Fiasco crafts fresh brand identity for a co-working network with a difference

The Bristol-based agency has again pulled it out of the bag for creative co-working network Gather Round.

With more and more people working remotely these days, the growth in co-working spaces has been off the charts. But that also means more competition for bums on seats, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

In many ways, Gather Round was pushing against an open door when it came to this challenge. Founded in 2019, all their spaces are designed by creatives for people who work in the creative industry.

Consequently, they’ve attracted a growing network of 200+ like-minded creative professionals who go to work every day and sit, write, design, consult and hang out next to each other. All the while soaking up the energy, passion and positivity from the ideas and expertise of other creative folk.

It was this distinguishing characteristic they were keen to highlight in a new brand identity led by Bristol-based design agency Fiasco.

Brand strategy

With three existing sites in Bristol and plans to open a third location in Bath later this year, Gather Round tasked Fiasco with developing an expansive brand toolkit that could capture the bustling energy of its ever-evolving co-working community.

“Co-working is an increasingly saturated market,” says Nathalie Crease of Fiasco Design. “With new spaces popping up across cities, it was time for Gather Round to highlight its genuine point of difference: the people.”

The refreshed branding is organised under the strategic banner “we’re more creative together”. This positioning shifts the emphasis from simply providing desk space to nurturing a creative lifestyle community where members actively shape the co-working experience. As Nathalie says: “members don’t just use the space: they shape it.”

Visual elements

Fiasco’s visual identity pairs the serif GT Alpina with the sans-serif Nacelle, to give the designs a nostalgic tinge whilst still feeling fresh and current. When brought together, this combination provides a sense of creative flair while ensuring accessibility.

Meanwhile, a bold and confident colour palette allows for more playful, energetic brand expressions that will resonate strongly with Gather Round’s audience of creative professionals.

Elsewhere, slightly surreal illustrative elements inject moments of wit and imagination into the branding. This adds much-needed moments of charm and wit to what otherwise might be blandly functional areas of the Gather Round experience.

To further amp up the brand’s lifestyle feel, Fiasco commissioned local illustrator Con McHugh to produce a line of t-shirts that reflect current streetwear trends. This merch helps make customers feel and look good, whether inside Gather Round or out and about the city.

Authentic spirit

Ultimately, Fiasco’s comprehensive rebrand, which includes new website copy written by Daisy Dobson, does a good job of authentically capturing the spirit of belonging at the heart of this creative, co-working community.

“Fiasco delved deep into the essence of what it means to be a member,” says Danie Stinchcombe, marketing director at Gather Round. “We’re delighted with the result. This rebrand has truly leveraged our brand.”

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