Cesar Mammadov’s water paintings capture the poetry and beauty of everyday life

Azerbaijan-based artist Cesar Mammadov uses his distinctive, photo-realistic approach to painting to capture the essence of ordinary moments and celebrate life’s simple joys, often through the theme of water.

Hailed as one of the most prominent young brush masters to emerge from Azerbaijan, Cesar Mammadov has made a name for himself by creating paintings that capture the region’s rich culture with a specificity that invites viewers from all over the world to enjoy and relate to them.

Born in 1988 in Baku, Cesar began his artistic journey at an early age. Fuelled by a passion for colours and shapes, Cesar followed in the footsteps of his father, the renowned Azerbaijani painter Sakit Mammadov. Sakit would be pivotal in shaping his artistic beliefs and encouraging him to express himself.

Eventually, Cesar studied at the Academy of Arts of Azerbaijan. This training honed his distinctive approach to capturing the essence of ordinary moments and led him to be showcased not only in Azerbaijan but on international platforms.

The most impressive part of Cesar’s technique is his masterful control of lines, light and perspective. This allows him to faithfully recreate everything from Parisian rooftops to the rustic charm of Venice and the vibrant facades of Bilbao.

Uniting all of these images together, though, is the recurring motif of water. This symbolises the source of life in Cesar’s paintings, and it provides a serene backdrop in his depictions of canals, ports, beaches, and rainfall.

“Optimism emanates from my paintings, conveyed through bold brushstrokes and saturated colours celebrating humanity’s diversity and harmony,” Cesar says in an artist’s statement. “Encouraging viewers to find poetry in everyday moments, my art unveils the beauty of life’s simple joys, inviting us to pause and appreciate the richness of the world.”

This appreciation can be found in the unlikeliest of places, with fishermen on a concrete dock or a bustling riverbed providing a window into the miraculous every day. “My realism authentically portrays these fleeting moments, immortalising them on canvas to tell stories that might otherwise go unnoticed.”

Cesar says his hyper-realistic approach to painting is akin to a camera lens. His work transforms canvases into portholes that look out onto tranquility, where rain and the cycles of nature come together spiritually to provide universal meaning.

“My saturated interpretations radiate confidence and optimism, inviting viewers to connect with scenes, no matter the location,” he concludes. “Through highlighting the ordinary, my art serves as a transcendent intermission in our fast-paced world, reminding us that poetry is found everywhere.”

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