The start of a new year is the perfect time to finally make those changes you’ve been putting off. But it doesn’t have to be a huge upheaval – sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest effect. New cushions or different pictures on the wall can completely change the feeling of a room. Let’s your new refresh bedroom decor.

People consider the bedroom as one of the important parts of a home as here we sleep, relax and unwind after a long day. However, it is also one of the most neglected rooms in the house and is often the main bedroom. Because it’s not somewhere for entertaining guests, it’s easy to leave it low down on the list of priorities. But your bedroom is the space where you go to relax and get away from the noise of the world, and you deserve it to be a sanctuary. So, this new year, give your bedroom a makeover with small changes that are budget-friendly and easy to apply. 

So, to usher in that bedroom bliss, here are some quick and easy ideas for refreshing your boudoir.

Outdoors, Indoors

refresh bedroom decor


One of the driving trends of the last year is set to continue into 2022, and that’s the blending of boundaries between nature and the home. There are plenty of different ways to do this. You can add plants – real or fake – into any room. This will not only add a splash of colour but also helps you to connect with the calming influences of nature. 

You can also make a feature of natural light by decluttering windows or enlarging them if your budget allows. Natural light helps to make any space look brighter and spacious. So, remove bulky curtains and replace them with slim and stylish blinds or transparent cotton/linen curtains as they can help more light reach the room. 

Go Bold

Last year was full of neutrals and minimal colour schemes, but this year bold colours and patterns are making a comeback. So, don’t be afraid to pep up neutral décor with pops of colour using cushions, throws, art, and feature walls. 

The 1970s will be a major influence this year, so terracotta, dark green, and animal prints will be everywhere. Instead of painting your walls, why not treat yourself to a bold new duvet cover with contrasting throw pillows and a shaggy rug? That will also do the same thing in bringing some pop of colours into the space! 

Reach for the Glue Gun

refresh bedroom decor


Eco-friendly and sustainable designs are all the rage as people are more aware of the effect their consumerism is having on the environment and our natural resources. Instead of going for new items of furniture, find yourself a reclaimed or upcycled bargain and add some interest to your room with something unique. You can either go thrift shopping or if you’re feeling creative, you could even have a go yourself with these top upcycling tips

Banish that Bad Bed

Forget white noise machines, UV lamps, and nightly meditation – if your bed isn’t comfortable, nothing is going to help you sleep well. Do you know that your mattress should be replaced at least every eight years? Yes, it is important so that it keeps supporting you properly, but the bed itself can also suffer from sagging slats and creaking joints. 

If your bed is looking a little worse for wear, check out the great range of beds at the Divan Beds Centre. Divan beds are also a great way to add some extra storage to your room. The best thing about them is that you can specify the number of drawers or opt for a storage ottoman to make the best use of your space.

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Decluttering is Key 

refresh bedroom decor


One of the biggest issues in homes is clutter – those little bits and pieces that pile up on surfaces and in corners and make every room look untidy. No matter how large your bedroom is, this clutter will make the space congested and busy. The presence of clutter is a huge distraction that keeps us from properly relaxing and can cause stress to build up. While it isn’t always possible to get rid of every little thing, adding storage solutions can be a stylish way to keep everything looking neat and tidy. 

A row of matching boxes on top of a wardrobe or a chest of drawers looks much neater than bags and cardboard. You’ll find decorative storage solutions in a variety of styles in any home store. Also, by boxing the items up that are not required or not in use, you’ll be able to identify the things that need throwing away.

In Summary

Keep your bedroom looking tidy and stylish this year with adequate the above latest trends and ideas. From storage solutions to bold, retro colours, there are many ways to spice up your bedroom ambience. Changing up your room needn’t be difficult or expensive, especially if you’re feeling creative and fancy trying your hand at upcycling some bargains.

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