If you’re not a fan of eating breakfast or drinking your morning coffee in the dining room, then a corner where you can arrange a cozy place to eat and drink would be an ideal solution.

An empty, secluded recess in the kitchen can be a perfect place to create such a corner. However, the recess is not found in too many homes, especially if you live in a small apartment. Thus, it is worth building a suitable place yourself, somewhere in the corner of your kitchen.

If you have enough square footage, you can build a new charming breakfast nook, or remodel one that looks outdated.

Keep reading as I am going to share some excellent ideas for a space-saving breakfast nook.

Design And Functionality Of A Breakfast Nook

A thoroughly arranged, small dining corner in the kitchen is the best place to have breakfast by yourself or with someone else. Saying that, it does not necessarily have to be a corner. If you have a large kitchen, it’s possible to build the nook out to any space you have available and use the floor area of this room to your advantage.

A customized nook should be not only serene and beautiful, but also functional, all it takes are well-thought-out construction and the appropriate conditions. Enough floor space and a large window, preferably a bay window, are all you need to build an impressive breakfast nook in your home.

The alcove can be created with even the most ordinary items!

A dividing screen will enclose and define the area, and that place can be made more intimate when accentuated with personal items. A screen is a great way to increase the privacy of the space, depending on how it is positioned, and to create a special corner just for yourself.

One easy way to build a simple screen is to get three basic plywood doors, apply wallpaper over them, and then attach them with hinges. You can also decorate the screen with your favorite prints, pin photos of your loved ones, or cover it with a favorite fabric.

Hang draperies on the window as they not only soften the transitions between two places but can also give a feeling of a separate space. 

For your nook, you may even wish to introduce an interior design style or a theme, such as tropical, cottage/farmhouse, or colorful 1950s Americana. The nooks look amazing in all styles!

Soft and comfy cushions on the bench, and a gorgeous view to the outside will complete the look. Then, add a fancy table lamp and you have a delightful nook, which you can use day and night.

You will love it when the breakfast nook is located in the kitchen and is also carefully planned to save space, save steps, and save work. It also works best whenever you want to save time, as it allows you to prepare a meal while having all the food and equipment on hand. Everything you need is right in the same room where you can easily reach it! Thus, it is worth finding a place in your kitchen to install a small table and a couple of seats where you can sip your morning coffee… and more.

However, when planning a breakfast nook, you need to consider whether using it will not interfere with the functionality of the kitchen. Plan the space in such as way as not to clutter the workspace intended for preparing meals. A good solution is to build it further from the countertops, alternatively, in an area somewhere between the kitchen and the living or dining room, if feasible.

Did You Know?

The built-in breakfast nooks became popular in American homes in the 1920s and 1930s. Brands such as Roebuck, Sears, and Co. & Montgomery Ward, used to sell prefabricated house-building kits that included easy-to-customize breakfast nooks. The kits usually consisted of a table with two benches, and were often located at a window. Since then, the nook has become a place where one can do a lot more than just enjoy the morning meal. It also served as a favorite spot for other activities, from doing homework with the kids, to playing card games in the evening, or having snacks throughout the day.

Saving Space For Your Breakfast Nook With Seats And A Table


What’s more, a great breakfast nook will prove to be space-saving and useful as it can also serve as a productive work area or a home office. The small table can function as an additional workspace to do your work, or pay bills… You just need to plan the suitable lighting and a spot where you can connect your laptop.

If you need some space flexibility, then a drop-leaf table may be the way to go. Keep the size of the table small for eating breakfast, but make it wider whenever you need extra space for a big project or need to spread out lots of papers or books.

When choosing a breakfast table, however, you need to take into account both the size of the area and the number of people who will eat at it.

Also, if you use an extendable dining table, this will ensure that you’ll always have enough space in the nook for all your guests. The extendable table can be a space-efficient addition to your kitchen as you might pull and extend it at each end to create extra space. It will take up a minimal amount of space in your nook.


Let’s not forget about the right seats for the table. For a small breakfast corner, choose matching, lightweight, portable folding chairs that are quick and easy to fold, as they will fit into the compact space you have available. For convenience, these chairs can be folded and stored away when not in use, and can be easily set up to accommodate your guests if required.

It’s important, however, that there is enough space at the table and the seats take up little space, so that when you move them away from the table, they do not hit the walls or cabinets.


If there’s enough space in your nook, built-in benches are a very convenient solution. In fact, a bench saves more space than a set of dining chairs, this is because it actually makes more space by accommodating a larger number of people around the table!

For example, a bench designed for 4 people, can probably seat a maximum of 5 adults or 6 children. On the other hand, only 3 chairs would fit comfortably along one side of the table.

Additionally, a bench that’s lined with soft cushions will bring a really cozy and homely atmosphere to your nook, even if it’s designed in a modern style.

But a nook needs to be always practical. So, why not use a breakfast nook bench with storage as a space-saving option?

You need to maximize your storage space if your kitchen space is tight. A bench can provide extra storage space if it is constructed with hinged tops. This will let you stash some stuff under it or within it. The bottom part of the bench can be used to store various things such as table linens, books, or art supplies for your kids. The seat backs can also function as shelves for books or a set of jugs and bowls on the other side.

If you decide to buy chairs for your breakfast table, most likely they are designed to sit alongside. Very rarely it’s possible to find a set of chairs that you can easily tuck under the breakfast table. However, most bench models are to be hidden right under the table. Thus, they take up a lot less floor space in your kitchen, when they’re not in use. This means that your nook space will look much less cluttered.

Besides, the bench you buy can be built to a custom length, regardless of whether it is with or without storage. Some bench models are also convertible, in case you decide to switch your setup.

On A Final Note,

A breakfast nook does not need to take much space. If you don’t have enough square footage in the kitchen for a proper built-in nook, there are different ways to achieve a dining corner with a warm feeling.

Cleverly hung curtains or a thoughtfully placed screen can set apart a corner in the room. A bench in the corner is perfect for saving space in small interiors. Just add the extendable table and maybe some folded chairs on one side, if needed, and you have an amazing, functional, and space-saving breakfast nook.

However, remember that most of all, it should serve as an inviting place to sit and relax, whether for a meal or a chat with a friend.

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