15+ Best Peel and Stick Backsplash Ideas to Try in 2024

Peel and Stick Backsplash is a dream come true for us budget architects.

Believe it or not, you can give your kitchen or bathroom a quick makeover in just a few hours and without spending a fortune. How? With peel and stick backsplashes that mimic tilework at a negligible cost. By carefully mapping, splicing, and sticking, you can finish your project before the weekend is over. Plus, these accents are as easy to remove as they are to install, making them perfect for renters or anyone hesitant to make a permanent change.

The best part? Many of these DIY backsplashes do more than just look good. They’re made with durable materials that are easy to clean and resistant to heat, water, and humidity, making them suitable for use behind sinks and stoves. Some can even be used in the shower over your existing tile. And if you’re feeling creative, you can use them to spruce up stair risers, shelves, countertops, kitchen islands, and more.

Ready to upgrade your space? Here are the peel and stick backsplash options to consider.

1. Black Marble Peel and Stick Backsplash

DesignBlack MarbleTypeStick-on tileMaterialVinyl RubberDimensions10×10 inchesColors5

You may have seen these top sellers from Art3d if you’ve ever searched Amazon for peel and stick items. You won’t need glue or worry about mess since these sheets are self-adhesive and a little bigger (12×12 inches) than the standard 10×10.

They mimic the appearance of marble without maintenance and are perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens because of their vinyl construction.

To top it all off, these stick-on tiles are impervious to moisture, so they’re ideal for updating outdated kitchens. “Used as a backsplash, this tile stands out on my kitchen walls,” remarks one happy client. “Simple caution: Make sure you take a correct placement BEFORE sticking them onto walls — it’s EXTREMELY sticky!” according to them.

“I stuck these up in my pantry and I was happily astonished at how simple it was to put them on the walls. They look gorgeous,” a different client comments.

2. Smart Tiles Peel-And-Stick Checkered Tile

DesignStaggered rectangular mosaicTypeStick-onMaterialGlossy gelDimensions10×10 inchesColors10

Love a kitchen backsplash peel and stick with cool tones? Same here! If you’re looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a serene, seaside vibe, this peel and stick backsplash is the way to go. The elegant ocean hues go with so many other kinds of décor, offering up a world of choices for design.

The unique gel compound used to make these tiles gives them a three-dimensional appearance. Plus, they won’t turn yellow with time and are simple to cut, install, and clean. A woman-owned firm makes them, too.

Reviewers are gushing over these tiles, saying things like, “very beautiful in person…hard to tell it’s peel and stick,” and that they “transformed our kitchen, [are] simple to stick, easy to maintain, and worth every penny.”

These designs are quite well-received and have high ratings on Wayfair. Among the brand’s best-selling products, this warm-toned variant is ideal for rooms that include earthy neutrals and browns.

3. Erfoni Black and White Herringbone Peel and Stick

DesignHerringboneTypeStick-on tileMaterialVinylDimensions17.7 ×196.8inchsColors4

A black-and-white pattern is sure to turn heads and radiate some classic grandeur, whether you’re going for the refined look of a wealthy Upper East Side brownstone or the rustic charm of a centuries-old vacation house in Colombia. This pattern is a wonderful example of my penchant for contemporary takes on traditional designs; it gives any room that extra special something that only a well-curated collection of furnishings can provide.

This herringbone pattern is perfect for most spaces in your house, including kitchen backsplashes, stair treads, backboards, and bathrooms, thanks to its subtlety and modern aesthetic. The single sheet is 17.7 inches x 196.8 inches. On top of that, it has a matt surface that mimics the appearance of a real tile.

Think about this Etsy alternative poster if you’re a fan of black and white design but lean toward a simpler style devoid of optical illusions and checkerboard patterns. Its Scandinavian vibe is equally fashionable!

4. Guvana Bohemian Wallpaper

DesignMinimalist bohoTypeSticker decalMaterialSelf-adhesive vinylDimensions17.7 x118 inchesColors7

Welcome, nostalgia! Yes, you would be correct in thinking that this peel and stick backsplash tile pattern is a throwback. This retro-boho pattern is part of the retro print trend that has been sweeping the fashion industry as of late, drawing inspiration from psychedelia, mid-century modern visuals, and the Memphis Milano style of the 1980s.

This and similar patterns have exploded in popularity among designers because of its understated references to the pop art of the 1960s executed in a modern, monochrome style. Instantly updating drab rooms into something chic and modern is its specialty.

The bathroom and other wellness-oriented spaces, such as a warm dressing room or boudoir, are my favorite places to utilize. Nursery settings are ideal for its laid-back atmosphere. In addition, being water-resistant and laminated, it can withstand hot kitchens and steamy showers without cracking, peeling, or curling.

