elevenfiftyfive turns 15 and receives collage-like rebrand from Studio Moross

Entertainment specialists elevenfiftyfive have just turned 15, and to celebrate, they’ve enlisted the help of London-based designers Studio Moross to create a new identity that reflects their work in the film space.

Since its launch in 2008, independent entertainment specialist agency elevenfiftyfive has created some of the UK’s most well-known film marketing work. Everything from the e4 Slackers Club to the Jameson First Shot competition and MASSIVE Cinema has emerged from its studios, but as a birthday treat to themselves, they’ve decided to turn their attention inward.

Working closely with longtime collaborator Studio Moross, elevenfiftyfive settled on a new look that translates its inspirations and working processes into stunning visuals and graphics. Flying in the face of slick, lifeless designs, this new rebrand is a true-to-self patchwork of elements that create a scrappy yet consistent identity.

Nick Greenbank, Studio Moross’ head of design, said: “The overall identity is a visual representation of elevenfiftyfive’s collage-like approach to working, bringing different elements together to create something fresh and new.

“The identity does exactly this – with its muted-but-bright colour palette, gritty textures, and graphic paper scraps combined into this unexpected and dynamic rebrand.

“Used throughout is PFA Typefaces’ Haben Grotesk – in both the logo and across the typography – lending its beautiful inky-bleedy/sharp graphic edges to the work and mirroring nicely with other moments throughout the identity.

“Topping it all off, stacking the short ‘eff’ logo echoes the edges of a reel of film, a nod to the agency’s work in the film space over the past 15 years.”

The new design, which includes work from Studio Moross members Johnny Brennan, Nick Greenbank, Aries Moross and Wale Osunla, plus motion design from Ash Back, Wale Osunla and Johnny Brennan, is only part of the birthday celebrations.

Alongside the rebrand, elevenfiftyfive is marking the occasion with a series of special events, including a special preview of A24’s Earth Mama, to be released by We Are Parable in the UK on 8 December.

David Kapur, a co-founder of elevenfiftyfive, said: “We are lucky enough to work with a wealth of wonderful partners, but when it came to selecting a studio to re-create our brand after 15 years, there really was only one choice.

“Aries, Nick and the wider team know us well, and what they have created perfectly reflects who we are and where we are going.”

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