Queen Size Bed Dimensions: Everything You Need to Know!

Have you ever dreamt of waking up feeling like royalty did in the old days? Have you imagined sleeping in a bed that’s as luxurious and comfortable as it is elegant? If so, a queen size bed could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Although everyone is aware of standard bed sizes like doubles and singles, you may not be as acquainted with queen size beds and their potential to improve your sleep quality.

Let us take a little historical tour of 1958 when the Simmons Bedding Company introduced the queen-sized bed. Though small, this revolutionary bed design is roomy enough to fit two people in comfort. Its moniker, “fit for a queen,” derives from this notion, and it has grown in popularity as a solution for those seeking comfort without sacrificing space throughout time.

A queen size bed is ideal if you’re looking for a stylish, big bed for your bedroom. Because of its proportions, it is perfect for medium-sized to big rooms, giving you plenty of freedom to decorate your area as you see fit.

History of the Queen Size Bed

Though it wasn’t always this way, queen mattresses are now the most common size. Twin beds and twin XL bed sizes were standard for a long period, particularly for adult singles and couples that slept apart. Many married couples slept on their individual twin-sized beds but shared a bedroom prior to the end of World War II.

Larger beds than doubles were necessary when couples began sharing beds in the 1950s. Many Americans were also purchasing larger houses at this period, which allowed for greater furnishings. The queen and normal king-size mattresses were available by the late 1950s, and the California king came. Among these bigger mattress alternatives, the queen bed soon gained favor due to its affordability and convenience, and this preference persists to this day.

What are the Queen Size Bed Dimensions?

It’s critical to learn more about dimensions of a queen size bed before making a purchase. By being aware of these dimensions, you may better understand this bed’s relative merits and why it may be a wonderful addition to your bedroom.

With a typical queen size bed’s length of 80 inches, you have plenty of space to spread out and get a good night’s sleep. Its width of around 60 inches makes it a roomy but small option that works well in a medium-sized space.

A queen bed gives an excellent amount of room without being too small when compared to other types of beds, such as king-sized bed or double beds. It is possible to get a restful night’s sleep without cramming yourself into a small area or bending over to make the bedframe fit. A queen bed is ideal for conserving space or fitting into smaller spaces because it is smaller than several other kinds of beds.

Queen size bed dimensions in feet5 feet x 6.67 feetQueen size bed dimensions in inches60 inches x 80 inchesQueen size bed dimensions cm152.4 cm x 203.2 cmComfortably fits1 person with a pet or two adults, no pets

Queen sizebed frame dimensions in inchesPlatform bed 80” W x 60” LBed frame with headboard86” W x 64” LStorage bed86” W x 64” L

Queen sizebed frame dimensions in cmPlatform bed 203.2 cm W x 152.4 cm LBed frame with headboard218.44 cm W x 162.56 cm LStorage bed218.44 cm W x 162.56 cm L

Queen sizebed frame dimensions in feetPlatform bed 6.67 feet W x 5 feet LBed frame with headboard7.17 feet W x 5.33 feet LStorage bed7.17 feet W x 5.33 feet L

Queen bed frames

The dimensions of a queen bed frame may vary based on its design, material, and thickness. However, people sometimes refer to queen bed frames as having the same specifications as a typical 60″ x 80″ queen size bed. When determining if a queen bed frame would work well in your room, its breadth is often a key consideration.

Queen mattresses

Queen mattresses typically fit within the typical queen bed proportions, similar to queen size bed frames; however, they might vary by two to three inches in either direction. The substance of the mattress—memory foam, ticking fabric, feathers, etc.—determines this variation.

Comparisons with other bed sizes

Queen bed vs. King Bed: A queen size bed is 16 inches narrower than a king size bed, despite both having the same length.

Queen bed vs. Full dimensions: A 54″ x 75″ full-size bed, commonly called a “double bed,” is 5 inches longer and 6 inches broader than a queen size bed.

Queen bed vs. Twin bed: Queen Beds are five inches longer and 21 inches broader than twin beds.

Queen size headboard dimensions

Average widths for queen headboards are between 60 and 63 inches, with an average height of 48 inches. Your style choices are generally more important when selecting a queen headboard than room or sleeping area factors. You may select whatever size queen headboard you want since so many options are available.