“Really pleased with the stick ons,” says one happy client. Great appearance, simple application, and high quality. They were so ideal that they even worked for their vanity.

Another reviewer advised, “The stickers are great quality and have clear guidelines printed—once sealed with the help of a hairdryer, they mold superbly to the tile.” So, if you’re concerned about air bubbles, just follow the recommendations properly.

5. Funlife Art Deco Peel and Stick Backsplash

DesignArt Deco geometric mosaicTypeStick-on tileMaterialPVCDimensions5.9×5.9 inchesColors1

The fashionable shade of green known as Bottega Green has recently been all the rage, and now it’s making a strong return in interior design. The truth is, we couldn’t be happier about it. Whether it’s real plants or artificial ones, the presence of greenery in a room may provide a soothing and refined effect. Plus, going green will give your space a modern and eye-catching look.

Art Deco lovers will like these peel and stick tile sheets of emerald, which come in a variety of stunning green colors accented with golden piping.

These peel and stick backsplash for kitchen are perfect because of the lush, fashionable vibe they impart to walls made of self-adhesive PVC material. Oh, and did you hear what? A lot of people are starting to like them.

“I bought these after spotting them online… the quality is excellent.”

Seeking something with a more Y2K feel? Beautiful and equally lovely, this variant in a daisy pattern would be a great addition to any bathroom.

6. Wallpops Tuscan Peel and Stick Backsplash

DesignVintage grottoTypeStick-on tileMaterialUnlisted, likely high-shine vinylDimensions10×10 inches per sheet; 4 pieces on 4 sheetsColors1

We felt a twinge of envy (okay, maybe a lot of envy) for those of you who were fortunate enough to visit Italy this summer. Like the Tuscan flower pattern you see here, many Italian houses include exquisite tilework that adds a touch of beauty to the otherwise relaxed way of life in Italy.

This peel and stick tile set is a wonderful example of Italian design; it is durable and stylish. Particularly when paired with more conventional appliances, the kitchen will be instantly brighter with the use of primary colors. If you add some olive oil bottles and trellis vine plants, your kitchen will look and feel just like Nonna’s when she makes her renowned sauce.

There is another peel and stick tile style that looks elegant and gives off the impression of embellishment if you like something with a metallic touch.

Whether you’re looking to add a splash of Italian style to your backsplash or wall trim, these four sheets of glossy panels are the way to go.

7. Peel and Stick Encaustic Backsplash Tile

DesignStar graphicTypeSticker decalMaterialVinylDimensions10×10 inchesColors2

Particularly in light of the current astrological craze on social media, there’s something unique and quirky about a celestial theme that brings a whimsical touch to any area. More distinctive than your average navy or blue, the faded, almost cyanotype indigo hue is ideal for a striking backsplash in a contemporary split-level house or as a pretty background in a nursery or bathroom.

Consider transforming your bedroom into a starry landscape with this best peel and stick backsplash for an even more dreamy atmosphere. They’ll provide a great background for your bedroom.

These vinyl decals are from a company well-known for their colorful designs that provide immediate energy to any area. They have a range of interesting and eye-catching patterns, such as this blocky check pattern in blue and white, and a few selections with a vintage feel.

One of the many pleased clients of the store claims that these stickers are revolutionary for modernizing the appearance of uneven walls. They say they are simple to apply, likening the procedure to applying shelf paper, and that from a distance, the finished product resembles tiles.

8. Smart Tiles Peel-And-Stick Gel Backsplash Tile in Vintage

DesignVintage mosaicTypeStick-on tileMaterialGelDimensions9×9 inchesColors6

These tiles, which draw inspiration from old grottos, are a perfect illustration of the Old World charm that is still very much in style this year. These ideal squares, made for bathroom and kitchen walls, are heat- and UV-resistant because of their unique Gel-O substance, which also gives them a 3D-like look.

This design is ideal if you’re craving a traditional Moroccan feel but prefer subdued or cooler hues. It looks best in all-white or marble interiors because of its complex, almost fleur-de-lis design, which tends toward the busier side. It may also look great in a bathroom with burnt gold trim for a luxurious Italian bathhouse vibe.

For the boost in design, each box has 4 pieces of 9×9-inch tiles, making it an excellent value. As a temporary solution for a kitchen backsplash, one satisfied customer placed them and exclaimed, “The final outcome is so pretty, I am still in disbelief.” The customer adores them and wants to have them around for a longer period of time.”

Another satisfied buyer says, “I purchased this to update a small kitchen area.” It has an upscale, streamlined appearance. Would absolutely repurchase it!”

