Beer Chart is a refreshing tribute that raises a glass to football and UEFA Euro 2024

As many of us hope (and pray) for a good result this evening, Studio Blackburn and Nirvana CPH have merged their love of beer with their passion for the beautiful game, revealing a special wall chart for UEFA Euro 2024.

Studio Blackburn has teamed up with Nirvana CPH once more to create a unique and innovative wall chart for this year’s UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. Why? To bring together their appreciation of football with the joy of beer. Why else?

With a carefully chosen name, Beer Chart, the concept is inspired by your typical football wall chart, which gets stuck to living room walls across the UK. It is combined with a custom-made ‘beer case’ housing seven collectable beers.

Each can have a bespoke design, naturally. But they each serve as a one-of-a-kind memento for every round of the tournament, designed to be enjoyed as the games progress.

As England gears up to play the Netherlands in tonight’s semi-final in Dortmund, and Gareth Southgate remains tight-lipped about who’ll be on the pitch, the Beer Chart might just be what gets very nervous spectators amongst you through what will hopefully be a glorious tournament.

The premise behind the Beer Crate is actually pretty clever. “If you finish your crate, your team’s done great,” explains Paul Blackburn, CEO and founder of Studio Blackburn. Why? “Because there’s one cold beer for every game your team might play at the Euros.”

But even if your team doesn’t make it through, you can still enjoy a cold beer for each round. Let’s face it: if you love football, you’re not just going to stop watching the competition. Not with so much quality on the pitch. “If your team’s done shit, you’ll get over it, crack one open anyway, fill in all the scores and kick back,” adds Paul.

Brewed in collaboration with Match Day Brewery, the refreshing Euro 24 Pilsners (4.2% ABV) come in a special beer case that includes a sheet of stickers and features 24 unique designs celebrating each of the 24 participating teams. These designs pay homage to the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship and each participating nation.

If you’ve been keeping score over the years, you’ll know that Studio Blackburn and Nirvana CPH have been at the forefront of design-led wall charts for every World Cup and European Championship since the Japan and South Korea tournament in 2002.

The original idea for these unique charts was dreamed up by Paul Blackburn during a print run in Rotterdam for the 1998 World Cup. Inspired by the superior design of Dutch tournament wall charts, he wanted to create an alternative to the “garish and unattractive designs” typically produced by the British media.

He says, “My joy at seeing these wall charts – conceived by the immense talent in the studio here – come to life every two years is paralleled only by the usual anticipation of an England win. This year, it feels, as always, inevitable.”

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