Just because you have a small kitchen in your house or apartment, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on handy bench and work space. In this post we’ll be taking a look at the best kitchen islands for small kitchens, and all of them are on wheels and mobile.

This means all these island benches can be wheeled into or near the kitchen when you need that extra bench space to prepare and cook food, then wheeled out of the way and stored somewhere nearby when not in use.

They’re a great space saving idea that effectively increases your bench and storage space with ease when you need it.

We’ll get started on our list in just a moment, but first we’ll navigate through a brief buyer’s guide to help you learn more about what you need, and to make the right choice of kitchen island bench for you.


What Is An Island Bench for a Small Kitchen?

Some homes and apartments have island benches as a permanent fixture, but these are homes with usually quite a bit of space. These islands are separate from the main cabinetry, hence the name “island” bench.

If you’re in a small house or less than spacious apartment, chances are there’s no island bench in your kitchen as a permanent fixture, so the best way to get that extra space when you need it is to buy something that’s temporary; something you can wheel into position when it’s required.

Even when you’re not using the island and you stow it away (in the garage, below the stairs or wherever), many of them come with drawers and storage, so you can still store stuff in them even when you’re not actually using them for food prep and cooking.

Best Kitchen Islands for Small Kitchens

Work Out How Much You’re Willing To Spend

If you have no budget in mind, you have less criteria to refine your search for just the right kitchen island bench. Plus, you also risk spending too much.

It’s always good to have a ceiling price in mind when shopping for furniture items. Most of these small, mobile island benches are not expensive, and the ones on our list range from less than a hundred dollars to not much over two hundred for the most part.

Do You Need Storage In Your Island Bench?

Most mobile kitchen islands come with at least some storage or shelves. Does yours need lots of storage space, a little bit of storage space, or do you just need some extra bench area to work on at times?

The more basic the island bench, generally the cheaper the price will be. Something that is nothing more than a bench top on wheels will almost always cost less than a kitchen island that has cupboards, drawers and wine racks built into it.

It really depends on what your requirements are as well as the amount of cash you have to spend on an island bench.

Have An idea of What Size Island Bench You’ll Need

You’ll have to be practical here. Even those these islands are mobile, it still needs to be able to fit in your kitchen area when you want to use it. Plus, you need to be able to navigate around the bench as you work up your culinary magic.

One positive aspect though, is if the bench is temporarily in your way, you can simply wheel it aside for the moment and move it back into position when needed.

It’s a good idea to have at least an idea of what the measurements of the island should be and what will work best in your circumstances. This way, when you hunt for an island in store or online, you can check the actual measurements against what you have in mind.

Pumpkin Soup

Some Common Features of Kitchen Islands

Let’s now dig into a few common features you will find in some kitchen island benches. This will help you decide on which features you might want your new island to have.

You might decide some features are necessary, while others are optional. Or you might not want any features at all, just an extra bench top that you can wheel out when needed.

Cutting Board – Instead of the bench top just being timber, glass or metal, a cutting board is styled into the surface so you can chop away at those vegetables straight on the top of the island.

Drawers – Always a handy feature to have in any kitchen, drawers built into your island bench will give you extra handy storage for cutlery and other kitchen items.

Shelves – Having extra shelves is always useful too. You might just use the shelves temporarily as you prepare food, or you could even store plates and other items on them.

Caster Wheels – All the benches featured on our list are mounted on handy caster wheels so you can easily move the bench about, and store it away when you’re finished. You’ll find the wheels have brakes, so you can keep the island motionless when you’re using it.

Wine Rack – This is a feature that seems to be fairly common on these mobile island benches. Temporarily or permanently store your favourite wines on your island.

Towel Rack – You might find one of these on one end or both. These towel racks are awesome for hanging hand towels on, so they’re within easy reach as you work. They can also double as handles for when you wheel the bench from place to place, or even to carry it.

Use Your Island Bench Outdoors Too!

The really cool thing about owning a small island bench that’s not a permanent fixture and is on wheels, is that you’re not restricted to just using it indoors in your kitchen.

