Bold new book from Counter Print celebrates the joys of 3D typography

Counter Print’s latest book, Three Dimensional Type, is a thing of beauty that will teach you a lot about this ever-evolving discipline.

Three-dimensional typography has held a special allure in the design world for many years now. It has an uncanny power to captivate and engage viewers and lift your designs beyond the normal 2D type.

3D type can help elevate your design work in various ways by injecting a palpable sense of realism, for example, or alternatively, a spirit of playfulness and humour.

And as AI and realistic effects continue to gain momentum, it is no surprise that 3D typography is becoming increasingly important to design today. In that light, the latest book from Counter Print is a timely release.

Three Dimensional Type is a beautifully produced compilation that showcases the seemingly limitless possibilities of letterforms transformed into objects of art.

The best talent

Lavishly illustrated with over 200 pages of eye-popping examples, with photography by Thom Atkinson, the softbound book showcases the best in 3D typography from creative talent around the world, including Snask, João Varela, StudioSpass and Zuzanna Rogatty.

From drop shadows and typographic signage to AI-generated typography and hand lettering, each page invites you to explore the fusion of the familiar and the extraordinary, providing a vast array of inspiration.

Each featured work, moreover, is accompanied by insightful project descriptions, offering a glimpse into the creative thinking behind the designs and enhancing the educational value of the book.

Visual power

As AI, 3D software and virtual environments continue to transform design, three-dimensional typography is becoming more and more central to capturing people’s imaginations. This book, which comes with a foreword by Jon Dowling, explains exactly why 3D type holds such visual power and allure.

Beautifully produced with a tactile cover designed by Atelier Baudelaire
x Clément Frassi, the Three Dimensional Type showcases how text can be transformed into something close to a physical object that transcends the page. In doing so, it expands our perceptions of what typography can be.

In short, for designers looking to elevate their work, this survey of groundbreaking 3D type projects provides a wealth of inspiration.

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