15+ Bathroom Renovation Ideas and Inspiration for Every Style

The bathroom is that happy sanctuary where we seek solace and rejuvenate after a long hustling day. Whether it’s a hot shower, a night skincare routine, or a refreshing face wash, every moment should feel relaxing when you enter your bathroom space. However, a cluttered or poorly designed bathroom makes the resident feel exactly the opposite of relaxed, which is jittery. This is why we wholeheartedly embrace Ashley Macuga’s words, “An investment in a bathroom remodel is an investment in self-care.”

So, if you are yearning for a long overdue makeover of your bathrooms, here is the right blog for you! Some of these head-to-toe transformations are budget-friendly while some might need a substantial upfront investment. Our designer bathroom remodeling ideas will make the space look airy, vibrant, and fresh. 

Let us look at the bathroom renovation ideas that will bring new life to your tiny bathrooms and transform them into spa-like bathrooms. From a subtle refresh to a bold overhaul, we have covered everything that you have been looking for in your lavatory renovation.

1. Install a new sink faucet

The simplest of all bathroom renovations ideas is replacing the old, stained sink with a new easy-to-install sink with an entire top/vanity. The very cost-effective option upgrades the aesthetics and enhances functionality. To elevate the impact of this simple change, you can complement it using a playful mirror and lights strategically placed above the sink. 

2. Paint parts of the bathroom

A completely Do-it-Yourself renovated bathroom ideas is to paint parts of walls using the color of your choice. Poppy colors can uplift the dull barren-looking bathroom into something cheerful and personal. Fresh paint has the power to bring new life into the bathrooms.

This DIY offers endless possibilities for customization.

3. Reposition of the bathroom materials

Rotation of the bathroom materials is the key here! If you have two bathrooms and are looking to renovate any one of them, a great way to do so is to shift materials. You can swap shower curtains, and rearrange picture frames, and lights from one bathroom to another. This will help in creating a fresh, dynamic atmosphere. 

4. Use small, textured tile on the shower floor

A very modern approach to small bathroom renovation ideas is to use small, textured shower tiles that help maintain a secure grip on the floor. The regular bathroom tiles are likely to get moist and soapy putting the residents at the risk of slipping and hurting themselves. Instead, a mix-and-matched textured tile will not only create a beautiful look but also protect the bathroom interiors from catching molds and becoming slippery. The textured surface will minimize the risk of accidents and allow you to embrace the synergy of style and safety. 

5. Include a window in the shower

Well, if you can allow yourself a bit of demolition in the bathroom interiors, you can include a window in the shower. If space and privacy permits, introducing a window will bring in natural light during the daytime. This bright window space will change the entire look and make it feel more refreshing. So, get ready to embrace the spa-like atmosphere. 

However, do not forget to drain the shower water slowly and downwards, otherwise, it may stain the glass in the long run. The strategic placement of the shower will maintain optimal privacy and facilitate proper drainage. 

6. Purchase statement pieces

For neutral-shade bathrooms, investing in vanity is everything. It has to be the star. You may spend a chunk of money buying some statement lights, or statement mirrors or a designer fan can go a long way in creating an impression. Simply accessorizing the bathroom plays well in infusing personality and character into the space.

7. Use contrast vanity

Some elements “dark”, and some elements “light” is a great way to add balance to the space. If you are introducing white tiling or white paint, you can color the vanity black or dark brown. This harmonizes the look of the bathrooms, without making them look too gaudy. 

8. Mix the metals

It is difficult to register this style in our minds at first, but it allows you to create a healthy balance between the types of metals used in the bathrooms. Rather than sticking to one metal tone, you can go for a matte or flat finish for fixtures while opting for a polished one for mirrors, hooks, hardware, etc. This mixed-metal approach allows for a dynamic and eclectic design that is different from traditional.

9. Install a wainscot on the lower half of the walls

If the lower portion of your bathroom is stained or looking old, you can cover it up using a wainscot. The wooden paneling helps in concealing the holes or minor wall dings in a great way. Wainscoting brings a new character into the imperfect bathroom space. 

