Best Gas Barbecue Grills In 2020 (for Balconies, Decks, Patios & Camping)

Are you searching for the best gas barbecue grills for the right price? We’ve put together a list of some of the best on the market, from the top brands, with a variety of price points to suit everyone’s requirements and BBQ budget.

You’ll find barbecues small enough for a tiny balcony, right up to sizes big enough to cook up a feast when you have guests come over. You’ll even find some of the models mobile enough to take with you if you’re going camping, or just want to have a fry up in the park or near the beach.

We’ll get into our best of list shortly, but first we’ll go over a few things to keep in mind when buying the right barbecue for you.


How Big Does Your BBQ Need To Be?

This is probably a hard question to answer in some ways, because sometimes you might only be barbecuing for a couple of people, whereas other times you might be having a party and cooking for a large group.

Some are built the size of a kitchen, with inbuilt beverage fridges and even a kitchen sink.

The size BBQ you end up buying might be dictated by your budget and how much space you have, but even if you have both those covered, do you really need a huge BBQ, or will a smaller one do the job most of the time?

It’ll also depend on whether you want to be able to take your new barbecue with you when you go places. In that case you might want one of the smaller and more mobile Weber models.

Best Gas Barbecue Grills

Do You Have a BBQ Budget In Mind?

You definitely want to have a budget in mind for your BBQ purchase, or you could easily end up spending way more than you intended too, as they can range from under a hundred dollars to well into the thousands, depending on the size, model, features and BBQ brand.

Our list has BBQs from just over a hundred dollars up to a couple in the low thousands and some in between. The average price point would be somewhere in the two hundreds.

You’ll see an Amazon banner below each mini review that shows the latest price for each BBQ, and to learn more, simply click on the banner to be taken to the Amazon sales page.

A Gas Barbecue Grill Explained

Actually, there’s not really a lot to explain. Some grills and BBQs rely on the burning of wood, coals or charcoal. Others will be fuelled with other combustible substances, possibly even things like kerosene.

A BBQ that operates on gas either uses natural gas, LPG or propane gas to fire it up and get your food cooking to perfection outdoors. Some even use butane gas (often found in lighters), while LPG can be a combination of gases.

Either way, if it runs on one of those gases, it’s on our list.

Some gas fuelled barbecues even come with an oven hood for baking, but they are far better at frying as they tend to get too hot for any form of slow cooking.

A few things to consider when it comes to the different gas varieties. Not every location has access to a natural gas supply, and if you do, chances are you’ll need to tether your BBQ to a gas line. This is fine if you plan on keeping your grill in the one spot, but not convenient if you want options.

Using a gas bottle either filled LPG or propane would be a better option in this instance, as you can simply move the BBQ and gas bottle around and even take it away with you on trips.

Gas Grill Advantages

There are a number of reasons why a gas grill barbecue is a good choice. For starters, they are very easy to cook on. Temperature control has a lot of range and it’s not hard to make adjustments to the temp as you go.

Gas heats up and cools down very quickly as you adjust the knobs, so if it looks like you’re starting to burn the sausages, simply turn the flame down and almost instantly they’ll stop burning.

Gas is also very economical in the way that your BBQ won’t use much each time you cook a meal. A 20gk tank of LPG could last you up to 6 months or more even with regular use, so it’s kind to the hip pocket.

Working with gas is also much easier and let mucking around. Turn the gas bottle on, switch on the burners and away you go. It’s the opposite when working with charcoal and other fuels. They can be hard to ignite, dirty and messy. They cook nicely, and charcoal adds a nice smoky flavour, but it’s just more work, and temperature is much harder to control.

Gas Fuelled BBQs Are Easy To Clean and Look After

While charcoal grilling leaves a lot of residue and black soot behind, it’s the opposite when you cook on gas, which is very clean.

Your biggest mess will be fat and oil left behind, but in a way this also works to your advantage.

Many BBQ plates are made from cast iron, which easily rusts. Leaving a film of oil on them protects them. Of course, you want to scrape the plates clean and wipe them over, but leave some oil behind.

