Why mymind is the visual inspiration tool designers have been crying out for

Mymind streamlines the design process, saving you a ton of time and effort. We explain how it all works and how you can get started today.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a designer, and you’re not using mymind, then we think you should check it out. Why? Because, in all likelihood, it will save you a huge amount of time faffing around and make the whole process of gathering visual inspiration a more fun and rewarding experience.

But first things first. You probably don’t know what mymind even is. So let us explain.

In simple terms, mymind is one private place to keep everything you care about online. You can save all kinds of things there, but it works especially well for visual inspiration. If you’re inspired by something – whether it’s a quote, an article, an image or a video – you can easily save it, then forget it, and easily find it later.

“So what?” you might think. “Surely there are loads of apps that do that?” Well, maybe. But are they this effortless, beautiful and focused on privacy? We didn’t think so.

No more distractions or wasting time

To take one simple example, have you ever saved an image on Pinterest and been unable to find it six months later? We have, too! Not only did you waste half an hour looking for it, but you felt distracted and frustrated wondering where you put it. (Did you actually save it to your desktop? Your phone? Your Instagram bookmarks? Who knows!)

With mymind, that won’t happen because it uses clever AI to analyse everything you bookmark. That means you don’t have to name the image, tag it, categorise it, organise it, create folders or any time-consuming stuff. You just save it with a click, and mymind takes care of the rest.

Now you know everything is in one single place where you can easily find it later.

There’s no messing around, trying to find the appropriate tab or folder in a confusing interface, like some apps we could mention. You just search for any detail you remember (a keyword, color, object, theme, brand, etc.) and mymind finds it immediately.

Your personal treasure trove online

Of course, it’s not just images you want to save for inspiration. For example, you can save:

Text-based content: Including articles, bookmarks, highlights, and your own notes & todos. You can clip text directly from a web page or email, or type it into the app.
Article and web pages:With the ‘Smart Bookmarking’ feature, mymind recognizes the type of website you save and presents the content in the best possible way. It not only saves the link but also captures the most relevant information such as images, pricing and descriptions.
Images: mymind is perfect for storing visuals you find online or save from your device. It not only saves and tags it, but also understands the content of the image. It knows the colors, the object, the mood, the brand, and can even read screenshots and handwritten notes. Save a painting to mymind and it will likely know the artist who made it.
PDFs: mymind allows you to upload and store PDFs, both ones you find online and those on your device.

All of this is saved in a completely private place, with no ads or distractions or social pressure that comes with most other tools. It’s like a sigh of relief every time you open it.

Again, you can easily find all of this later via a simple text search. But maybe you’re not looking for anything in particular but just want to scroll through your recent saves for inspiration? Here, mymind scores big again because everything is displayed in beautiful-looking cards that make it super-easy to spot what’s what.

For example, a website homepage looks like a homepage, a tweet looks like a tweet, a book shows up as a book cover, and so on. Best of all, you’ll see all the important details: the publisher of the book, the price of the T-shirt and so on. Again, mymind has done all the work extracting the necessary info, so you don’t have to.

If you want to see what this looks like in practice, watch this quick video walkthrough here:

But we’re not done yet. Saving content and then finding it later is just the start. You can also use mymind to do amazing things with that content, which can save a ton of time and help you become more creative.

Read on as we detail some of the more sophisticated mymind features designers will adore.

Same Vibe is a feature many designers will have dreamed of their whole lives. You like an image and want to see more images in your collection that have the same vibe. So you simply click on the ‘Same Vibe’ button, and then they will appear on your screen, as if by magic. In short, you’ve created an instant moodboard, in just one single click. Amazing, right?

The Same Vibe feature doesn’t just work on photos. You can, for example, click on a logo, and it will find similar logos with the same style. You can do the same with posters, art, typography, backgrounds, memes, screenshots and anything visual, basically. The more images you save to your mind, the better it works. You uncover similarities or rediscover images you’ve saved and forgotten about. And of course, you don’t have to manually curate anything yourself.


The problem with other bookmarking tools is that over time, you end up with a lot of clutter and things that, in retrospect, you don’t really need. That won’t happen with mymind. The Serendipity feature helps you clear out the clutter in a fresh and playful way.

Basically, you just click a button, and it serves you 20 random saved items at a time, prompting you to consciously ‘Keep’ or ‘Forget’ each one. This helps you get rid of unwanted content while also bringing some of the best stuff back into your mind, which can often be a great way to spark new creative ideas.

Of course, you don’t have to use the Serendipity feature – you can just keep everything. But many creatives find it a great way to spend a couple of minutes of downtime and find fresh inspiration to help kickstart their creative brains.

The best part: You can start with mymind for free

With mymind designers finally have the tool they deserve – one that makes capturing inspiration seamless, lets you easily find it again later, and helps you unlock new creative perspectives. So stop wasting time with clunky bookmarking tools and try the smarter way to gather visual ideas!

Quite simply, the quicker you get started with mymind, the better. Because the sooner you start bookmarking things that inspire you, the sooner you can start building up your library and taking advantage of these incredible features.

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