If you’re having people over for a barbecue, or you want to eat a meal outdoors under the stars or on the balcony, you can take your island bench outside with you, loaded up with your cutlery and plates, and also have some handy outdoor work space.

The more we go through this buyer’s guide, the more it makes sense to have a kitchen island bench as a part of your furniture.

Very handy.

Okay, that’ll do it for the guide. Let’s now get right into our list of the best kitchen islands for small kitchens and see what we’ve got.


Dorel Living Kitchen Island With Storage

Blends in perfectly with kitchens that are predominantly white

With many super positive reviews on the Amazon site from happy customers, if you buy this small kitchen island from Dorel Living, you know you’ll be getting a quality product.

If your kitchen is white, this will blend in seamlessly, but even if your kitchen isn’t white, the colour of this island bench is so neutral it’ll match up with any colour scheme without looking out of place.

The entire island is constructed from timber painted white, with the bench top being made from solid timber with a lovely wood grain finish. It’s a bit of a country style with modern lines and will fit in with just about any decor.

Built on 4 very strong and sturdy caster wheels, moving this island bench about will be an absolute breeze. When you’re done using it, simple roll it out of the way and store it until the next time it’s required.

Let’s now list some more features and see if this island is for you:

  • On one end there is a handy towel rack for your hand towels. This rack can also double as a handle when you wheel the bench around
  • On the other end is a spice rack. Load it up with your spices and condiments so they’re all within easy reach while you’re preparing food
  • Running the length of the island, just below the bench top, is a very spacious drawer that’s perfect for storing all of your cutlery, carving knives and cooking utensils
  • When you open the 2 doors, you’ll reveal ample storage space with 2 shelves inside. You could stow pots and pans, plates, cups and glasses in this section and keep them out of sight
  • Along with white, there is also the option of buying this island bench in an all-natural wood grain look
  • Dimensions are – 32” wide x 19” deep x 35.5” high

Check below for the latest price…

Dolly Madison Timber Prep & Serve Cart by Home Styles

Awesome quality for the price if you’re willing to spend just a little more

In some ways this is similar to the one reviewed above by Dorel Living. It’s timber painted white with a bench top in natural wood grain. The build quality on this one is a little superior, and the 4 caster wheels the island rests on are a slight step up in quality compared to the Dorel Living model.

Both are great buys for the money though, and both have loads of positive Amazon reviews, so everyone seems to be more than happy.

Which is great news for you if you decide to buy either one.

One of the things to love about this island is it’s made from genuine hardwood and not just manufactured wood products. It’s the real deal and is built strong to last.

Okay, so let’s see what other features there are to highlight:

  • The caster wheels all have brakes on them, so there’s no chance of the cart rolling away from you when you’re working on it
  • The drawer handles, door knobs and hinges are all made from a nice shiny stainless steel that looks awesome with the white of the timber. It’s quite a classy little island bench
  • White is so neutral, you’ll find this island blends in well with just about any decor or color scheme
  • There are 2 full length storage drawers, perfect to house all your kitchen and cooking prep utensils within easy reach for quick access
  • Below the drawers is a closed in cupboard section with a single shelf. There’s loads of room inside to store even large items. It’s perfect for all your dining table needs
  • You’ll find a handy towel rack on each end of the island, and these also double as handles for when you’re moving the island about
  • The island’s dimensions are – 33.75” wide x 18.5” deep x 36” high

Check below for the latest price…

Home Styles Kitchen Island Bench With Natural Wood Grain Finish

If you’re after an island with storage at a bargain price, this is the one

The all natural timber and wood grain finish gives this kitchen island a very simplistic and organic look and style. Even a little rustic.

Once again we’re happy to report that this island gets rave reviews on the Amazon site, so it’s another one where you can be confident about the build quality and functionality.

Stainless steel drawer and door handles and hinges actually match up quite nicely with the natural timber finish to create a modern, yet somewhat country style piece of mobile furniture.

Talking about mobility, once again 4 caster wheels (these ones black plastic) make it super easy to move this kitchen cart about. The wheels lock when you need the cart to remain still, so there’s no chance of it rolling away from you while you’re working.

