55+ DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas That You’ll Love

Your outdoor decorations for Christmas are just as important as the ones inside! Christmas wreaths are a classic way to add a special touch to your holiday look without much effort. This year, you can try making a DIY Christmas wreath that matches your home’s style.

There are a plethora of options, from fresh wreaths to going for out-of-the-box trends. Whatever you fancy, you’ll surely feel inspired to create your own winter wonderland after seeing our favorite wreath ideas. These DIY Christmas wreaths will keep the compliments coming even after the festive season is over. Here’s to making a great impression and having the best holiday season ever!

1. Felt Leaf Wreath

Green accents are a fun and colorful way to spruce up your entrance door. Make some leaves out of red felt or embellish them with little red decorations for a more festive look.

The Christmas wreath DIY process is as follows: Gather several shades of green felt and cut them into leaves. Make the leaves seem more realistic by pinching one end and securing it with hot glue. Once you’ve pinched the ends of the leaves, use hot glue to stick them to a wooden craft ring. Simple and delightful!

2. Yarn Ball Wreath

This festive show-stopper is ultra-soft and full of vivid colors! Instead of buying a ton of yarn, you can use it to wrap some Styrofoam balls. It’s one of the clever DIY Christmas wreath ideas to make something lovely with less yarn.

3. Tartan Tango

Add a bit of glitz to any wreath, no matter how simple or intricate, by adding an enormous bow with perfectly curled ends.

4. Bundt-Pan Wreath

To make your kitchen pop with color, place Styrofoam inside a Bundt pan (cut it to fit) and stick it in with hot glue. Then, use hot glue to attach ornaments to the Styrofoam. Lastly, finish the DIY Christmas wreath off with a large bow!

5. Trio of Wreaths

Make a statement at your front entrance this holiday season! Three lined wreaths look great against a bold red door as a Christmas backdrop. For an awesome look, knot them with a ribbon.

6. Pom Pom Wreath

Make a bright and cheery pom-pom wreath out of your leftover yarn! Gather a Styrofoam wreath shape and make as many pom poms as you need. This is a creative way to put all that yarn to use!

7. Magnolia Leaves Wreath

You can buy magnolia leaves or collect them yourself. Paint the leaves alternatively with silver and gold. To make the most gorgeous DIY Christmas wreath ever, insert the ends into a foam wreath shape. It’s a simple method to create beautiful decor!

8. Cardboard Reindeer Bust Wreath

Create an easy Christmas wall décor! To make this easy do-it-yourself project, all you need are a few pieces of recycled cardboard and some red paint (to make Rudolph’s nose!). Wrap it with a wreath of winter foliage, and it’s ready to go! Personalized holiday artwork that you can show off with pride.

9. Peppermint Wreath

All you need is a hot glue gun and a large bag of peppermint candies to create this wreath. Plus, the best part? Enjoy a snack with your crafting materials while you work on it!

10. Winter Village Pom Pom Wreath

To make a winter white wreath, cover a wreath form with all-white pom poms for a snowy, soft base. The next step is to create an idyllic town scene by positioning old sisal trees and Putz homes in the center.

11. Tobacco Basket Wreath

Use floral wire to decorate a miniature tobacco basket with foliage, pine cone embellishments, and colorful flowers. Doing so makes a rustic wreath with a personal flair that is unlike any other!

12. Wooden Spool Wreath

Make charming ornaments from old wooden spools using a variety of threads, ribbons, baker’s twine, and rickrack. They’ll liven things up with splashes of color and hint at the arts and crafts and good times waiting outside the front door!

13. Vintage Ice Skates Wreath

Fill fur-trimmed ice skates with evergreens to dress up your entryway. The blade display would be incomplete without a fluffy pom-pom “snowball” and a few little silver decorations!

14. Gift Bow Wreath

The majority of people end up with extra ribbons and bows when Christmas gift wrapping is complete. Put them to use in an easy do-it-yourself project to make this beautiful wreath!

15. Balloon Wreath

Make a traditional wreath out of red and green inflated with little balloons; top it off with a paper balls and colorful cones!

16. Christmas Lights Wreath

Using hot glue, attach two layers of 65-bulb antique Christmas lights onto a 12-inch flat craft ring.

17. Felt Poinsettia Wreath

This poinsettia felting knit kit will allow you to create a beautiful and lasting wreath. Create a wreath foundation and a ring of poinsettias using the pattern, yarn, and wire included with the kit. After that, fasten each blossom to the wreath’s foundation.

18. Vintage Family Photos Wreath

Use your treasured old black-and-white photos to give the family tree a new look! Create copies of these pictures to keep the originals safe, or hot glue a few of your favorites onto a wire wreath shape to build your own photo arrangement.

