10 Best B2B SaaS Websites Designed for Conversion

I don’t want to start this with a cliché but there is no better way to say this. In the past ten years or so, the SaaS or software-as-a-service market has exploded like never before. Today, at least 99 percent of industries are using at least one SaaS solution. And this is not an exaggerated number. According to BMC, this was the expected growth of the industry by 2023. Most of the success of such businesses can be attributed to B2B SaaS website design that leads to conversions.

If you consider your current professional or personal routines, you will probably find yourself reliant on SaaS apps or platforms to streamline workflows or organize your day. Dropbox, Slack, and even Netflix are SaaS providers that we all access regularly. While the streaming service is not B2B, the other two are popularly used by businesses in various industries.

Now, what makes them so successful? Other than their cutting-edge products, we have to agree that factors such as effective branding, customer service, user experience, and pricing are driving their expansion. But that’s not it. B2B SaaS website design is one of the biggest factors behind the growth of such businesses as that converts potential leads into buying customers. And I am going to be talking a lot about that here. So, gear up!

What to Know About B2B SaaS Website Design

Before we delve into B2B SaaS websites that are designed for conversions, let’s focus on some of the elements that can make them stand out in a highly competitive market.

Visual brand assets like logos, colors, and image
Contact form or chatbot support

Businesses that can combine UI/UX to create a great experience for potential customers win with their B2B SaaS website design. And it is proven by the success of companies like Shopify, Mailchimp, and Zendesk. Today, more and more companies are using SaaS solutions to streamline their operations and sometimes, their choice of product does come down to the first impression. If you think about it, good web design is crucial in this aspect.

Take a look at the increase in the number of SaaS apps being used by businesses from 2015 to 2022.

Image Source: statista.com

As SaaS businesses continue to take over various industries, even more so now with the AI race going full speed, it is important to think beyond just the product. If you are in the industry, then your B2B SaaS website design can play an integral role in pitching your solution to potential clients. It is where they form their perception about the product and get an insight into what you have to offer.

10 B2B SaaS Websites Designed for Conversion

It can be a bit challenging in the beginning to integrate the right elements in web design that hook visitors from the first look and convert leads. This is where it can be great to find some inspiration. Let’s take a look at some of the best B2B SaaS websites designed for conversion.

1. Notion

You may already be familiar with this platform and using it to plan your projects efficiently. Notion is one of the most popular project management tools that makes it simpler for businesses to streamline workflows. It is user-friendly, supports multiple platforms, and is cost-efficient as well. You will find that its website encapsulates the product’s best features very well.

When it comes to B2B SaaS website design that converts, I think this is just the perfect example that you can consider for inspiration. The minimalist home page has a clear headline that immediately tells a first-time visitor what they can expect from the product or solution. If this design inspires you, make sure you get started with a logo design first to represent your business to potential visitors.

With quirky illustrations keeping the viewers engaged as they scroll down, the website highlights how Notion can be used, and integrated with professional tools and provides added features for customization.

What you can find:

Social proof
Clutter-free layout
Clear CTAs
Simple navbar with drop-down menus

2. Slack

I don’t think any B2B SaaS website design list would be complete without Slack in it. It’s one of my favorite workplace communication platforms and has proven to be a game-changing tool for most organizations. According to Slack’s data, the tool is being used by over 100,000 businesses around the world. While the app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, the website also wins for providing a great UX.

With a vibrant purple accent that dominates as you navigate through, the website features a striking color contrast that draws attention instantly. The home page includes animations that showcase the product closely along with an eye-catching headline that highlights its USP. One of the best elements of the website is the customer stories section.

You can check out video testimonials from professionals working at IBM and RBC. I mean, for B2B websites designed for conversion, it doesn’t get more convincing than that!

What you can find:

>Dynamic navbar
Short Animations
Concise Information
Extensive Product Resources

3. MailChimp

Marketers are no strangers to the power of MailChimp. It is a powerful, all-in-one tool that allows them to create successful marketing campaigns, track KPIs, and achieve business goals with a limited investment. If we talk about B2B SaaS website design, we cannot miss out on MailChimp.

Just take a look below and you will see how the layout, typography, visuals, and text all combine to create a convincing picture for the viewer. This SaaS website is designed for conversion and it’s no surprise that MailChimp is used by over 12 million businesses.

The home page has all the information you will need to figure out how to navigate the tool and pick out its best features. If you need clarification about anything, you can start a chat with the Mailchimp assistant. It’s also a great example of a branded chatbot for customer service that makes a lasting impression on visitors.

Clean layout
Prominent CTAs
Integrated Chatbot
Pricing Plan below the fold

4. ClickUp

Gradients, gradients, and gradients! They are modern, futuristic, and aesthetically pleasing. And Clickup’s website makes good use of them. This collaborative platform has quickly become one of the most used tools by startups, SMBs, and large corporations.