Use it indoors or outside by the barbecue. The choice is yours.

What else does this island from Home Styles offer you?

  • Once again we have an island with a full length drawer for the easy storing of cutlery and other important utensils
  • The cupboard space located below the drawer is super spacious and has 2 timber shelves, with enough room for pots and pans and even tall jugs and bottles
  • What’s a really handy feature on this particular model is the paper towel rack on one end. While the other islands have a rack for a hand towel, you can’t remove the spindle to insert a roll of paper towel. On this one you can
  • The island bench is constructed from genuine hardwood, so you can be sure it’s made tough to last
  • The cart’s dimensions are – 28.5” wide x 18” deep x 34” high

Check below for the latest price…

HOMCOM Wood & Stainless Steel Multi Storage Kitchen Island

If black is your thing, then you’re gonna love this

Achieving almost a perfect 5 star review score on Amazon so far is this awesome kitchen island bench in black and stainless steel from HOMCOM.

The really cool thing about this model island bench is the stainless steel bench top work surface. That’s the kind of surface you want when working with food. It’s so easy to look after and keep clean and hygienic.

The unit looks pretty slick in black timber as well, which is not only offset by the stainless steel bench top, but also the stainless steel door and drawer handles, as well as the hinges.

It’s a solid and classy looking unit, selling for a very reasonable price, considering what you get.

Okay, now to highlight some more key points:

  • The 4 castor wheels this island moves around on are built strong with their stainless steel couplings. They also have easy to apply brakes to keep the island still. Uni-directional means the wheels work like a shopping cart
  • Again you have a full length cutlery and utility drawer to stow items, plus there is stacks of cupboard space below, with 2 shelves for stashing all your plates and other dining needs
  • What differentiates this island from most of the others is the combination spice rack and knife rack on one end. The other end features a towel rack/handle
  • Made from real pinewood, MDF and stainless steel, you’ll get many years of fantastic use out of this kitchen island
  • The unit weighs – 47.5lbs
  • Dimensions are – 33” wide x 18” deep x 35.75” high

Check below for the latest price…

Baxton Studio Modern Kitchen Island With Butcher Block Top

If you’re after a very solid kitchen island, this is the one

Baxton Studio deliver what they refer to as the “Denver” model. What we have is a very robust little kitchen island bench on wheels that is made from a mix of manufactured and real wood painted white, and topped with a butcher block bench top.

It’s one of the more expensive models on our list at over two hundred (at the time of writing this), which is still a great price for an island with storage that’s built like a tank.

What’s good about this one too is the 4 caster wheels have a really small profile so you don’t really notice them. Smaller doesn’t mean they’re not strong. They are, and once more they come with wheel brakes to lock the bench in position.

Now for some more highlights of this island from Baxton Studio:

  • On the right of the little mobile cart and cabinet is some enclosed cupboard space, where you can stow all sorts of kitchen goods, or even food
  • The left hand side is extra interesting, as not only do you have two shelves for plates and so on, but there’s also a timber wine bottle rack
  • The wood grain look butcher block counter top really completes the look of the island. While you could slice and dice directly on top of this unit, it’s totally up to you whether you want to mar the surface or keep it looking like new
  • There’s also a towel rack/handle at one end for convenience
  • Overall size of the island is – 41.5” wide x 17.7” deep x 35.8” high

Check below for the latest price…

Giantex Kitchen Island Cart With Stainless Steel Top & Storage Cabinet

One of the best for good quality at a decent price

Possibly the most significant feature of this mobile island bench from the team at Giantex is the stainless steel work space on the top.

Stainless steel is the perfect surface for hygienic food preparation, and it’s very easy to clean and look after. Stainless steel is also highly scratch resistant and doesn’t really stain.

The rest of the island is made from wood with a natural wood grain organic finish. Overall the colour and design is pretty neutral, so you can match this one up with a lot of different kitchen styles.

Another important feature of note is the size and quality of the caster wheels the cart sits on. They’re a little bit bigger, which means it rolls more smoothly. Plus, they have stainless steel supports for added strength and aesthetics.