When it comes to the rest of the barbecue, it’s easier if you clean it while it’s still warm as the fats and oils won’t have solidified. Just grab a bucket of warm, soapy water (dishwashing liquid is good) and wipe over all the chrome, knobs, inside the hood, the back of the grill and anywhere that looks like it needs it.

Once it’s been cleaned, polish it up with a clean, dry cloth and your gear will now be all nice and shiny and ready for the next fry up.

What Are You Planning On Cooking On Your BBQ?

If all you’re planning to do is flip a few burgers and cook some sausages on your barbecue, you might only need to buy yourself something small and basic. If you want to cook lots of steaks for lots of people, you’ll need something with a fair amount of hotplate space.

Steaks take up a lot more room than burger patties and sausages, and you might want the option of flame grilling them, meaning you’ll need at least one gridded plate to let the flames flicker through rather than just solid cast iron plates.

If you plan on trying your hand at baking, maybe roasting a whole chicken, then you’ll want a model that has a hood with temperature monitoring and control. You may even want a BBQ that has a rotisserie as well for even roasting.

BBQ Steaks

Common Features of a Regular BBQ

In this section we’ll take a look at some of the common features found on barbecues to help you decide what you do and don’t need on the one you buy.

Grated or Solid Plates – We spoke about this just a moment ago. Ideally you’ll want at least one of each so you have options for flame grilled or straight up frying. Even a really small BBQ will usually have at least two plates.

Gas Fired Hotplate – These are really handy and are found on one of the sides of the unit. If you want to cook vegetables or boil some water in a pot, then having one of these hotplates is an essential feature.

A Grill Hood – It’s not a necessary feature unless you want to do some convectional cooking, but handy to have. At the very least you’ll want some sort of cover to put over the plates when the unit is not in use.

Gas Tank – Rather than being tethered to a mains gas system, you really want your barbecue to be mobile, and you can only achieve that with a portable gas tank. Most times the tanks will mount on the BBQ’s cart (if it has one), or else you’ll simply situate it beside or beneath the barbecue. Gas tanks are usually sold separately.

Drip Tray – Beneath the plates there should be a drip tray for fats, oils and other debris to collect in. This plate is also handy for catching any water you use when you clean the BBQ. You’ll want to fill the tray with some BBQ litter to soak up all the liquids.

Cabinets – Larger size BBQ’s on a trolley with wheels will often have either some shelves under the BBQ cooking area, or even some cabinets with metal doors. These are really handy for storing all your cooking utensils, as well as your clean up gear.

Gas Hose and Gauge – Every BBQ will have a gas hose running from the burners to connect to the gas supply, but some even come with a handy gauge that tells you how much gas you have left in the tank.

Rotisserie – This was also mentioned earlier and a handy accessory to have if you’re planning on doing some spit roasting.

Build Quality

A barbecue is often out in the elements and suffers some wear and tear, especially if you take it places, so you want to buy one that’s nice and solid and well put together.

Stainless steel and solid steel frames always combine well for a strong barbecue that also looks fantastic.

Barbecues made from cheap material or flimsy aluminium usually won’t last very long, so it’s worth spending a bit more to get one that’s well made and will serve you well for years.

If it’s a bigger BBQ, you’ll also want it to be mounted on wheels so you can move it about without having to carry it and break your back.

A solid and well put together barbecue is also safer, and you want to make sure the gas bottle you get is also of good quality. If it’s a used one, make sure it’s been stamped with a recent pressure test date to know it’s also safe.

Okay, that’s it for the buyer’s guide. Let’s now get right into our list of the best gas barbecue grills and see what we’ve got.


Urban Islands 304 Stainless Steel 4 Burner BBQ Grill

Great choice if you have a big budget and love stainless steel

We’ve started the list off with the most expensive barbecue out of them all. It likely won’t be in the price range many people are thinking of spending, but if your budget for a barbecue grill is fairly high and you don’t mind spending on absolute quality, then this might be the outdoor grill for you.

This BBQ is all class and the entire thing is crafted from quality stainless steel that won’t rust or tarnish and really does look fantastic. 304 rated stainless steel is about as good as it gets.