The modern and clean layout immediately hooks the viewer in with ample white space complementing the gradients. You can easily find all the relevant information by browsing through the drop-down menus in the navbar. The home page also features strong social proof to convert potential leads.

This B2B SaaS website design is a great inspiration for startups and SMBs looking to establish their presence in this industry. It includes all the elements that provide a great user experience as visitors scroll through.

What you can find:

Appealing colors
Ample white space
Clear navigation
Urgent CTAs

5. Monday.com

I would say that this B2B SaaS website design wins when it comes to conversion. The software is used by businesses to streamline operations and assist with product lifecycle management. It’s designed for efficiency, higher productivity, and greater innovation. And the website reflects all of this from the first look.

It features vibrant colors against contrasting white and black backgrounds with bright CTAs. As you navigate the home page, you also find scroll animations that enhance the user experience. It draws attention to all the tasks it can perform for businesses and visitors can easily find dedicated pages for each one. If you look at the website here, you will find that the platform has incorporated the latest web design trends incredibly well.

What you can find:

Relevant information in one place
Clear product features below the first fold
Eye-catching colors
Customer testimonials

6. Lattice

If you have been following this post closely from the beginning, you will realize that this one is quite different from the rest. Lattice is an HR management software that helps organizations optimize performance and assess their talent. Its website is just the right balance of cutting-edge and visually engaging. It is a good example of a B2B SaaS website designed for conversion.

It features hover animations, interactive CTAs, and a resource section towards the end of the home page. You can learn more details about the product, services, and company from the drop-down menus in the navbar.

One of the biggest standout features of this web design is the hue of green that dominates the header. A streak of bright green is in motion and adds a glowing effect that grabs attention immediately.

What you can find:

Interactive experience
Product video pop-up
Integrated chatbot
Educational resources

7. Ramp

This is a fintech solution in the B2B SaaS industry that is designed to help businesses track their spending and cut costs as well. Ramp provides digital corporate cards for organizations so they can manage their budgets wisely. The product’s website is just as innovative as it is. With a clean layout, short animations, and soft borders to simplify navigation, this B2B SaaS website design wins for its UI.

You can see the solid green in the hero section highlighting the USP of the SaaS product. A catchy headline delivers the core message effectively. As you scroll down, you will see the card-style borders that draw attention to the features of Ramp’s solution and direct visitors to specific landing pages.

While there are many ways to add disruptive technologies to website designs, you need to focus on adding mobile-friendly features. This is a good example of a responsive platform that delivers its message successfully to audiences everywhere.

What you can find:

Mobile-first design
Interactive visuals
Minimalist navbar
Awards and product achievements

8. Butter

With a vibrant yellow that hooks you in from the first look, the platform features multiple vibrant colors that will keep you scrolling till the end. I have to say that Butter’s website truly reflects its quirky name. The SaaS product is quite popular among businesses and is used to enhance virtual collaboration between professionals.

One of the first things that you will notice about its website is that it steers away from the minimalist and clean design. If you are looking for inspiration to add a splash of color or create an interactive experience for your audiences, this B2B SaaS website designed for conversion could be it.

You will find large, dynamic visuals, short videos, and very prominent CTAs that can convince visitors to act without leaving the page. This website had my attention for a long time!

What you can find:

Product tour video
Interactive text
Animated visuals
FAQ section

9. Cosmos

As we are talking about B2B SaaS website design, I have to bring in futuristic elements. This is where the Cosmos platform comes in. It is one of the best examples of Web3 design that I found when putting this list together. The solution provides blockchain support to businesses looking to shift towards this technology and manage their digital assets on a decentralized system.

Its website features gradients, a typography-driven layout, and a simple navbar that directs you to specific pages when you hover above the categories. The footer has resources and tutorials that can guide first-time users on integrating the technology.

For such a minimalist web design, you will first need to create a logo that is versatile and has a futuristic vibe as well.

What you can find:

Large, clear headlines
Chunky CTAs
Striking gradients
Responsive chatbot

10. Loom

I love a good light and dark color contrast in design and this website does it beautifully. Loom’s lavender and lilac brand colors are visible across this B2B SaaS website design and create a pleasing aesthetic. Its navbar takes up more space in the hero section and includes a hamburger menu for easy navigation.

Just below the fold is a product demo video that makes it easier for first-time visitors to get an insight into this SaaS solution that allows teams to record and share videos instantly. The website includes short animations that enhance UX and encourage visitors to interact with it.

What you can find:

Simplified navigation
Visually appealing animations
Clear information

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our list! We have rounded up the best B2B websites designed for conversion that could inspire you to revamp your platform to launch a new one that immediately grabs attention. Whether you are thinking of going for a modern and clean design or a quirky and colorful one, you can find just the right web design elements in the example given above.

Make sure you keep aspects like responsiveness, brand message, and loading speed in mind so that you can provide a good user experience and convert leads easily. Your B2B SaaS website design needs to make a strong visual impact and deliver your product USP to visitors.

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