Once again, the wheels have brakes so you can lock them down so the island doesn’t move and makes for a super stable work bench.

Let’s scope some more features now:

  • The rated weight capacity for this island kitchen bench is 66lbs, which is plenty for anything you’ll be doing with it
  • A full length drawer allows you ample storage space for all the kitchen tools you need for food prep, and all the cutlery required to enjoy your evening meal
  • Below the drawer are 2 doors that enclose a very spacious storage zone, the perfect size for housing those bigger items, like cooking pots, that you might want to keep out of sight. This section has 2 shelves
  • Overall dimensions of the island are – 28.5” wide x 19” deep x 35.5” high

Check below for the latest price…

Dorel Living Nellie Multifunction Cart – Wood and Metal

Awesome choice if you want something basic and open

This mobile cart from Dorel Living isn’t necessarily a kitchen island bench, but you could certainly use it as one. If you wanted to you could even use this for mobile shelving in the garage or workshop, or possibly as a serving cart when you have guests over or you’re having a barbecue.

Once again there are 4 high quality uni-directional caster wheels with metal connectors. This one comes with strong metal brakes to keep the cart dead steady when you’re using it.

The 2 open shelves and bench top are constructed from a laminated MDF and attached to a very stable and sturdy metal frame that’s been powder coated black to protect the metal and give the cart a somewhat industrial look.

There’s not a lot to this island bench multipurpose cart, but we’ll list a couple more features:

  • The look of this cart is mix of industrial and rustic. The black and brown color might not be for everyone, but it looks pretty good when you have some stuff on the shelves
  • Use this cart as an island bench, a workshop bench and storage shelves, a bookcase, mini desk, or even hallway table
  • On each end of the cart is a metal loop you can use for hand towels, and these loops can also double as handles when you wheel or carry the cart from place to place
  • Dimensions are – 27” wide x 19” deep x 34.2” high

Check below for the latest price…

Giantex 3 Piece Drop Leaf Table and Work Bench With 2 Stools

Perfect if you want the option of a kitchen island that transforms into a small dining setting

That really is the coolest thing about this island bench. It’s actually a small 3 piece casual dining set that becomes an island bench when you fold the drop leaf table section back down. It’s ideal for indoors and outdoors.

Once more the island has caster wheels attached that lock into place when you need the unit to be still.

There is so much versatility to this set that it really is an awesome buy for the price, and it looks really nice too, with natural timber table top and seats, matched up with legs and framework made from timber and tubular aluminium painted a very deep shade of dark chocolate brown.

I’m just going to list most of the features of this set for easy reference:

  • There are two roomy drawers situated just below the table top, and these are ideal for all your cutlery, knives, carving and mixing utensils and so on
  • At the bottom of the unit are 2 open shelves where you can place your plates, cooking pots, wine bottles or whatever you like. You can also remove these shelves if you want
  • The 2 matching stools that come with the set actually stack away under the footprint of the island. Simply lift each stool up and slide it into position beneath the table top
  • Located on each end of the island are hand towel racks that also double as handles for when you want to roll or carry the unit to a new location inside or outside
  • The drop leaf section of the table is curved, so even when raised, while it provides a lot more table space, it still doesn’t take up loads of room or get in the way. And the leg that supports the drop leaf when raised rolls out from under the table on its very own wheel
  • Table dimensions with drop leaf open – 31.8” wide x 29.7” deep x 33.7” high
  • Stool dimensions are – 11.2” diameter x 20.7” high

Check below for the latest price…

Linon 44037WENGE-01-KD-U Kitchen Island With Granite Top

A good choice if you want an island with features, but on a budget

This one from Linon is another very open and somewhat simplistic style of kitchen island bench. It’s easily moved about on its 4 caster wheels, so you don’t have to work up a sweat getting it where you need it to be.

The design of this island makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and I could see this one outside by the BBQ. So you’ll be cooking up a storm for you and your guests no matter where you choose to locate it.

