7 Retro Logo Design Styles Making a Comeback in 2024

If there is one thing about trends or styles that I’ve noticed in the past few years is that you can expect one or two to keep coming back. Think about some of the top trends in logo design for 2023 here. You will be surprised to see quite a few like Y2K effects and retro or vintage elements making a comeback.

While the feedback might be divisive, they are still influential in driving a response. For instance, elements in vintage logos like flora or ribbons paired with a 70’s style typeface would certainly prompt people to take a second look. And this is what matters in the beginning.

In 2024, different retro logo design styles are making a comeback. Let’s take a look.

The Classic Badge Style

If you go back a few years, you would see that more and more businesses were shifting towards logos with a minimalist appearance or icon. Now, I’m not saying that this style has changed. It’s still prevalent in the world of logo design. But with the changes that we’ve been seeing in 2023 (vibrant neon colors, illustrations), it’s likely the classic badge logo will make a successful comeback in the next year.

Such designs can evoke nostalgia among the viewers and remind people of a happy memory or occasion. With its circular or shield-like shape, the badge-style logo has classic retro vibes. One of the reasons why this design style is making a comeback in 2024 is its timeless appeal.

People of all ages find classic badge-style logos to have authenticity, a sense of tradition, and craftsmanship. When it comes to creating a retro logo design, here are some of the key factors to consider.

Circular or shield-shaped layout
Decorative elements like ribbons, banners, or illustrations
A central icon, initials, or brand name
’70s or ’80s-inspired color palettes

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This logo design style is also incredibly versatile and can make an impact across different industries, from fashion brands to artisanal coffee shops.

Vintage Typography

Just as large and chunky text style has made a comeback in 2023, vintage typography is also making a resurgence. Yes, the faded old-timey typeface is slowly becoming a popular choice with designers and audiences too. You can also expect to see more serif fonts and flowing scripts in logo designs in 2024.

When it comes to vintage typography, you must keep a few essential features in mind for designing your retro logo.

Ornate or elaborate serifs with intricate details
Hand-lettered styles with a funky appearance
Artistic letters that are designed with flair
Neutral or nostalgic colors for the typeface

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Vintage font styles in logos create an emotional connection with audiences, tapping into memories of handwritten signs and vintage print materials. They can be used in text-based brand symbols as well without additional elements of design in vintage logos to highlight the company name.

Minimalist Line Art

In the ever-evolving world of logo design, minimalism has always maintained its popularity, and in 2024, it’s taking on a new form with the comeback of minimalist line art. This design style includes only key features, using clean lines, geometric shapes, and negative space to convey powerful messages.

If you are wondering why this retro design style is making a comeback in 2024, the answer is simple. Versatility. Line art is simple and can deliver a strong message with just the core elements. You can add geometric shapes like triangles or a rhombus to complete an illustration or create imagery that is subtle and tells people what the brand has to offer.

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Sustainable fashion brands, tech companies, and architecture businesses can choose minimalist line art for a retro logo design to make an impactful statement.

Abstract Illustrations

When it comes to abstract illustration, you might already be seeing quite a few in retro logos (think faded patterns, vivid colors, or symbols). The return to this design style represents a departure from traditional symbolism, allowing brands to convey complexity, innovation, and boundless creativity. There’s a lot that you can do with abstract illustrations while maintaining simplicity in logo design.

For instance, an intricate pattern could form a letter and draw attention to the company name. Abstract illustrations can also work well in combination with playful wordmarks that evoke emotions. You can merge a symbol with a letter to create a logo design that engages people on every level.

If you are still questioning how the design style is relevant today and will be in the future, here are some elements to focus on.

Geometric Abstraction: Logos feature non-representational shapes, often arranged in intricate, asymmetrical patterns.
Expressive Color Palettes: Designers leverage bold and vibrant color schemes to infuse life and energy into abstract illustrations.
Visual Ambiguity: Abstract geometry leaves room for interpretation, encouraging viewers to engage with the design on a deeper level.
Contemporary Aesthetics: This style aligns with modern design sensibilities, ideal for forward-thinking brands.