Have it out on the balcony, the patio, the backyard deck or beside the swimming pool if you have one. One look at this grill and you’ll fall in love with it; and we haven’t even covered any of its features yet.

With 4 burners that run on propane gas, you’ll have loads of room to cook up a storm, whether it’s for you and the family, or you have guests over for an outdoor dinner and some drinks.

Another great feature of note is that this barbecue is built on a cart with 4 big wheels so it’s super easy to move around when you need to. It’s probably a little on the big side to go taking to the park, but it’s the perfect size for backyard entertaining.

Let’s list some of the key features to take note of:

  • One Amazon reviewer claims this BBQ by Urban Islands is “built like a tank”. That speaks volumes for the quality and build strength. Even though it’s expensive compared to some other barbecues, if you buy it you can be sure it’s going to last you for many years
  • 75,000 BTUs of total cooking power ensures you’ll have little trouble preparing and grilling food for a decent sized party
  • On the cart is some enclosed cupboard and shelf space with loads of room to store all your BBQ utensils and anything else you require, like plates and cutlery
  • There is a very room stainless steel hood with temperature gauge so you can do some baking or roasting if you choose. It’s even equipped with a rotisserie that you can attach when you want to do some spit roasting. Cook up a turkey on Thanksgiving
  • There is an impressive 810 square inches of total cooking area with ¾ of that grilling area. It even comes with a roomy warming rack so you can stack up those steaks and beef patties to keep them warm while making room on the grill to cook the next batch
  • The ignition system is super dependable and fires up first time nearly 100% of the time. It’ll be the easiest BBQ you’ve ever had the pleasure of cooking on
  • Everything is dual lined under the hood for the ultimate in insulated heating when roasting or baking
  • Normally I include dimensions, but none were available in the listing. However, the entire unit weight about 240lbs

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Camp Chef Woodwind Classic Pellet Grill With Sear Box

Perfect if you’re seeking a hybrid grill that uses hardwood pellets and gas

This is the only hybrid style of BBQ of its kind featured on our best of list. You get the flavoursome beauty of wood fired cooking, as well as the option of grilling with propane gas with the added sear box.

You can pretty much do it all with this fantastic barbecue from the team at Camp Chef, and with its built in “Smart Smoke” technology, you’ll get perfectly cooked meat every single time.

That’s one of the main features of this grill. The auger on the left both controls the temperature as well as automatically feeding hardwood pellets into the grill as required to maintain that even cooking temperature. This is the perfect solution for hassle-free cooking and smoking of meat.

You can:

  1. Smoke
  2. Bake
  3. Grill
  4. BBQ
  5. Braise
  6. Roast

The choice is all yours and you have enough options to cook practically anything with this beast of a barbecue. There is a massive temperature range that goes from as low as 160 degrees Farenheight up to 500 degrees.

If that’s not enough, then check out these features:

  • You have a massive 570 square inches of cooking area to work with, which is easily big enough to cook for a large group
  • When those steaks are done and you have more to do, keep them warm on the removable warming rack
  • The cooking and smoking process is pretty much automated. You’ll also find it’s relatively easy to clean this mostly wood fired barbecue
  • You can make beef jerky, roast chickens and turkeys, fry up steaks and hotdogs, even bake some delicious, moist vegetables
  • When you want to go from smoking to flame grilling, there is a sear box on the right that operates on propane gas for char grilled beef, lamb and burgers. It reaches a maximum temperature of 900 degrees
  • The grill, pellet box and sear box are all mounted on a trolley with 4 handy caster wheels for easy moving, and there’s also a storage shelf underneath
  • Dimensions are – 52” long x 25” deep x 50” high

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Char-Broil 463377319 Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Grill

Great choice if you’re looking for style at a fantastic price

This all stainless steel BBQ from Char-Broil has earned the Amazon’s Choice badge. Why? Because it offers incredible features and quality for an awesome price. The more customers that buy this and love it, the better it rates. You can purchase this one with total confidence.

This barbecue doesn’t have a big footprint, yet it comes with 4 burners for the ultimate in cooking versatility.