At the time of writing there are well over a hundred Amazon reviews, with customers giving this island a very high average rating, so you can buy with confidence.

The real standout feature of this particular island bench is the granite bench top. It’s made from real granite and the rest of the island from genuine timber. When you take those into consideration, the price being charged for this island is totally awesome – a real bargain.

What else does this Linon island bench offer?

  • A full length drawer offers you stacks of room to stow your cooking and prepping utensils right where you need them to be – within reach
  • Below the drawer is a wine rack that can hold 4 bottles, and just below the wine rack is a very handy slide in/out storage basket, with another shelf located down near the floor
  • This island is small enough to move around the house, apartment, deck or balcony to double as a serving cart as well as an island bench
  • The word is that the granite is a little porous and could stain, so you might want to hit it with a coat of sealer before using it
  • The overall size is – 22.8” wide x 15.63” deep x 33.88” high

Check below for the latest price…

Coniffer Rolling Kitchen Island Bench In Natural and White

Small and petite, so would suit anywhere in the house

The island featured in the listing is mostly white with a natural timber work space on top, but it also comes in black & natural and grey & natural, so you have a few options. And all colours are neutral enough to suit most decorative schemes.

Although the entire island is made from solid wood and very sturdy and strong, it’s also quite lightweight, so easy to move around. This is helped greatly by the 4 wheels that can lock into place when you have your kitchen cart in position.

This model is so small and versatile that you could really use this island anywhere within the home and for many purposes, not just food prep and cooking. It would also work well out on a balcony, patio, or by the barbecue.

Let’s see what other cool features it offers:

  • You have 2 open shelves with slats under the bench top. You could store all your kitchen requirements on these shelves, or alternatively, use them as wine racks, as the bottles won’t roll because of the spaces between the slats
  • There is one full length draw for cutlery and tools, and what this means for you is that everything you need to work with is within instant reach
  • If you wanted to, you could even fit a small microwave on one of the shelves, or on top of the unit itself
  • On one end is a towel rack that will also double as a handle for when you’re wheeling the island from location to location
  • The dimensions measure – 22.8” wide x 15.7” wide x 33” high
  • Island bench weight is – 28.6lbs

Check below for the latest price…

eHemco Kitchen Island Cart With Butcher Block Bamboo Top & Black Base

You get an amazing and highly functional cart for an incredible price

The only mobile island bench that comes with a butcher block work surface made from genuine bamboo, this model from eHemco offers some really cool features and looks very smart as well.

Like all of the kitchen islands on our best of list, this comes with wheels as well, which are a combination of rubber and super durable and attractive stainless steel. You’ll also find the wheels lock into place when you need to keep the cart still.

It’s a heavier and more robust kind of kitchen island, weighing in at over 80lbs, but it’s solid and will serve you well for years.

Check out some of these great features:

  • The glossy black matches up well with the natural look of the bamboo bench top, and is also complimented by stainless steel door and drawer handles, hinges and the caster wheels
  • If you prefer a lighter and less stark colour, this model also comes in pristine white with a bamboo top as well
  • There is a full length storage drawer for utensils and tableware, below which is an open shelf that may even be big enough to house a small microwave oven
  • Down the bottom are 2 doors enclosing some very spacious storage area. If your kitchen lacks some cupboard space, then store the rest of your gear or small appliances in the cart itself
  • One more interesting feature is the 3 metal hooks on one side of the unit where you can hang cooking utensils, which makes this particular island cart perfect for use with the barbecue
  • Dimensions are – 28.75” wide x 19.75” deep x 35.5” high

Check below for the latest price…

2L Lifestyle Newbury Mobile Kitchen Island Bench

If you’re chasing a bargain, you’ll get it with this awesome little kitchen unit

2L Lifestyle have really over-delivered for price when it comes to this smick and slick little kitchen island bench for small kitchens. It really is selling for an amazing price on Amazon, and reviews are super positive as well.

You really can’t go wrong with this one, especially is you like an island bench that’s a really dark espresso brown colour, including the countertop.

