5 Successful Rebranding Strategies for Handyman Logos

Some entrepreneurs ignore rebranding because they believe it is a weakness and postpone it as long as possible. A strategy of denial such as this is completely incorrect because businesses continually evolve, which is why rebranding is important.

If you run a Handyman business, maybe after some time, you have started selling additional services or cannot attract a new audience. You should consider rebranding in that case, and it is not a bad idea at all. It is well known that even among Fortune 500 companies, the business model and even the color of their logo have changed significantly.

It is important to bear in mind that not every rebranding strategy is successful, so you must have some sort of guide to guide your first rebranding.

So today, we have prepared a guide that explains in detail why rebranding is important for your Handyman business logo, along with 5 strategies to use for rebranding. We will also discuss how to relaunch your new handyman logo. So be sure to read till the end.

What is Rebranding?

As the name suggests, rebranding involves rethinking your company’s marketing strategy by changing its name, logo, or design to establish a new, distinguishable identity in the minds of your customers and other stakeholders.

We have now defined what rebranding is. Now, let’s understand some important reasons why you need rebranding and at what time you must do it.

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What is the Importance of Rebranding for Handyman Logo?

There are many risks associated with rebranding. Knowing the risks associated with rebranding will enable you to decide whether a rebrand is right for your business.

You may want to reconsider a rebrand if you have experienced a slow sales cycle or lack of brand awareness. Due to advancements in technology, people often don’t need handyman services and can solve minor issues on their own. You need to introduce something or rebrand yourself to get the audience’s attention.

You may also consider rebranding for the following reasons.

1. Expanding Into Cities

If you are entering markets in cities where your current handyman business logo and messaging may not resonate or be recognized, refreshing your brand image could be beneficial. Sometimes, in a new city, the competition may be more fierce, so you need to come up with new strategies and designs to gain your foothold. Think of getting a professional logo that appeals to a global audience.

2. Market Positioning

Brands exist to establish connections between businesses and customers. If your handyman business is struggling to attract customers, a rebrand can help realign its identity and messaging to better communicate its strengths, values, and unique selling propositions. Brainstorm handyman branding ideas to kickstart your campaign and build upon those once you establish what connects with your audience.

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3. Differentiation and Standing out

In a market, rebranding can give your handyman service the edge it needs to stand out among competitors. Having an updated handyman service logo can make your business stand out from others in the industry, grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression on customers. So for instance, if your visual elements need an upgrade, focus on fixing your handyman logo before anything else.

4. Introducing a New Philosophy

The mission, vision, and values of your business should guide all decisions that you make – including those related to your brand. Your brand will need to be evaluated if your marketing value proposition is shifting and pivoting with them, as well as the direction of your business.

Such as the following rebranded handyman company logo emphasizes the importance of using safety equipment for their workers on the job to avoid injuries.

Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

5. Acquisitions and Mergers

A merger between two companies results in the merging of two brands. If your company has been acquired or merged with another company, you cannot allow both brands to compete. To prevent confusion and build trust, a new brand must be developed that reflects the new organization.

6. Adapting to New Communication Channels

If you designed a handyman logo some 15 years ago when there was no social media or online awareness, then you must consider rebranding it so it can optimized for these channels. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Ads offer vast opportunities to promote your business, which helps in improving brand visibility and recognition.

As mentioned, rebranding is not always a suitable thing to do, and many businesses fail as a result. Sometimes, there can be a few rebranding barriers for expanding handymen businesses and you need to resolve the issues when moving forward. Other than that, you need to carefully consider whether your business needs to rebrand or not.

So here are a few reasons not to rebrand your handyman business.

– Getting Bore of the Same Old Design

It is too common for people to consider rebranding because they are tired of seeing the same logo and slogan each day. Whenever you feel restless with your brand, keep in mind that your customers (who are less likely to see it often) may be more inclined to love – or quickly recognize – the color that you’ve grown tired of.

– Cover-up for a Crisis

Whether you are trying to combat internal problems or defend against negative press, a rebrand is not the solution. A majority of consumers and employees are capable of seeing through your rebranding efforts and recognizing it as a false representation.

– Seeking Attention

You may be experiencing a decline in sales, or you may be struggling to increase brand awareness. Regardless of how you look at it, rebranding is not the best course of action.

You may gain some short-term attention, but you will not be able to sustain it without a marketing and sales strategy. Ultimately, you will lose all brand recognition, and your marketing and sales efforts will be hampered.

Learn how to develop a rebranding strategy if you have decided that a rebrand is still the right move for your company. Here are 5 rebranding strategies to consider.

5 Rebranding Strategies For Your Handyman Logo

An effective rebranding strategy is one of the most important factors in the success of any campaign aimed at changing a company’s image and product line. However, before you can begin to formulate a strategy for rebranding a handyman business, you must first gain an understanding of the brand.

