Justyna Green’s comic for period pants brand breaks an important taboo

Illustrator Justyna Green’s collaboration with Modibodi doesn’t hold back in speaking to girls about female hygiene openly and honestly.

Modibodi is a feminine hygiene underwear brand founded in 2013 by Kristy Chong, a self-described “mum on a mission” who’d previously worked in PR. It’s forged a strong reputation for using high quality, tech-savvy fabrics and the latest breathable, antimicrobial fibres to incorporate a super slim, stain-resistant lining into its clothes to protect against periods, leaks and sweats.

Most recently, Modibodi hit the headlines for its collaboration with Puma to launch leak-free period underwear and activewear for girls’ sports. Now it’s collaborating with award-winning UK illustrator Justyna Green to help youngsters feel more comfortable about getting their first period.

Why Justyna?

It’s a well-chosen partnership: Justyna is known for her work in the women’s health space for her illustration and writing that depicts the raw realities of women’s lives.

From periods to endometriosis, uncertainties around having kids, and anxiety, she portrays women’s physical and mental health at length. She does this to normalise open discussions about matters affecting women, make them feel less lonely, and lift spirits.

Her work, which includes her award-winning comic Living with Endometriosis for WePresent and her zine RAW, is bold and filled with colour, pattern and optimism.

In 2023, she received Arts Council funding to develop her work further towards the goal of creating an animated TV series called Women’s Hell that focuses on female protagonists and their experiences. She’s also known as the host of the On Design podcast.

Normalising emotions

Modibodi worked with Justyna to reimagine its best-selling First Period Kit. This features a choice of one or two pairs of Modibodi Black Hipster Bikinis in Moderate-Heavy absorbency, a Waterproof Bag for easy changing, and a handheld mirror for exploring the female body.

To add to the kit, Justyna has created an exclusive illustrated Modibodi comic and sticker kit.
The four-page comic tells the story of two friends, Riya and Rosie, and starts on the school bus when Riya gets her first period.

Riya’s experience is pictured honestly and warmly, normalising the changes girls go through – both physical and psychological – and accepting all emotions, from embarrassment to anger.

Breaking taboos

“Together with the Modibodi team, I wanted to create a kit that speaks directly to the teenage experience, humour and aesthetics whilst being educational and bold,” says Justyna. “From the get-go, we knew we wanted to depict a vulva within the comic, breaking the taboo around female anatomy, that to date has left too many girls disconnected from their bodies – or even worse, ashamed of them.”

Grace O’Brien, creative lead at Modibodi, says: “Justyna can bring the conversation around women’s health to life with unparalleled sympathy and understanding through her illustration. For this reason, it was a natural fit for Modibodi to partner with her to bring the first-period experience to life through our First Period Kit.

“From writing the story to creating the characters in the comic and building their world, it was an amazingly collaborative and creative process, and one we hope will resonate with young girls everywhere.”

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