4 uni-directional wheels with brakes make this island very easy to move about, as well as lock down once it’s in position. If your kitchen or space is small, you really want an island that’s easy to wheel in when you want to use it, and then store out of the way when you’re done.

That’s why all the ones included in this post are mobile and on wheels.

Let’s list some more features now and see if this one is for you:

  • The construction of this island is all wood, with a mix of MDF as well as genuine pinewood. You’ll find it’s very sturdy and provides a stable workspace for your food prep, or anything else you decide to use it for
  • Again, there is quite a bit of closed in storage with a very roomy drawer and a cupboard section with twin shelves, so whether you want to store your kitchen gear temporarily or permanently, you have a bit of space to work with
  • On the right hand side of the unit is the mandatory rack for hanging a hand towel and can be used as a handle when wheeling the cart
  • It’s modern, it’s stylish and it certainly does the job of a small island bench to suit small spaces and little kitchens
  • Let’s check the size – 27.2” wide x 17.7” deep x 34.6” high

Check below for the latest price…

Winsome Wood Kitchen Island Storage Cart – Timber

Good for people who like that organic look and are chasing a bargain

This island cart is small and compact, yet manages to offer up loads of storage space, as well as providing a mobile work bench for when you don’t have enough room in your kitchen to get everything done.

The great thing about almost all of these kitchen islands is they can also be used for other purposes when not being used in the kitchen, or instead of.

This one comes in the all natural timber wood grain look, blending a mix of modern lines and a rustic appearance. The 4 lockable caster wheels make the unit mobile, and you could use it indoors or outdoors. It’s up to you.

Made from solid Beechwood, you can be confident this one is built tough and will last for years. It also comes with a cheap price tag, yet really delivers on build quality.

Let’s see what else there is to say about it:

  • On the right of the island is a hand towel rail that also serves as a handle when required
  • Keep all of your kitchen knives, cutlery and other utensils within easy reach in the full width cutlery drawer
  • Below the drawer is ample cupboard space with 2 shelves. The lower shelf offers enough headroom to store even tall items like jugs and bottles, or even a coffee machine
  • You’ll discover there’s plenty of work area on the bench top, despite the island’s smaller size
  • The size of the island is – 26.9” wide x 18.2” deep x 34.3” high

Check below for the latest price…

Civet Home TB07-0201-001-SG-A04 Kitchen Island Cart In Natural Timber

Great price, natural look and some handy built-in features

This one from Civet Home is the last kitchen island on our list, and once more it’s a mobile cart on caster wheels. These casters are the cheapest version, so not great quality, but they do lock into place when you need to keep the cart still.

What we really like about this kitchen island is the natural timber finish, and we’re pleased to say that the entire cart and bench top is made from 100% genuine rubberwood from Asia, and no manufactured wood.

Almost all of it has been coated in a clear lacquer to both protect the wood, as well as bring out and accentuate the lovely wood grain patterns inherent in this kind of timber.

Let’s list the key features that we haven’t already mentioned:

  • One really cool feature is a wooden cutting board that slides out from under the bench top. This is the only piece of the unit that hasn’t been lacquered, for obvious reasons. It’s a great idea, including it as a part of the island
  • Another great innovation built into this kitchen cart is a kitchen knife block attached to one end, with enough space to hold up to 6 knives of varying sizes. This way you can have things like your carving knife and paring knife right there next to you as you work
  • Underneath the countertop are 2 handy open storage shelves. The cool thing about these shelves is they are made up if timber slats, so you can actually lay bottles of wine or other drinks down on the shelves without the threat of the bottles simply rolling off
  • One final feature of note is the towel rack on one end which also doubles up as a handle when you’re wheeling the cart from room to room
  • Cart dimensions are – 33.2” wide x 20.5” deep x 32” high

Check below for the latest price…

The Wrap

We really hope you found something you like on our best kitchen islands for small kitchens list. None of the carts on our list are restricted to kitchens alone. You could use them outdoors, or even for other purposes.

To learn more about each island bench on wheels, just hit the Amazon banner below each review and check out the sales page.

Happy kitchen island hunting.


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