Wunder and G2K unveil new identity for global music platform XITE

New branding for the world’s leading curated music video platform is perfectly poised for the shift from broadcast to streaming.

Not everyone’s heard of XITE, but it’s a pretty big deal. This music video platform began broadcasting in 2008 and now reaches 100 million households worldwide through on-demand TV. Consequently, it is “the world’s leading curated music video platform, bringing beloved artists and must-see music videos to audiences across connected TVs, mobile apps and web globally”.

Founded in the Netherlands with linear networks, interactive TV and on-demand streaming services, XITE currently lives in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s also available in the USA via Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku streaming players, as well as Comcast Xfinity and some Samsung TVs.

Now XITE has unveiled a comprehensive rebranding developed in partnership with strategic design agency Wunder and brand design firm G2K.

Brand promise

In 2015, XITE was the first provider in the world to bridge the gap between traditional linear television and the new digital on-demand era.

Now, its refreshed brand identity aims to reinforce XITE’s position in the increasingly competitive music streaming landscape alongside players like Vevo, YouTube Music and Spotify and help it remain relevant and distinctive.

The new branding highlights the personal connection between viewers, artists, and the platform through the new brand promise ‘See Your Music’.

Design system

The brand promises to help Xite crystalise its focus on delivering a distinctive, personalised viewing experience and forging personal connections through music. “With See Your Music as our guide, we developed a dynamic design system that breathes personalisation while remaining recognisable and practical across all media and devices,” they explain.

Along with the new look and tagline, Wunder and G2K have developed a dynamic design system that adapts colour palettes to genres, moods, and audiences while maintaining visual consistency through a bold new typeface and tweaked logo.

A flexible 16:9 aspect ratio grid allows freedom of movement across platforms. The agencies have also created new identities, visual formats and brand guidelines that began rolling out regionally and across platforms late last year.

Strong narrative

The rebranding comes as XITE continues expanding its global footprint. After previous rollouts across Europe and Asia, it achieved widespread US distribution in late 2023.

Overall, the results are impressive. Wunder and G2K clearly understand the power of a strong brand narrative, and the brand promise offers a great basis for building a lasting and effective brand. Visually, meanwhile, the new designs embrace a clean, impactful aesthetic that is sure to resonate with viewers on a personal level.

In short, it’s just the kind of brand system a media outlet needs to propel them forward in this pivotal era of music streaming.

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