Trends in office design have evolved dramatically over the past few years due to the spread of COVID-19. This pandemic also led to the creation and implementation of the work-from-home system. Nowadays, with employees returning to their offices, designers are focusing on conceptualizing more homely designs.

We’ve compiled a list of the best trends for spring/summer 2022 to help you upgrade your workspace.

Trend 1. Biophilic Designs

Office Design Trends


The term “biophilic design” refers to bringing the outdoors inside. In our case, it’s more specifically about bringing it into the workplace. A widespread misconception is that putting a bunch of plants in an area means that a design is biophilic. This is far from accurate! Biophilic design is about creating a green environment that truly works. It’s about creating a space in which employees enjoy working. There are numerous principles that can be put into practice to revitalize fit out office designs.

Include Natural Textures

Natural is going to be big this spring and summer, so be prepared to incorporate wood and stone into your office design. Green-themed concepts are a huge trend this year according to Front Signs, a sign making company with a  huge portfolio of lobby signs in Los Angeles and around the US. They put a modern twist on office design and boost workers’ morale with fresh greenery.

Create a Sunlight Effect

Adding ambient daylight is among the top principles for spring/summer office design trends. Using natural light as part of an eco-friendly design is considered to enhance workers’ happiness. It will also cut your monthly operational costs. Having a few large windows can solve the problem and guarantee that your office gets a lot of sunlight. If installing a number of large windows is impossible, artificial lighting that mimics natural light is a viable alternative.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Preserving a healthy environment is as important as designing a beautiful office space. Many entrepreneurs collaborate with environmentally-conscious manufacturers who create items from renewable resources and who are carbon neutral to contribute to this effort. Modern office design trends revolve around walls of plants that make the interior look like a real garden. Green walls are a proven means to create a relaxing, homey atmosphere while preserving people’s health.

Lighter Colors Along with Neutrals

Summer/spring 2022 workplace design styles favor a combination of light and dark colors, with a focus on green and beige. Combine warm wooden elements with contrasting colors on flooring and walls. Elevate your brand authority with elegance by infusing your logo’s colors in your office design.

Trend 2. Home-Like Designs

There’s no place like home. More and more offices are recognizing and including this concept into their design plans. This refers to the incorporation of ‘homey’ amenities. Softer materials and furniture along with rounder designs can all contribute to comfort. Cozy sofas, luxurious carpets, soft lighting in common areas, and artworks are all placed in the office to put employees at ease.

Trend 3. Creative Wall Decoration

Office Design Trends


Artistic wall decorations have become increasingly popular in modern interior design trends. You can design them in any way to have them represent your company’s values and give a glimpse of your history. Whether it’s a timber pattern, a green design or a simple wallpaper, it will add depth to your room. Regardless of how they’re structured, wall decors are a worthy investment. A floor-to-ceiling solution will create a warm, inviting space. A strategically-placed backdrop, on the other hand, can add a touch of flair. Motivating quotes on your wall coverings will improve mood and excitement.

Trend 4. Noise Reduction and Right Acoustics

It might be difficult for people to concentrate and be productive when they’re in a noisy environment. Of course, noise is unavoidable in open spaces, but it can be managed. Starting from the ground up, improve your noise-canceling initiatives. Use carpets or high-quality floors to reduce the decibels. Soundproofing layers and furnishing developed with acoustics in mind are examples of sound-absorbing products.

Trend 5. Flexible Layouts 

Office Design Trends


Allow your workers some freedom to roam around. Don’t trap them in a confined area or in a cubicle all day long. Install café-style stations, boardrooms or spaces with sofas to relax or work in different areas. Team members seek peaceful settings where they can work quietly. These spaces are more appropriate to conduct meetings over video or phone. Office layouts should also accommodate staff members who spend little time in the office and who mainly work from home.

Trend 6. Combination of Old and New

Combining antique and modern elements is a trend that’s growing in popularity. The antique design components elicit positivity. You can balance the scheme by adding some innovative pieces. This design can be implemented in different ways. From grid pattern rugs on old cement floors to vintage desks with vividly colored chairs; they all create that heart melting feel. Current trends also show an increased usage of a combination of diverse textures and colors. Focus on more neutral hues and rustic wood tones when choosing your paint. More importantly, take a look at the landscape around you. If your office is full of black accents, add some bright colors to create some balance. If your place is flooded with natural light, white colors will bring it to life.

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Trend 7. Smart Technology Design

Tech companies are making work life easier in a variety of ways. Meetings can be scheduled online. Monitoring office capacity can help organizations react to social distancing measures immediately if necessary. Companies make better strategic decisions when they understand how and when the dynamics of the office space shift.

Trend 8. Safe Surroundings

Office Design Trends


Installing sanitizer stations has become mandatory as a result of the pandemic. Companies are making disinfection units and social isolation items available to reduce the spread of the virus and keep workers safe and healthy. To camouflage sanitizing sections, hidden wall compartments and beautiful decorations are being used so that they blend in with the rest of the design.

Final Thought

Businesses installing comfortable furniture and catering to their employees’ convenience are getting ahead. Embracing unconventional jaw-dropping floor plans will always trend and your office will live in your customers’ minds for a long time. 

Now that you understand the tendencies in office design for this spring and summer, you can start planning your workspace with an innovative appearance and feel in mind. In summary, workplaces in 2022 will be more environmentally friendly, combine homey features, promote comfort and be convenient for employees who are working on-site just as well as for those who are working from home.

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