Finding a plate rack to display dishes can get surprisingly expensive. Which I didn’t even realize before I found this one for a steal (FIVE dollars!) on marketplace a few months ago.

dish rack display makeover

Even though the price was unbelievable and the plate rack is in solid condition, I didn’t like the wood finish. It’s a weird, smooth-looking light wood and I would’ve preferred a darker wood so that my white dishes would stand out.

plate rack display DIY

Rather than try to sand and stain this one, which I don’t think would’ve worked out well, I opted for painting it. I had painted my kitchen chairs a while back in a pretty blue-gray color that I still haven’t gotten tired of. With some of that paint leftover, I decided to use it on the plate rack.

blue gray paint colors

Even though this is a small piece, I really wanted a very smooth finish with no brush strokes so I got out my paint sprayer. The sprayer is also excellent for painting spindles. Painting those by hand is way too tedious.

how to use a paint sprayer

I sprayed it with two coats of paint, letting it dry in between each.

Benjamin Moore Water's Edge

The exact color I used is called Water’s Edge by Benjamin Moore. It’s muted enough that it’s easy on the eyes for those of us who love neutrals.

best blue gray paint color

I also wanted to seal it so that when sliding dishes in and out it won’t’ scratch. As always I used my go-to sealer called Clear Tough Coat in matte by Fusion Mineral Paint.


I applied that with the sprayer as well, just one coat. After I let it dry for about 48 hours I filled it with my dishes.

kitchen display rack for plates

Isn’t that pretty? I have it on a cart in the kitchen right now but it did come with hardware to hang it on the wall. I tried it on the counter but didn’t love how it looked with the cabinets above, it seemed a little tight visually.


If you’re in the market for one of these, they can get expensive. I would suggest checking flea markets and yard sales. But if you don’t have any luck there, Etsy always has a few. I’ve rounded up a few I found over there below.

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