There is a grease pan beneath the plates and burners that’s porcelain coated, making for very easy clean up. You can have your friends over for some steaks, and spend more time socialising rather than cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Being mostly comprised of quality stainless steel, there’s very little chance of any rust appearing on the BBQ, meaning it’ll stay looking great for years.

Now we’ll list a few more features to whet your appetite:

  • Along with the 4 main burners for frying and char grilling, there is a handy hotplate burner on the side designed for pots, or even a small frying pan. Boil up some healthy vegetables while you fry up some meat, eggs, onions and potato wedges
  • Even the cast iron plates have been coated in porcelain so they’re resistant to rust. For the price, the features included with this barbecue are second to none
  • 425 square inches of cooking space are powered by36,000 BTUs of heat. You’ll be able to cook for quite a few people in quick time
  • It comes equipped with a warmer tray that’s removable to get it out of the way and for ease of cleaning. Keep the meat warm while you cook up some more
  • With an oven hood you can easily and expertly roast chickens and turkeys, or even a yummy lamb roast. The hood comes equipped with a thermometer so you can keep tabs on the temperature and cook to perfection
  • Let’s check the dimensions – 50.4” long x 24.5” deep x 45” high
  • BBQ weight is 93lbs

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Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 3 Burner Natural Gas Grill In Black & Silver

A good choice if you want to use it on a balcony

Weber are world famous for their smaller, more portable barbecues, as well as high quality and reliability. This Weber BBQ is on a cart, but is a little smaller than some others, making it perfect for smaller locations such as grilling out on an apartment balcony.

There are 4 colors in this model. Most of the barbecue is the same all over, but you get to choose different colored hoods, such as:

  1. Black
  2. Sapphire
  3. Red
  4. Ivory

All of them look pretty cool. It’s just a matter of your own personal preference which one you’ll choose.

Apart from a smaller size, what’s nice about this particular barbecue grill is its simplicity. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but what you do get is absolute quality for the money you spend, and years of great service from a great barbecue.

The only downside (and it’s not really a downside) is that it runs on natural gas, so you’ll need to be in a location that has a natural gas supply to hook up to. Having said that, there is a liquid propane model as well, which is very similar in look and features.

Okay, so let’s list a few more key points:

  • Weber offer an incredible 10 year warranty on this model BBQ, so you can buy it with absolute confidence
  • The hose to connect to the natural gas supply is a very generous 10 feet long
  • Cast iron cooking grates are covered in porcelain enamel to protect them, and these plates go over flavorizer bars that are also porcelain enamelled
  • Not only can you fry and char grill on this BBQ, with the temperature monitored hood you can also roast and bake, so you have loads of options
  • Although a smaller 3 burner BBQ, you still get plenty of cooking space, with529 square inches of room to work on
  • There are no hotplates on the side, just 2 shelves to put plates and cooking utensils on. On one side there are even hooks to hang your tools
  • The trolley is on wheels so it’s a breeze to move if needed, and you also get some extra shelf space down below as well
  • Dimensions are – 52” wide x 27” deep x 44.5” high

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Cuisinart CGG-180 Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill BBQ With VersaStand

The ultimate portable BBQ, also great for small spaces

Currently a #1 best seller (as at the time of writing) this little barbecue comes in 3 fashion colors of:

  1. Red
  2. Stainless
  3. Black

It may only have 160 square inches of cooking real estate, but if you’re only chasing something small that you can take places with you (such as camping), you’ll find the size both very mobile, but also big enough to cook food for a few people at a time.

One of the really great features of this BBQ is the telescopic legs. To make it really mobile the legs retract just like those on a camera tripod, transforming the unit into an easy to carry little cooking station. In fact, it even comes with a briefcase style handle on the front of the hood.

What else does this small grill from Cuisinart offer?

  • Even though there is only the one burner, it packs 5500 BTUs of heating power through the porcelain enamelled grate
  • Once packed up to move to the next location, the lid locks into place to keep everything together. You’ll also find it’s lightweight, weighing in at only 17lbs, and easy to clean as well
  • Extend the legs and use it as a freestanding grill, or retract the telescopic legs and it becomes a table top grill that you could even use in the kitchen
  • Being a best seller, this little grill has received loads of positive reviews on the Amazon site from thousands of very happy customers

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Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 325 2 Burner Liquid Propane BBQ Grill

Awesome choice if you’re after a stylish 2 burner BBQ

This is the second entry on the list for Char-Broil, manufacturer of high quality barbecues and grills, and judging by Amazon customer reviews, it’s a good buy. Most reviews offer lavish praise for this propane powered grill in a lovely stainless steel and black finish.

