Good Habit Studio spins a new identity for second-hand tech marketplace Whirl

The London agency’s feel-good branding for the disruptive new tech platform Whirl aims to prompt people to help the planet.

In the ever-evolving world of tech and e-commerce, a fresh player has emerged with a mission to disrupt how we buy and sell used electronics. Enter Whirl, a new second-hand tech platform that promises to make parting ways with your old gadgets not just painless but also warm and rewarding, as you feel you’re helping the world.

That’s because Whirl buys old tech with a commitment to combatting tech poverty in the UK, supporting environmental causes through contributions to 1% for the planet, donating tech to schools, and ensuring responsible recycling practices to mitigate e-waste.

Plus of course, recycling your old tech in this way, rather than letting it go to landfill, is a positive move for the planet anyhow.

To bring this vision to life, Whirl turned to the creative minds at Good Habit, a London-based branding studio known for helping challenger brands shake up their respective markets.

The brief

“When founder Will Lewy approached us with the concept, it presented an intriguing opportunity,” explains Chris Smyth, founder and creative director at Good Habit. “In second-hand selling, established high-street retailers like CEX and Cash Converters face challenges with their physical stores: high costs, undervalued deals, and doubts about the origin of items.

“Other online ‘DIY’ platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay, meanwhile, require significant personal effort, often involve long waiting periods, and come with the risk of in-person exchanges lacking control or accountability.”

Whirl, in contrast, addresses these pain points by offering a straightforward, socially responsible tech-selling experience. “By simplifying the process, ensuring fair pricing, and prioritising customer trust and satisfaction, Whirl seeks to provide a viable alternative,” says Chris. “Its identity needed to reflect that unique angle.”


The Whirl logo forms the heart of the identity system, drawing inspiration from the speed of the platform’s transactions and symbolising the journey of physical objects from one owner to the next. “We’ve incorporated this free-flowing motif into the visual language, introducing a fun landscape of fast-moving 3D tech and lighting swirls,” explains Chris.

We’re big fans of his vibrant yet refined aesthetic, which exudes energy and optimism. The colour palette is bright and positive, the lettermark has a dynamic sense of movement, and the promotional imagery keeps everything simple and on-point.

In other words, by infusing the brand with a sense of motion and possibility, Good Habit has created an identity that feels as fresh and dynamic as the platform itself.

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