And yet another admirer declares, “I adore them to pieces. They really altered the appearance of my kitchen and were very simple to operate. They are well worth the money since they are very simple to clean.”

9. Carrara Marble Peel and Stick

DesignGlossy Carrara WhiteTypePeel and StickMaterialSPCDimensions6×3 inchesColors16

Carrara marble is one of the most well-liked peel and stick designs, and for good reason. This elegant material can be very costly but not our peel and stick. However, it looks well in practically any contemporary decor because of its understated, gray-forward style. 

In addition, Colamo goes above and above by providing a sample price option for their Carrara marble collection, as if the peel and stick idea wasn’t already very easy. Making the selection even simpler enables you to evaluate how the texture looks and holds up in your specific environment.

This design has a fade- and stain-resistant surface due to its adhesive laminated vinyl construction, which guarantees longevity and durability.

10. Miscasa Pink Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile

DesignFish scale/scalloped mosaicTypePeel and StickMaterial3D gel vinyl, polyester filmDimensions11.8×11.3 inchesColors4

This summer, the babygirl look has taken over a lot of living areas, and I think it’s time we all accepted pink’s adaptability. Not only for nurseries or children’s rooms but also for bedrooms, themed kitchens, vanities, boudoirs, and baths, this soft, serene, and romantic hue is ideal.

Pink offers a somewhat punky edge against black or works well with light woods or white interiors for an airy, open feeling. One of the simplest ways to play with your new Barbiecore character is to use peel and stick pink accessories. I’m eager to give it a try myself, and I’m already jealous of a reviewer who transformed her kitchenette into something amazing: “I don’t recall ever being this delighted with an Amazon buy or a do-it-yourself project! The finished product is stunning and really improves my kitchenette’s appearance.

11. Singularwood Vinyl Wall Planks

DesignWood TextureTypeStick-on tileMaterialVinylDimensions36×6 inches Colors8

These Scandi-inspired sticker planks are popular because they precisely capture the coziness of Danish hygge. While the rectangular plank pattern keeps things simple and clean, the wood effect brings warmth to any kitchen or living space.

The best rooms for these tiles are those that have the Japandi or Scandi aesthetic trend, have mid-century modern furniture, or are minimalist or silver/stainless in style. Think soft, calming neutrals with clean, geometric lines.

Many reviews have praised their stickiness and simplicity of installation, making them a great product. According to one review, “I adore this product.” You can get it perfect since it is repositionable, making installation simple. Another happy do-it-yourselfer says, “It’s great. Simple to assemble and align components.

12. Snazzydecal Vinyl Peel-And-Stick Mexican Talavera Backsplash

DesignMexican Talavera potteryTypeStick-onMaterialVinylDimensions4×4 or 4.25×4.25 inchesColorsAssorted

A tile with a Talavera-inspired design can provide immediate color and flair to any area, and this backsplash has one of the most brilliant pattern assortments available.

Each bundle has 24 or 40 separate squares, with tile sizes available in 4×4 or 4.25×4.25 inches. Totally opaque, waterproof, and self-adhesive, these vinyl tiles take their cues from classic Mexican pottery. In addition to adding some flair to a plain bathroom or kitchen wall, they work well for dramatic décor elements like baseboards or stairwells.

They certainly provide a cheery splash of color to any house. Critics laud the “very lovely” tiles, declaring, “These are fantastic! Each sticker sticks firmly, has vibrant colors, and is simple to remove and rearrange. They’re a fantastic, non-papery substance for the kitchen.”

They “look so real,” as one user puts it, and they “feel very durable and thick,” according to another. The shades are stunning and make my kitchen stand out.”

13. Art3d Brushed Metal Peel-And-Stick Backsplash Subway Tiles

DesignBrushed stainless steelTypeSaw-cutMaterialAluminumDimensions3×6 inchesColors2

A modern, industrial steel backsplash gives the kitchen a serious air, or at the very least, it conveys your distaste for frivolous clutter. Made of sturdy polyurethane with a brushed aluminum-like surface that is resistant to heat, scratches, and spills, each tile is 3 by 6 inches. Because these tiles are 1/8-inch thick, unlike peel and stick wallpaper, you may need to trim them to size using a jig saw or an Exacto knife.

We like this contemporary style for homes with darker-colored wooden fixtures, bachelor pads, or utilitarian kitchens because it adds volume and depth to the metallic finish.

One user comments, “These are really sticky.” “The fact that you don’t need additional adhesive makes it fantastic. However, you must be quite certain of your location before attaching them to the wall since doing so may erase the sheetrock and paint,” they advise.

Another happy buyer comments, “This stainless steel sticker really pastes well to the surface.” “It’s robust and made of stainless steel. stylish and contemporary in appearance.”