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Hopefully, the above elements answer all your questions. In the end, I would say that this retro design style is set to bring a new era of visual storytelling, where complexity meets innovation in a harmonious blend.

Art Deco Style

Interestingly enough, Art Deco influences are also making their way back in 2024. This style is characterized by its geometric shapes, bold lines, and lavish detailing. When it comes to retro logo design styles, this one just checks all the boxes.

If you are familiar with the book or the movie, The Great Gatsby, you may have an idea of what I’m talking about here. Art Deco is influenced by the 1920s and the Jazz Age and includes elements that showcase elegance, luxury, and sophistication.

Retro logos with Art Deco influences often feature symmetrical patterns, complex detailing, and a limited color palette that includes metallic shades like gold and silver. This combination showcases luxury and artistic craftsmanship. From fashion labels to upscale hotel businesses, this retro logo design style adds a touch of timeless glamour that resonates with a wider audience across the globe.

Here’s how retro logo design styles with Art Deco elements make a powerful visual impact on the audiences.

Intricate patterns with triangles, circular shapes, and rectangles to evoke interest among viewers
Luxurious typography that features bold and stylized fonts
Metallic accents against black or white backgrounds add a touch of luxury and sophistication
Symmetrical and asymmetrical symbols or icons create an interesting appearance

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You can include art deco-inspired elements in jewelry logos and create a timeless design that is memorable, and unique and makes your business stand out from the competitors.

The ‘80s Inspired Neons

Now, Gen Z and most millennials might not be that familiar with ‘80s aesthetics but we may all be familiar with certain elements of it. Bright and vibrant neons are hard to miss anywhere and I think everyone is aware that they inspired different trends in design. In 2024, you should be prepared to see a lot of this as the 80s-inspired neons make a comeback in retro logo design styles.

This retro design style is about embracing the electric energy, bright colors, and futuristic vibes that define this iconic era. When it comes to graphic designers using Y2K aesthetics in branding, flashy color palettes might be among the top design elements that come to mind.

Now, ’80s-inspired neons can be a bit tricky because you want to avoid overwhelming the viewer visually without compromising on the design.

So to add the retro vibe with neons, you can choose colors such as electric blue, hot pink, and vivid green hues. Imagery of arcade games or vinyls can also add to the ‘80s aesthetic of the logo design. If you want to keep your retro logo design minimalist, you could also draw attention with dynamic typography with bright accents.

Even a tech startup can create a retro logo design with ’80s-inspired neons to create buzz around their brand with vibrant colors and futuristic motifs that convey a bold vision for the future.

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Nostalgic Color Palettes

In 2024, you can expect to see nostalgic color palettes in many different logos. However, since we are focusing on retro design styles, let’s talk about those here. What are nostalgic colors? these include tones or hues that not only evoke feelings of nostalgia but also create a positive perception of the brand. So, think earthy tones from the ‘70s or pastels from the ‘90s that add to the vintage appeal of a logo design.

When you are choosing the color palette for your brand icon, you also have to think about color psychology and the meanings associated with different tones or hues. Whether you choose neons or gradients that remind you of the ’90 and Y2K, you have to think carefully about what they will represent to the audience.

Nostalgic color palettes are coming back as a retro logo design style in 2024 for their wide appeal and visual impact. Here are a few ideas to think about for the logo.
Rich browns, muted oranges, and avocado greens create a warm, retro atmosphere
Soft pastel shades, including baby blues, blush pinks, and mint greens, evoke memories of childhood
Smooth gradients transitioning from light to dark gray remind people of change and progress
An organic farm for instance can include pastels in its branding, promoting a sense of care and nostalgia for the simpler times.

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Wrapping Up

These retro logo design styles are expected to make a comeback in 2024. The classic badge, art deco styles, minimalist line art, ’80s-inspired neons, and nostalgic color palettes round up my list that can inspire logo design elements in the future. When you are thinking of adding retro vibes to your brand symbols, think of going beyond your comfort zone.

Experiment with color combinations, typography, and even font styles to create a logo that is timeless and remains in the memory of your target customer as well.

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