19. Honeycomb Jingle Bell Wreath

Make a beautiful wreath out of recycled materials like paper towels, wrapping paper, and postal tubes! Cut each tube lengthwise into two-inch pieces using an X-Acto knife. Next, invert a six-inch-wide bowl and, using the picture as a guide, arrange the cardboard slices around it on a level surface. Put a dot of hot glue on each slice where it touches. To make it more festive, you may put some jingle bells inside if you want.

20. Cork Wreath

If you like wine, here’s a great suggestion: Craft a charming wreath out of discarded corks and jingle bells to adorn your bar cabinet!

21. Button Wreath

Mother-of-pearl buttons update a traditional design with a contemporary touch; also, they are simple to keep year-round.

22. Popsicle Wreath

Popsicle sticks are a must-have for every creative session! To make a wreath, get some green popsicle sticks or paint them yourself. Then, glue them together. Tie it all together with a red ribbon to complete the festive effect. Use popsicle sticks of varying green colors to create depth.

23. Snowball Wreath

Styrofoam balls may appear more attractive than you would expect. To make the wreath, attach the styrofoam balls using hot glue. Put a bow and some wire on top after they’re dry to make them hangable.

24. Enchanted Fairy Wreath

Fairies and elves will feel right at home when you hang this magical wreath on your front entrance. To get this special design, gather some wooden embroidery rings, some greenery (real or imitation), and some colorful decorations.

25. Candy Cane Stripe Wreath

Get a Styrofoam wreath and some red and white straws to build this decoration. To make the initial layer of the wreath, glue the straws in close proximity to one another. Next, make a second layer by cutting the straws in half and then gluing them on top.

26. Cookie Cutter Wreath

Make this sweet ornament by wiping out the cookie cutters after you’ve baked all of your Christmas cookies. On the other hand, you can save money by buying a separate set for the wreath; this way, you can bake cookies throughout the season.

27. Star Wreath

Use floral wire to fasten sprigs of eucalyptus (or mistletoe) on a tree topper, turning it into a beautiful Scandi wreath. Fasten it with a ribbon of your choice.

28. Fringe Wreath

Allow us to provide you with a concept that is both unique and endearing: Using an embroidery hoop as a frame, wind 24 strands of yarn around it and trim them diagonally at the bottom. Secure some foliage and a decorative item with some wire.

29. Paper Holly Leaves Wreath

Instead of letting Christmas greeting cards pile up, make a wreath out of them! Preserve those heartfelt greetings by transforming the cards into vibrant foliage.

30. Winter Ice Wreath

This ice wreath will stay in place all winter long, providing food for any hardy birds that didn’t migrate south for the season.

31. Disco Ball Wreath

Make your own disco ball wreath using silver tinsel and a few little trinkets. It’s ideal for the holidays and any other party-themed around the ’90s that you may host all year round!

32. Doily Wreath

Please make use of those doilies stashed in your craft room by turning them into an upscale wreath that you can flaunt throughout the season. A foam wreath shape, some paper doilies, and a burlap bow can be yours for a little extra holiday happiness. Just pick them up from a local craft or dollar shop.

33. Twigs and Pom Pom Wreath

Make this starburst wreath by collecting branches and twigs in your garden. Or, use chunky yarn to create your own off-white pom poms.

34. Wheat Wreath

You can make a DIY Christmas wreath inspired by a Nordic theme. You can use bunches of wheat, jingle bells, faux berries, and greenery.

35. Pasta Wreath

If you ever wanted to relive your childhood days of macaroni art, this DIY Christmas wreath is for you. Using white spray paint, decorate some dry pasta (such as penne or other shaped noodles) and then top it off with a ribbon! That’s all there is to it.

36. Gradient Wreath

Use spray paint and a white pine wreath to make this colorful gradient wreath. Choose four or five colors of paint and wait for them to dry completely before hanging them on the wall or mantel.

37. Asymmetrical Wreath

You can only make this DIY Christmas wreath by using real, live flowers and foliage. Always have your watering can on hand so you can give it a little TLC every now and again.

38. Framed Wreath Display

Set your indoor wreath in a frame! Put your own spin on the holiday décor by writing down some encouraging words on a blackboard and using it as a background.

39. 3D Star Wreath

Make these cute stars out of patterned scrapbook paper, red and green. Please make use of ribbon as the hanger, and top it off with a fluffy bow!

40. Glittery Pink Wreath

Everything sparkly and sequined is essential during the winter holidays. For a quick and eye-catching display, adhere them to a foam wreath; feel free to experiment with other colors!

