Calling’s new identity for Interflora repositions it as a youthful brand

The Peckham design collective has taken a century-old brand and helped make it relevant again.

When it comes to ordering flowers on the phone or online, Interflora is probably the most recognised brand in the UK. And that’s not surprising because it’s been around for over a century.

Interflora’s roots began in 1920 when two florists in Glasgow and Essex sought to increase their business. They knew of the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association (now known as Florists’ Transworld Delivery), which had existed in the US since 1910, and applied to join as foreign members.

In 1923, the UK arm of the FTDA was formed with 17 members. In 1953, the name changed to Interflora, and its slogan, “Say it with Flowers”, became known to successive generations around the UK. Today, it’s a delivery network associated with over 58,000 affiliated flower shops in over 140 countries.

However, if you’re not careful, advanced age can also make consumers feel your brand is out of touch. Hence, Interflora has launched a brand new visual identity, along with an accompanying ad campaign that repositions it as a vibrant and contemporary brand.

Relevant and loved

“Extensive customer research and a fast-changing market meant change was needed for our 100-year-old brand to remain relevant and loved,” explains Interflora’s head of marketing, Caroline Adams.

“Once we were clear on our key brand challenges and how to address them, we knew we needed a creative partner who understood Interfora’s purpose and could align with it. After a thorough pitch process, the team at Calling came out on top. They really challenged us to see things in a new light.”

Peckham-based creative collective Calling was appointed by Interflora in July last year with a brief to “re-energise the famous brand”. At the time, its founder and MD Rani Patel commented that it was a “dream brief”.

“Calling drove the strategy process to develop our new brand platform, Say More,” Caroline explains. “It’s the perfect platform to align all consumer communications and activities under, and perfectly layers up to help us address our brand challenges and communicate our point of difference.”

Complete relaunch

“The Interflora project was a complete brand relaunch, strategically, creatively and visually,” says founder and executive creative director Josh Tenser. “The brand has been losing ground with younger, more design-savvy audiences, and they needed to reassert their craft credentials with this market.”

Part of the Say More project was to create a new visual identity. “This has refreshed the brand completely across advertising, owned and earned channels,” says Josh.

“Within the visual identity, we created a set of new colourways, refreshed the iconic Mercury logo and revisited all Interflora type treatments to create a fresh, bold and contemporary look that chimes with younger audiences and creates standout for the brand in a cluttered category.”

Calling also created a new advertising campaign for Interflora to accompany the new platform, entitled ‘Say More’. Interflora’s first big ad campaign in four years, it features an anthemic TV commercial and dramatic OOH and is being supported by in-house digital and social activity.

Emotional depth

The 60-second film follows an intertwined cast of characters as they navigate life’s diverse and imperfect journey, from joy to grief, family ties to heartbreak and reconciliation. These moments of emotional depth are each witnessed by the hand-made flowers that helped bring them about.

The commercial was created in collaboration with Somesuch and director Jazmin Garcia. Media was planned by Craft Media and bought by Yonder Media.

Josh explains more about the thinking and context behind the campaign. “Today’s technology and social media platforms have created a communication paradox,” he says. “We’ve never been more ‘connected’. And yet, with a rising mental health and loneliness epidemic, we’ve never felt more alone.

“‘Say More’ reminds us that beneath all the clicks and likes, we have a profound and powerful need to connect at a human level. Especially at the times in life when seeing each other and finding communion really matters.

“We’re proud and grateful to have partnered with an iconic brand like Interflora to help rekindle their importance in the lives of the British public,” he concludes. “Our message is as old as time and, indeed, has never been more timely.”

“Josh, Rani and the team have been brilliant to work with,” adds Caroline. “They have pushed us to move in bold new directions, to bring the Say More platform to life and create some standout in the category, the pinnacle of which is our new TV ad.”

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