Happy spooky season, my friends! We’ve been decorating so many different spaces of our home for the Halloween season. It’s a favorite around here, especially with our little guy. Today I’m focusing on our Frame TV by adding Halloween Art and along with some bats on the fireplace. This is something that you’ll be able to do with any smart TV. This is a simple, yet impactful, Halloween decor idea that you can knock out quickly or if you’re looking for a last-minute idea.

I always turn to Etsy to find the art for our Frame TV. When looking for the perfect digital art, make sure to search for a digital download. This means the piece of artwork will be available to download as a digital file right after it’s purchased. It can then be uploaded to a Frame TV or a smart TV. To help give you a head start, here are 6 Halloween digital art pieces that are a little bit spooky and a little bit cute.


Before going through the 6 I’ve picked to try out in our home, you’ll notice that I added bats around our TV. This has become a well-known way to add a spooky element to any space. I switched it up a bit by making it appear the bats are coming in through the window and flying up the ceiling. You’ll also see in just a second what really inspired me to add the bats since they’ll be interacting with two of the digital art pieces.

I found these bats on Amazon and they were such a great find! There are 70 bats total, it comes with double-sided tape, the wings easily fold for a 3D effect and they can be used outdoors. Tip: Before using the double-sided tape, take into consideration the surface you’re applying them to. For example, I used painter’s tape to attach ours so it wouldn’t remove any of the roman clay.

Halloween Artwork


This bat art inspired gave me the idea to place the bats around the Frame TV like I did. It now appears like the bats are flying in through the in, into the TV and then out of the TV at the top. A pretty cool optical illusion, right?! It is for sure a fun way to incorporate bats and a digital print where they work together like this.


Skeletons are always an easy way to up the spooky factor around this time of year. These provide the Halloween vibes but in a fun way. Love how they standout against the charcoal black background color.


Looking for a fun way to incorporate Halloween decor? These ghosts are perfect for you! With more of a beige/pink background, this one is also a great neutral option.

Haunted House

This Haunted House one just might be my favorite for our home. The design of it is bold yet the colors can still serve as a neutral when it comes to Halloween. Also, look at how the bats play off of this artwork too!

Spider Web

Simple, festive and chic is what comes to mind with this spider web. And instead of placing bats around the TV, spiders would be a really fun addition!


And of course we need a pumpkin one to round this list of Halloween digital artwork out. Even those these aren’t little jack-o-lanterns, the dark background provides with the pop of the orange pumpkins provides the spooky with this one!

I hope this helps you either get a head start with your Halloween decor or gives you that last-minute idea you’ve been looking for. I’d love to see the artwork you use in your home for your TV so make sure to share in the comments below! It will also be a fun way to discover other amazing prints. Happy creating!

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