41. Painted Pinecone Wreath

Why not find a creative way to use all those pinecones that seem to be piling up on your lawn right now?

42. Fabric Wreath

Make a warm and welcoming DIY Christmas wreath out of fabric scraps in holiday colors by following this simple pattern. A grandma could be proud to display this style on her door!

43. Painted Tray Wreath

This beautiful wreath spells out “O Holy Night” using a painted tray, but you can customize it with any message you like. Finish it off with a few sprigs of winter flora! Plus, what’s even better? Everything you need to complete this project is available at the dollar shop.

44. Burlap Wreath

To make this wreath with a rustic feel, gather some burlap and a variety of natural materials such as berries, pinecones, and foliage.

45. Minimal Half Wreath

Make it easy! Make a half wreath using wire, rope, and some greenery for a simple but elegant Christmas decoration.

46. Yarn and Ribbon Wreath

It’s hard to find anything not to love about this wreath; it’s so festive and sweet. The adorable bottle brush trees, the plush yarn, and the stunning buffalo check ribbon! Additionally, it requires little effort to assemble; just wrap the components around a wire wreath frame.

47. Large Double Wreath

Presenting to you an amazing hack! Get two pre-made wreaths and glue them together if you want a large wreath but don’t have much time but still love the appearance. Behold the very festive end product that may be yours with this easy method!

48. Gold Wreath

The application of gold spray paint is something we never tire of, particularly when the end effect is as breathtaking as this! Transform ordinary plastic leaves into dazzling decorations with just a little glitter. For that finishing touch, you can even make a matching garland!

49. Jingle Bell Wreath

This little wreath will make a charming jingle that follows you wherever you go! You can make it with only a ribbon, some wires, and some bells. You may easily construct a larger version for your door, even if this one is on the smaller side.

50. Cotton Wreath

This little wreath will make a charming jingle that follows you wherever you go! You can make it with only a ribbon, some wires, and some bells. You can also easily construct a larger version for your door, even if this one is on the smaller side.

51. Scarf Wreath

Repurpose your old wool scarf into a charming wreath! During the holidays, it’s an easy way to make your house cozier.

52. Arm Knitted Wreath

If you’ve never picked up a knitting needle before, this could be your lucky day! This arm-knitted wreath is an excellent project for those who are just starting out with knitting.

53. Bottle Brush Tree Wreath

With its charming bottlebrush trees, this vintage wreath will transport you to a bygone Christmas season.

54. Bohemian Wreath

Make your own asymmetrical wreath with beautiful greens and oranges for a bohemian Christmas look.

55. Buffalo Plaid Wreath

With painted accents and a wood disk, this red buffalo check wreath might be the ideal rustic Christmas project for your house.

56. Farmhouse Wood Slice Wreath

Use this easy DIY Christmas wreath idea to spice up your rustic decorations. Put a fashionable spin on your wreath by hot-gluing simple wood slices to a wreath shape and then tying on a tartan ribbon. Finish it off by stringing flocked pinecones from the center for an extra touch of beauty.

57. Red Flower Wreath

Create this verdant holiday wreath by starting with an oval floral oasis. After you’ve soaked the oasis well, add stems of flowers, berries, and greenery that are 3 to 4 inches long and trimmed. Make a kaleidoscope of color waves with them. To add an element of surprise, insert a floral pick in the arrangement and wire little bunches of radishes to it.

58. DIY Red Berry Wreath

This red berry DIY Christmas wreath is a lovely handcrafted decoration for your front porch during the holidays. Pretty red berries and a large bow are all it takes to transform a plain grapevine wreath into an elegant one. To make it more festive, you may add little branches of greenery or ornamental balls.

59. Nut Wreath

Create a beautiful DIY Christmas wreath with your go-to seasonal treat! Gather a variety of nuts from the bulk bin and secure them onto a wreath mold using adhesive. Add some cracked nuts to the Christmas wreath for texture.

60. Ornament Wreath

This decoupaged DIY Christmas ornament wreath is a fun and creative way to use up leftover wrapping paper. Go to the botanical section of your local craft shop and pick out some fake berries to adorn the arrangement. Put the final touch on this beautiful false boxwood wreath with a pom-pom bow that has caramel stripes.


Get ready to deck your house with these stunning DIY Christmas wreath ideas that add a dose of holiday cheer to your winter decor. We’ve got creative inspiration for anyone keen on making their own Christmas wreath this season. Whether you fancy farmhouse style, classic red and green, natural elements, or loads of bells and baubles, these homemade Christmas wreath ideas offer all the inspiration you need to spruce up your front door for the holidays!

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