FORM’s vibrant rebrand of sustainable fashion show Source is joyously optimistic

Fast fashion is one of the biggest sources of environmental degradation today. But Source Fashion is on a mission to change that, and they’ve just unveiled new branding courtesy of FORM Brands Studio.

We all like the idea of sustainable fashion in theory, but these things don’t just happen by themselves. This hugely important economic sector, which remains highly reliant on fast fashion, is like a giant ship that will take a lot of time and effort to turn around. And the sustainable fashion show Source Fashion is playing a vital part in that process.

So what is it? Essentially, Source Fashion is a collective of manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, dynamic brands, retail and trend experts, and media curators from around the world that gather twice a year in London.

Its members are passionate about uniting manufacturers from key sourcing regions around the world with retailers, brands, and designers who are looking to responsibly and sustainably source new products.

In a strategic move to better reflect its core values and visionary spirit, Source Fashion recently partnered with branding agency FORM Brands Studio to create a fresh, compelling brand identity.

The brief

Source Fashion believed that its existing identity was too corporate and lacked a clear reflection of its purpose. So, they wanted a strategic overhaul that would help the brand better reflect their steadfast commitment to connecting cultures, promoting responsible and sustainable practices, and showcasing the rich diversity of talent in ethical fashion from across the globe.

Rooted in the concept of ‘Connecting the World’, the brand design toolkit created by FORM is focused on the idea of, in their words, “infinite creative possibilities and combinations, celebrating the idea that every connection made is unique and plays a role in building a more inclusive and responsible global fashion future”.

Design elements

A new, adaptable graphic system illustrates the limitless potential of global collaboration with a shared purpose, underscoring the belief that unity is the path to change.

The selection of a vibrant, seasonally adaptable colour palette was critical. The colours not only capture the dynamic spirit of the show but also mirror the latest and evolving trends in fashion and home décor, reflecting Source’s forward-thinking attitude.

Integrated imagery brings to life the rich stories of the makers behind the designs, highlighting diverse talent and expertise from countries all over the world and celebrating the individual narratives that come together to create a mosaic of cultures and craftsmanship.

Utilising the blood-orange logo typeface for headlines, the FORM team established a distinctive type hierarchy. The unique angles, shapes, and soft curves echo Source’s commitment to humanity, natural beauty, friendliness, and responsibility. There’s a joyously 1970s feel to this typography that we just love because it pulls everything together in a way that feels bright and optimistic: the perfect atmosphere for this forward-looking movement.

Through this collaborative rebranding effort, Source is poised to further its mission of redefining the industry standard and making fashion and home buying better for people and the planet.

Emotional connection

“This rebrand culminated in a tapestry of narratives, visually and emotionally connecting viewers to the heart of Source’s mission, capturing their progressive vision and encouraging collaboration,” said Alex Andlaw, creative director and founder of FORM.

He adds that it’s a project that’s been dear to them. “We’re a branding and communications agency with big hearts, bright minds, and bold ideas, and we love working with clients like Source, who are brimming with such inspirational passion, knowledge, and conviction.”

Toby Hedges, senior brand manager at Source, adds: “The new identity now reflects our ambitious global impact goals, setting the stage for a better fashion future, led by a global community of makers committed to creativity and responsible practices. The team at FORM made sure that our input was valued. It was a collaborative process, and we couldn’t be happier with how the brand looks now.”

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