1. Research the Market

As a part of the handyman business logo rebranding process, market research plays an important role. This 30,000-foot perspective allows you to identify consumer trends that are likely to stick and determine the historical trends of your industry.

Observe if the customers still need your handyman services or if there are better alternatives available. Like surely, the technology nowadays is way more advanced than it was 15-20 years ago. The latest gadgets and AI tools can solve people’s problems readily, and they don’t need to hire a third-party person.

People nowadays can easily fix their small household problems by watching tutorials on the internet, such as fixing broken roof tiles or minor electrical work. To get the audience’s attention, you need something unique and catchy so they can call and discuss their problem with you. Consider ways to revamp your handyman website along with the logo and create one that is simple, modern, and responsive.

Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

2. Conduct a Brand Audit

Are you aware of the level of brand recognition that your handyman company enjoys? Can you explain to your customers, old and new, what they feel and think about the company’s logo? An audit of the brand identity should be conducted before you even consider the design of the logo. This can be accomplished by analyzing the customer’s sentiments regarding the brand.

Performing some of these tasks will offer better insights into what customers and others think about your brand and if you need to change it or not.

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3. The Preparation of a Brand Strategy

Once you have gained an understanding of the market and your brand, the next crucial step is to formulate a strategy for rebranding your logo. It is essential to have discussions with your marketing team to determine the positioning strategy for your business. This involves analyzing the market and considering how the rebranded handyman logo can showcase the aspects of your handyman service.

When working on your brand strategy, take a look at the website’s ranking in search engine pages too. This way you can resolve SEO struggles in starting a handyman service and create brand recognition on a wider scale.

Make sure to emphasize your company’s strengths, values, or any specialized services that differentiate it from competitors. Here are a few examples of handyman logos, and you can see the design clearly explains the services the company offers.

Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

Image Source: ZillionDesigns.com

4. Engage Professional Design Expertise

To ensure a rebranding, it is advisable to collaborate with designers or agencies that specialize in logo design and branding. It is important to work with professionals who possess industry knowledge and can effectively convey the brand’s message through an appealing handyman logo. The design team must share a vision and goals for the rebranding process.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and launch an app that makes it easier for potential customers to book your services. You can get inspiration from some of the top handyman apps for local customers and have one designed that users want to download immediately.

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5. Perform Brand Testing and Include Iterative Process

Consumer testing is one of the most important aspects of a logo redesign, yet it is usually overlooked. This is how you can ensure that consumers will embrace the new brand identity of your handyman company. Testing a logo’s memorability is an important component of effective brand testing

You will achieve maximum results from your rebranding initiative by incorporating an iterative process. Although the results of testing indicate the effectiveness of one logo design over another, redesigning is required to maximize its effectiveness as a whole. In the end, what makes the good from the great is the iterative process.

Launching Your New Rebranded Logo

When you rebrand your handyman, you have the opportunity to create a buzz within your client base as well as in the media. Taking advantage of these conversations is like putting lighter fluid on a fire; however, to achieve success, you must have a go-to-market strategy for your new branding. For a strategy to be noticed and successful, it must be creative and disruptive.

1. Discussions Within the Company

You should educate your internal team about the new handyman company logo strategy to ensure that everyone is on the same page and you are confident in speaking about the newly updated brand identity. Each team member must be given brand guidelines that describe a new look and its impact on the brand in the future.

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2. Discussions With Retailers

Keep your key retail partners informed of even relatively small changes (compared to the packaging of your products), like the design of a new logo. The rebranding will assist them in clearing out outdated inventory, promotional materials, and signage that are no longer needed, like posters, banners, and stickers with your old handyman logo.

3. A Marketing strategy for Rebranding

A rebranding campaign is the point at which things start to take shape. When a new logo is launched, it is at this point that the biggest impact is made.

All of your brand’s appearances, including social media, will feature the pro photos you order. While you are there, you may wish to review your virtual presence as well. Businesses often make the mistake of overlooking the social aspect of these online platforms. You need to update your logo on all the social media platforms, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. And make sure that all marketing collateral carries the new variation too.

Talking about marketing, you need to create new advertisements that showcase your new logo.

It is important that these advertisements communicate the changes to your brand and if you have changed your services and brand values. Also, explain what these changes mean to your customer.


By following the strategies outlined, you can ensure the successful rebranding of your handyman logo, which will help you gain recognition and strengthen your brand’s position in the market.

However, remember to execute the rebranding strategy in a phased and organized manner and don’t rush things. Give a long thought as to why rebranding is needed and if it’s needed because, many times, rebranding fails, and the whole business collapses.

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