Whether you live in a rented apartment or own a home, you’ve probably thought about upgrading your kitchen.

During the pandemic, many of us discovered a whole new level of appreciation for our kitchen — a place where we not only prepared meals while we couldn’t go out but also worked from home, watched too much TV, did thousands of Zoom calls, etc.

The kitchen designs and their role have changed greatly over the decades, so planning for your kitchen makeover is very important.

But before you start making any renovation plans for 2022, it’s worth considering the top most beautiful kitchen design ideas for 2022. Let’s see what the future has in store!

1. Go for a colorful kitchen cabinetry

Bright, colorful kitchen cabinets have been a popular kitchen design trend for a couple of years, and it will not change in 2022. More and more often we see that people want to add a personal note to their kitchen design, thus avoiding the all-white look. Remember that kitchen cabinets are not just storage — they are the perfect surface to express your personality through thoughtful kitchen design.

Hence, color is one of the most effective ways to build character and personality or provide a bold statement. Currently, the range of neutral colors, together with shades such as gray, yellow, and soft green, is one of the most popular combinations. However, black, navy, and emerald green are also high-end allures that many want to integrate into their kitchens.

There are three major color categories to choose from: light, medium, and dark. Light tones are all neutral color schemes that are loved for their simple, soft, and clean look. They are designed in a timeless style, perfectly complementing other elements in the kitchen. Medium hues are the most popular color category. Standard shades of blue, gray, and yellow are popular here. On the most extreme and challenging end are dark colors. Here, emerald green, inky black, navy blue, and jeweled plumb tones are very often chosen shades for decorating kitchen cabinets. The darkest tones will create a little drama and elegance in your kitchen.

In summary, homeowners are increasingly looking for unique colors that not only stand out but also work great for their kitchen. And we can’t deny that kitchen cabinets are the best kitchen elements to start experimenting with!

Peel and stick wall paper in kitchen

2. Experiment with slab backsplashes

Is it even possible to achieve a single design feel or focal point in your kitchen easier than with a slab backsplash? A wall with a continuous stone, marble, or tile surface makes a statement — slab backsplashes are a great kitchen design trend that creates an instant wow factor in a room.

As the application is not used as the main work surface, it opens up many possibilities for material variations, such as specialized marble or other porous stone. On top of that, slab backsplashes are a great way to dilute a kitchen’s color palette.

For example, a tiled kitchen backsplash will be especially relevant in 2022 — this is nothing new, but there is a tendency for matte tiles to retreat in favor of a glazed surface. Glazed tiles are not only easy to clean — but they also reflect ambient light, making the room brighter and wider, regardless of the tile color chosen.

When choosing earth-colored tiles, they will create the impression of a rich layer of texture — it is not necessary to choose bright colors to enjoy the full impact of a glazed kitchen backsplash. For a slightly quieter and more classic look, choose white glazed tiles that will help to make the most of the natural light.

3. The green color is here to stay 

In recent years, all the trends have been on and around navy kitchen designs, but this year expect to see more and more green tones in kitchens. Most likely, the green color will take root in shapes such as kitchen cabinets and tiles, especially highlighting emerald, forest green, and more subtly, sage tones.

Green in your kitchen can be equally dramatic, sophisticated, and soothing. The green tones of deep forests go well with latte shades, smoky glass, and soft metallics. However, if you are not ready for an emerald green kitchen, try incorporating soft greens that leave your kitchen design neutral while giving a subtle sense of nature.

All in all, 2022 will be the year in which fresh mint, olive, and coriander green shades will find their place in the homes and especially in the kitchens, as in the room where we also prepare greens daily.

4. Minimalism is still trendy

Kitchens will continue to keep things clean and simple in 2022 and beyond. Undoubtedly, we can expect kitchens to integrate smart functionality and more technology in the coming years. You’ll also see an app or voice-controlled smart appliances, which isn’t surprising.

Minimalism has always included clean lines in its design, but it is becoming increasingly popular to bring a breath of fresh air into a room by experimenting with textures, geometric patterns, and choosing natural but unusual materials. You will see both geometric lines and organic curves next to each other, holding together in perfect harmony.

In 2022, we will continue to learn and master the trend of having a home that feels like a home and simplifying things down to what matters. You can bring this idea to life in your kitchen by moving all the close-ups to a more suitable location – for example, by using a smart organizer, thereby leaving the kitchen view clean and uncluttered. Leave on the open shelves only the things that are usually sought after and look nice – favorite cookbooks, serving trays, often used ingredients like olive oil, and your favorite spices. 

5. Don’t underestimate textured surfaces

The texture is something we have used to see in the living room and bedroom trends for years, but it has only recently seeped into kitchen design. 

Visible grains on wood, especially oak or ash veneer, matte metals, polished, leathered, or textured stone finishes, and concrete – these are the trends that are entering the kitchen design in 2022 with renewed vigor.

The idea is to give the kitchen extra depth, making it less of a hard surface and more of creating a layered look with plenty of tactile materials. Textures and materials in kitchens are constantly evolving, and with homeowners’ growing confidence in their design choices, the finishes are becoming bolder.

In 2022, we will see more expressive tactile materials such as metallics, concrete and textured doors featuring heavy wood grains, as well as marble effects and stone finishes. Adding sophistication to the kitchen layout, these striking finishes will help bring the entire kitchen design together while maintaining the stone’s solid character and individuality.

6. Pops of wallpaper – perfect idea for your kitchen in 2022

Many this year are moving away from all-white kitchen ideas, or even if still sticking to it, they want to integrate interest by incorporating such unexpected details that will make the space uniquely their own. Removable wallpaper is especially suitable for those who are not ready to embark on a full renovation but still want to refresh their kitchen design. 

Yes, you read that right — kitchen wallpaper is a really good, modern and trendy idea! While many may be afraid to use wallpaper in the kitchen due to its humidity, a removable and waterproof wallpaper combined with good ventilation will ensure that it remains in excellent condition.

And again, this kitchen design trend seems more common in living or bedroom trends, but since our kitchens are slowly becoming an extension of our living rooms, hanging a wallpaper makes sense. This is a fairly simple update that anyone can DIY in just a weekend. Plus, removable wallpaper is a very simple and lower-cost way to experiment with colors and patterns in the kitchen. Order some samples, stick them on the wall, and see how much interest it can add to your kitchen! 

DeccoPrint Wallpaper for Kitchen

7. Choose natural elements

The use of organic materials has increased significantly during the pandemic and in the near future will firmly hold its position as marble, granite, and wood finishes in kitchens. Not only do they have an aesthetic quality, but they are also increasingly being recognized for their health benefits.

In 2022, put down the paintbrushes, forget for a moment about glazed finishes and instead embrace organic, naturally occurring beauty. Get involved with kitchen cabinetry, surfaces, and walls and floors.

Much like in fashion, in design trends, we are also conscious of our consumption — buying fewer things but making them last longer, investing in craftsmanship, or doing it ourselves.

Focusing on designing as green as possible and creating eco-friendly spaces is the biggest 2022 kitchen design trend. Any material that has an organic influence helps to ground the room and provides an immediate sense of calm.

All set to remodel as per the kitchen design trends 2022?

These 2022 kitchen design ideas might help your kitchen become a gathering place for friends and family. Nowadays, modern trends offer a design that converts the kitchen into a hideaway, breaking the stereotype that a kitchen is a dull place. With the newest technology, green vision, and bold use of materials and colors, your kitchen will be the most inspiring place in the house!

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