14. Aspect Stone Composite Peel-And-Stick Mosaic Tile

DesignStacked stone composite mosaicTypeSaw-cutMaterialNatural stoneDimensions5.9×23.6×0.13 inchesColors9

Although this peel and stick stone-composite tile from seems sturdy, it is really lightweight and flexible. The natural stone mosaic design, which is textured and piled, exudes a calm aura. 

It looks great on kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace walls, but its semi-vitreous water absorption level makes it unsuitable for outdoor usage. Using soap and water or a stone cleaner for more stubborn stains makes cleaning a snap.

Every component is self-adhesive, and you may cut it to size using a chop saw or tin snips. The setup procedure proved to be doable for many customers despite their initial misgivings.

“We adore it! Simple to set up and just what we needed,” a user comments. “I’ve been attempting to convince my spouse to do this for a while, but he was worried about installation. Everything went well! Strongly recommended.”

Lovely and simple to cut. Simple to set up. A complete metamorphosis!” exclaims another.

15. Soulscrafts 6-Pack Peel and Stick Shell Backsplash Mother of Pearl Wall Stickers

DesignSquare, ColorfulTypePolishedMaterialMother of PearlDimensions12×12 inchesColors2

See this! You must! This shiny, natural stone mosaic set is perfect for those who like a beautiful tile treatment but would rather avoid the trouble of mortar and caulking. This is really stunning and just in style!

Those who are fond of the art nouveau style that was popular in the 1980s can notice subtle references to that style in this sophisticated herringbone pattern. The natural stone is very resistant to water, corrosion, stains, fire, and ultraviolet light, adding to its beauty and durability.

The product is “very easy to apply,” according to one customer, and it has a “pretty, seashell-like look” and is “very beautiful, real stone.” Someone should warn you that it might be a delicate installation. Users rave about how this peel and stick mother-of-pearl backsplash is “easy to cut and size” and as beautiful as the more traditional stone choice.

16. Homeymosaic Metal Peel-And-Stick Backsplash Tile

DesignCoppery mosaicTypeTool-cutMaterialAluminumDimensions11.8×11.8 inchesColors8

This combination of coppery and speckled colors is very hard to resist. We’re huge fans of the ’80s, and this shade, Retro Bronze, will give any space an inviting, artistic feel.

Made of aluminum with a stone-composite core, these peel and stick tile backsplashes come in exact square forms, measuring 11.8×11.8 inches. They are really simple to install, particularly for novices.

Its peacocky kitsch color unexpectedly goes well with a lot of metal and wood fittings, so it’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Aside from being watertight, the tiles are also resistant to heat and simple to clean.

The reviews are consistent with the claim that these tiles are simple to set up and stay put once you do. You may easily trim them to match the form you require.

Another user says, “These went up very well over old tile and they are beautiful,” pointing out, “however, they ARE aluminum, so make certain you have the appropriate cutting tools before starting the project.”

“Scored easily with a utility knife then snap with pliers. Well worth the effort,” says another gushing reviewer. Cut and folded the backing, and it fit perfectly. A simple approach to enhancing the entryway of our house. The colors are very stunning and much better in person.

What to Consider Before You Go for Peel and Stick Backsplash

Some factors to consider when looking for a removable backsplash:

1. Size

A backsplash peel and stick is often sold in big sheet pieces, such as 10 or 12 inches, to facilitate installation. Common packaging has 10–15 feet of covering in the form of individual sheets. Cut or trim these sheets to fit your walls or backsplash areas perfectly; the pattern will remain intact even after several uses.

2. Materials and Finishes

Ceramic tile-looking vinyl decals, marble laminate, and thin-cut stone are just a few of the many possibilities. If you have children or pets, or if you cook in a really messy kitchen, vinyl flooring is an excellent choice since it is very easy to clean.

3. Type

There are a variety of backsplash options, such as basic sticker decals and stick-on tiles that resemble wallpaper. Certain materials, such as metal or natural stone, may need the use of specialized cutting equipment. Think about the possibility of wall damage while removing or changing the tiles, and choose a kind that matches your commitment level and degree of expertise.

4. Design

The possibilities for design are limitless! The trompe l’oeil of certain finishes is astounding; examples include marble and wood. Some are more wallpaper-like, while others, like the ones with mirror or stone surfaces, give off a tactile, three-dimensional impression.

We have the ideal peel and stick backsplash tiles for you whether you’re sick of looking at the same old monotonous walls in your bathroom or kitchen or want to spruce up your little apartment without under budget. These choices will add a touch of class to your room without drawing attention to the fact that they are adhesive.

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