Gordon Ramsay guest edits the Chef’s Special of Sandwich Magazine to support his new YouTube show, ‘Idiot Sandwich’

Leaning into the popularity of memes has often been a half-baked marketing strategy, but few will begrudge Gordon Ramsay having a bite out of his own ‘Idiot Sandwich’ as he steals the phrase back for his latest show and guest edits the Chef’s Special of Sandwich Magazine.

The infamously feisty chef held the future of the legendary meme in his hands in 2015 when he placed a slice of bread on either side of talk show host Julie Chen’s head and asked her, ‘What are you?’

Over 13 million views on YouTube and counting, so it’s no wonder Sandwich Magazine has garnished the front page of its latest edition with a depiction of Gordon slapping slices of bread to his own head.

It’s all part of a collaboration between the award-winning foodie publication and Gordon to promote his new show, named in honour of the meme.

Gordon guest edits the edition, and the cover photo is original, shot in the kitchen of the chef’s Los Angeles home by Brian Bowen Smith.

The magazine’s Chef’s Special – its eighth issue – takes a look at Gordon’s relationship with meme culture, how cheffing has changed since he started out, and how his love of sandwiches has led to his new ‘Idiot Sandwich’ show.

It features Gordon asking the world’s leading chefs, including Thomas Keller, Paul Ainsworth, Christina Tosi and Grant Achatz, what sandwiches they make in their break while at work and an interview with classically trained chef and social media star Olivia Tiedemann.

Simon Baker, managing director of TCO London, the publisher-agency behind Sandwich, said: “The idiot sandwich meme is ubiquitous within social media culture, so partnering with Gordon to build a world around his new show has been a dream.

“As long-time fans of Gordon, we were excited to use the unique voice that Sandwich has to drive awareness of ‘Idiot Sandwich’ to our community and beyond.”

The show itself elevates the humble Sandwich to centre stage in a competition which ‘separates the culinary genius from the idiot’ and features Gordon judging an array of social media creators, such as Albert Can Cook, Owen Han and Sydney Morgan, attempting to create a sandwich they think will take the internet by storm, in just 20 minutes.

Gordon Ramsay said: “When my new show got the green light, it was a no-brainer that we should collaborate with Sandwich Magazine. I first came across the title when I picked up the BBQ Brisket issue a couple of years ago. I was struck by a fresh take on food journalism, using the humble Sandwich as a lens for culture.”

Sandwich is available across premium magazine retailers in the UK, Europe and the US, as well as on Apple News+ or from sandwichmagazine.com.

The first episode of ‘Idiot Sandwich’ is live on Gordon’s YouTube channel now. The Sandwich Magazine partnership will include a launch event in London in early March.

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