Non-standard queen size bed dimensions

The following corresponds to several typical non-standard queen bed sizes: split-queen, Olympic (or enlarged) queen, and California queen. These other mattress sizes may be a perfect fit for you, depending on your sleeping habits, the size of your room, whether you’re single or have a spouse, and if you have kids who sometimes share your bed. Finding beds and accessories that fit or function flawlessly for these sizes may be a little more difficult.

Types of Queen Size Bed

Queen beds are available in three varieties but are not as common. The measurements of each queen mattress are shown here to help you choose the ideal mattress-size bed.

Olympic Queen Bed

An Olympic queen bed, also referred to as an “extended queen,” is 6 inches wider than a typical queen size bed at 66 inches by 80 inches. Each sleeper receives 33 inches of room, with an additional three inches on each side.

The dimension of queen size bed is a great option for couples that require additional sleeping space yet have a limited room. An extended queen mattress, as opposed to a king or California king mattress, fits comfortably in most bedrooms and provides plenty of room for additional furniture. Also, parents whose kids often join them in bed will find these beds perfect.

California Queen Bed

A California Queen bed is 4 inches longer than a regular queen, measuring 60 inches broad by 84 inches long. Taller sleepers will have enough room to relax comfortably without dragging their feet off the edge of the bed, thanks to this additional length. Furthermore, California queens may easily fit into the majority of standard-sized bedrooms because of their 60-inch width.

Split Queen Bed

Some mattress companies include split queen options, which are not often accessible. Split into two pieces, each measuring 30 inches broad by 80 inches long, these beds share the same proportions as a normal queen bed. With this configuration, users may choose varying degrees of hardness for either side of the bed. For instance, a split queen mattress allows two people to find their perfect sleeping positions if one loves a harder mattress and the other a softer one.

It’s common to combine split queen beds with split adjustable bases. With the use of these frames, users may customize the top and bottom of the bed to get their ideal sleeping posture. Each sleeper may alter the head and leg positions on a split adjustable bed to suit their own requirements. A split queen might be a fantastic choice if you’re considering getting an adjustable bed but have a smaller bedroom.

Why Queen Bed Size Dimensions Make for Better Sleeping?

With living spaces getting smaller, a queen size bed is a terrific way to conserve space without sacrificing comfort in today’s environment.

This is why investing in a queen-sized bed may alter your life:


Although a queen size bed is not as large as a king size bed, it still offers a good amount of room for you to spread out and relax. A queen size bed provides plenty of space for everyone to sleep comfortably, regardless of whether you move around a lot while sleeping or share the bed with a partner or roommate.


Do you often find that clutter is all around you? Or do you need more room to keep your possessions? The ideal answer may be a queen size bed with storage features like shelves, drawers, or under bed compartments. It’s as if your bed had a built-in storage unit to save room!

Style Options

There are many styles of queen size bed. If you want a minimalistic design, a bed without a headboard or drawers might give off a sleek, uncluttered appearance. On the other hand, a queen size bed with a beautiful headboard and plenty of storage is a great choice if you like elaborate designs. There are several styling options available when using a queen size bed.


A queen size bed provides a happy medium between size and comfort, just as Goldilocks did in her quest for the ideal bed. Considering that you’ll be sleeping for a large amount of your life, why not make the investment in a bed that offers the highest level of comfort? A cozy bed may reduce joint discomfort, enhance the quality of your sleep, and even treat sleep problems like insomnia.

Options for Mattresses

A bed is obviously incomplete without a comfortable mattress. Specifically made to accommodate these beds, queen size mattresses use contemporary technology to provide a comfortable night’s sleep. There are queen-size mattresses to meet your demands and enhance the quality of your sleep, whether you want an orthopedic mattress for support or a gel mattress for coolness.

How to Find a Queen Size Bed that Fits Best for Your Room?

Think about the following while selecting the ideal queen size bed for your bedroom:

Be sure the materials used to make the bed fit your decor and provide long-term durability. Something that will last throughout time is what you seek.

Consider the location of your bed before making a decision. Knowing the space you have available in advance can help you select the best choice, whether it’s for your kids’ room, bedroom, or guest room.

Select a bed that harmonizes with your house’s décor and general atmosphere. Choose a bed that suits you, whether your style is more classic, rustic, or futuristic.

Choose a bed with built-in storage if you want more space for storage. Whether the bed has shelves, drawers, or under-bed storage, be sure there is enough room for your storage requirements.

The most important thing about a bed is comfort while you sleep on it. The bed should be comfortable enough for both of you if you’re sharing it. To guarantee you and your spouse have a restful night’s sleep, take into account aspects like mattress firmness and support.

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