Counters

Yes, now it’s time to set more space for organizing the party, with all the preparation work and cooking entertain every guest in your home. Plan to have adequate counter space to order out the food so no one will have confusion on whether the food is ready or not. Make all the prepared food to join the table thus the guests will taste whatever they love!

An interesting tablespace in your kitchen will be appealing and eye-catchy to the guest; it’s a place where we relax sometimes with good food and good friends! Multi-counter islands are the convenient option as it doesn’t take much space which is what we needed; otherwise, add a long run of counter outside the workspace to gain more space.

3. Include Seating in the Kitchen

Adequate seats are essential while you’ve planned to host a party or a dinner evening, movie outdoor, etc. Kitchen seating is one of the ideal elements for any kitchen; if it is spacious and cozy the guests can join in the conversation and have fun even if you’re busy with works.

Nowadays most of the innovative owners are remodeling their kitchens by removing the tables and including the seating which is quite interesting and fun, as it gives a classic yet modernized look and feel. 

For people, those who entertain often can take a seat in the kitchen and start their dramas or play while the food is being prepared as it is an ideal way to connect with others. The island or peninsula counter can be revolutionized in a multi-level setup for giving an ethnic look to the entire counter space.

4. Prepare a Special Drink and Snacks

Redo Your Kitchen for Next House Party


Party is not the whole without favorite drinks; just transform your island, countertop, or even a kitchen table into a mini drinking area. Always welcome your guests with a drink that gives a relaxing and soothing feel to them. Organize big glass vases, ice buckets, and an attractive cup of glasses with drinks for creating a great party mood inside the kitchen, just rock it. 

You can keep some fruits like frozen grapes which the guests can add to their champagne for just enjoying the flavorful drink. No one will be the hater for crispy and spicy potato chips, so include a glass bowl full of chips in the menu and serve it t the people out there, let them immerse in the mixed taste with drinks.

You can include lots and lots of varieties and impress the guests, to add more convenience to the cooks and speed up the work there are the best food processors which reduce their work in a half and rock the party with flavorful dishes. Serve air-filled popcorn with little butter on the top to add richness to the buffet.

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5. Create a Pleasant Atmosphere

Redo Your Kitchen for Next House Party


A good lighting plan has the ability to transform your kitchen into a culinary masterpiece. To attract your guests to design the space with a great ambiance and a high-quality sound system, the party is nothing without rocking jazz music. Just use the technology and install a sound system compatible with your kitchen, either Alexa or other gadgets so the music never goes out of style.

Fix the lights at down, interior, and toe-kick cabinets for nice additions. You can light up the delicious-smelling candles to gently soothe the minds and enhance the party mood. For cleaning the counters opt earth-friendly scented sprays which give a pleasant odor.

Final Words

With these party ideas, I’m damn sure that you’ll be able to kick back and have lots of fun with your guests. Our favorite tips will help to inspire your kitchen makeover without replacing the entire cabinets and that too on a small budget. Your new kitchen design will attract the guests and will become a party guest magnet!

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