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Clarence P Hornung (1899–1997) was an American printer, publisher, typographer, and designer of logos and trademarks. He designed for book publishers such as Encyclopedia Britannica, Vanguard Press, and the Book League of America.

Clarence P Hornung photo
Clarence P Hornung, via Letterology

The folk at Lux Mentis Booksellers (an online archive hard-to-find books) scanned and posted a selection of Clarence Hornung logos that are worth a mention. They’re from the book Trade-Marks Designed By Clarence P Hornung, published in 1930 by Caxton Press.

Trademarks Designed by Clarence Hornung book
Photo via Type Punch Matrix

According to Randall Ross of Modernism 101, the book’s colophon stated that 750 copies were printed in December 1930, with 650 copies for sale. Each volume was hand-signed and numbered by Hornung, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts named it one of their 50 Books of the Year in 1932.

There were 53 trademarks within the book. Here’s a selection.

Advertising Agency Services logo
Advertising Agency Services (typographers)
Advertising Arts & Crafts logo
Advertising Arts & Crafts (publishers)
Albert Schiller logo
Albert Schiller (typographer)
American Type Founders logo
American Type Founders (manufacturers)
Charles Scribners’ Sons logo
“Architecture” Charles Scribners’ Sons (publishers)
Book League of America logo
Book League of America (publishers)
Brown House logo
Brown House (publishers)
Caxton Press logo
Caxton Press (printers)
Charles Scribners’ Sons logo
Charles Scribners’ Sons (publishers)
Club & Campus logo
Club & Campus (publishers)
Detroy Press logo, by Clarence Hornung
Detroy Press (printers)
Doubleday & Doran logo, by Clarence Hornung
Doubleday & Doran (publishers)
Emil Georg Sahlin logo, by Clarence Hornung
Emil Georg Sahlin (printers)
Encyclopaedia Britannica logo, by Clarence Hornung
Encyclopaedia Britannica (publishers)
Farrar & Rinehart logo, by Clarence Hornung
Farrar & Rinehart (publishers)

There’s not a great deal of info to be found online about the late designer, but Hornung was clearly interested in a broad range of design topics. LibraryThing lists the following works by Clarence Hornung.

  • 2000 Early Advertising Cuts
  • Advertising Designs of Walter Dorwin Teague
  • Allover Patterns for Designers and Craftsmen
  • An Old-Fashioned Christmas in Illustration and Decoration
  • Background Patterns, Textures, and Tints
  • Classic Border Designs by Twentieth-Century Masters
  • Early Advertising Alphabets, Initials, and Typographic Ornaments
  • Geometric Patterns and How to Create Them
  • Handbook of Early Advertising Art: Pictorial Volume
  • Handbook of Early Advertising Art: Typographical & Ornamental Volume
  • Handbook of Designs and Devices
  • Lettering from A to Z
  • The American Eagle in Art and Design
  • Traditional Japanese Stencil Designs
  • Traditional Japanese Crest Designs
  • Treasury of American Design
  • Two Hundred Years of American Graphic Art
  • Will Bradley: His Graphic Art

Some of those would be lovely to look through.

Many thanks to Lux Mentis for archiving the trademarks.

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