10. Go for heated flooring

If your bathroom remodeling involves floor remodeling, you should consider replacing it with luxurious heated flooring. Heated flooring is a cost-effective option that helps in keeping the floor hot during the cold winters. It helps in creating a striking contrast and adds warmth to the ambiance. Heated flooring is an energy-saving alternative to traditional heating methods. 

11. Add more storage

A common problem that makes bathrooms look cluttered is insufficient storage. Insufficient storage leads to things lying outside disarranged. One of the standout ideas to renovate a bathroom is to create sufficient storage for towels, makeup, skincare products, etc. Imagine utilizing one of the corners of the bathroom to create a beautiful storage that looks practical and pretty.

12. Use wallpaper

Wallpapers have become the go-to option when it comes to remodeling offering a myriad of opportunities. You can opt for some playful wallpapers or some pop color wallpapers that help in creating statement pieces. Wallpapers help in encouraging visual interest and reflect your taste and creativity. However, one thing you should take care of while selecting the wallpaper is it should go with the vanity. The wallpaper should look cohesive and subtly complement the vanity.

13. Go monochromatic

If you want to opt for a monochromatic color palette, go for a stone marble and basalt tile in your design. The monochromatic design allows the beauty of other accessories and materials to take center stage. The subtle variation changes the boring space into something interesting and cool.

14. Add some arches

Well, this bathroom renovation idea wouldn’t be possible to Do it Yourself. You will need assistance from expert architects and contractors in remodeling your bathroom space. Arches are a great way to accentuate bathroom walk-ins or shower spaces. Also, you can add arches over showers or windows to increase the grandness of the space. 

15. Add a walk-in shower

If you are looking for something spa-inspired, luxurious, and convenient, you should consider adding a walk in shower in the bathroom. This kind of walk-in shower fits into any size of bathroom and can be customized accordingly. The walk-in shower design eliminates the need for extra space required to develop a shower space. 

16. Redo the Grout

Grout redoing is a must when you are remodeling a pretty old bathroom. A grungy grout destroys the entire styling and cleanliness of the bathroom. Grout remodeling may take time to complete, but it is all worth it. Meticulous redoing erases the wear and tear of the old bathroom while restoring the freshness and cleanliness of the new one.

17. Adding shiplap paneling

To make the bathroom space look more cozy and spacious, you should consider incorporating shiplap paneling. The shiplap paneling is a distinctive horizontal groove that enhances the farmhouse feel and uplifts the interior of the bathroom. The horizontal lines create an illusion of space and airiness in the bathroom. 

18. Slim the sink

If you are renovating the primary bathroom and not the powder bathroom or guest bathroom, a great way to boost up the space feeling in the house is by developing a sink that is on the slimmer side. A slimmer sink allows you to integrate additional storage and cabinets into the bathroom. The added storage can be used to keep toiletries, towels, and other bathroom essentials.

19. Add warm woods

Replace the boring, ordinary yellow rug with warm wood tiling. Wood tiling effortlessly raises the elegance of the bathroom and contributes to the harmonious aesthetics.

Putting all creative bathroom renovation ideas together

Well, let us look at the before and after images of bathroom renovation where all the above-mentioned points are blended to create an entirely new space. 

In the before image, is an elongated room with sufficient space for everything but yet appears barren. The mirrors are outdated, and so are the marble countertops. The room lacks finishes and the overall ambience is uninspiring and looks boring. 

The visionary designer Marie Flanigan completely renovated the bathroom space, by adding a freestanding bathtub, rustic storage cabinets, walk-in showers, and white cabinets. The seamless blending of style and character is something to look forward to. She worked her magic by adding an arch-paneled ceiling to completely rejuvenate the space into something extraordinary. It looks like she created a symphony of elements to make a masterpiece.

Another remodeling example

Here is another example of a dull bathroom that lacks vibrancy and visual interest. However, only the graceful arch captures the attention of the entire space.

The renovation photo from the Three Salt Design Co clearly shows the stunning transformation of the bathroom. The before image shows the walls covered with pale yellow color and conventional wood cabinets. The afterimage breathes life into space. White textured walls, wood storage cabinets, designer mirrors, exquisite lights, and a freestanding bathtub addition have completely changed the game.


Bathroom renovation involves meticulous thinking and designing. Each element needs to be carefully curated to contribute to the overall aesthetics. Our advice: Stick to classic and design everything around it.

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