Another thing to note is that you get FREE Amazon product support if you decide to purchase this particular model barbecue, so that’s some added peace of mind right there.

Being only a barbecue with 2 burners, there’s obviously less cooking area, but having said that, you still get 325 square inches to work with, which is generally plenty for smaller get togethers, or cooking for the family outdoors.

Everything about this BBQ is quality, and even the swing away warming rack has been porcelain coated to protect it from the elements and wear and tear. The tube burners are made from stainless steel, and the cast iron plates are porcelain enamelled.

This is a BBQ that will last you and serve you well for many years to come.

Let’s tick off a few more key features now:

  • Enjoy the reliable and hassle free ignition system that this unit comes equipped with. You’ll find it fires up first go almost all of the time
  • There are 2 shelves on the sides to place your cooking utensils, plates, paper towel and so on. When you’re done, to save space you can fold these two handy shelves away
  • Although it runs on portable propane gas, if you prefer to hook it up to mains natural gas, the barbecue has an optional conversion kit to do this (sold separately)
  • Below the cooking surface there is some cupboard space with extra shelving. You can store all your BBQ gear inside and out of sight, as well as clean up equipment
  • You’ll be frying up steaks to perfection with a lovely char grilled finish. It’s powered by 18,000 BTUs of cooking prowess, and there’s also a hood with built in thermometer if you want to roast a chicken or leg of lamb
  • Equipped with TRU Infrared Technology, you’ll find your meat is cooked faster and more evenly, sealing in those delectable juices for more flavoursome meals
  • Let’s check those dimensions – 46.8” wide x 23” deep x 47.2” high
  • The BBQ weighs 96lbs

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Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Barbecue Grill

The ultimate small BBQ for balconies and taking camping

This is your classic style of Weber barbecue and the small and lightweight kind that made the company famous for their high quality, mobile grills. This style of Weber is perfectly suited for use on balconies, small patios, or even in the kitchen itself. They’re also great for taking on camping trips.

The 2 shelves on either side of the grill fold up when not in use or when in transit, saving even more space. When in use, load them up with your utensils and plates, paper towel and whatever else you need.

The good thing about this brand is that you always know you’re going to get a quality unit when you buy a Weber BBQ. There’s no guess work about quality. It’s merely a matter of whether this barbecue fits your needs or not.

Let’s list a few more of its features and find out:

  • There is just the one burner on this model and you can start it first go every time with the reliable electronic ignition system. Simplicity and ease of use is what this model is all about
  • Although there is only the one burner, it puts out a rather powerful 12k BTU of cooking power, firing up the porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking plates. They get hot super quick, which equals a faster grilling time that seals in the juices of your favorite meat
  • The BBQ comes with a hood and built in thermometer, so you can also do small roasts if you wish. Apart from roasting something like a chicken, it’s the perfect size hood and hotplate to bake some mouth watering vegetables to go along with your choice of meat
  • 280 square inches of cooking room means you still have plenty of space to work your culinary magic
  • The unit is a comfortable to carry 44lbs in weight and measures 51.4” wide x 25.1” deep x 26” high

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Magma Products Connoisseur Series Gas Grill In Stainless Steel

Good for people who like simplicity and style combined and a BBQ that’s not too big

There are actually 2 versions of this super shiny and simplistic stainless steel grill. One is just a little longer than the other, but the one featured in the listing is the longer one.

Being such a small size and with fold away legs, this little grill is ideal if you’re wanting something you can take places with you. It’s great for camping or taking to the park, and at home, would be well suited to a balcony, or for extra grilling capacity within the kitchen itself.

Although it’s small and doesn’t take up much room, what room there is available on the BBQ has all been utilised as cooking space. Virtually every inch of it is taken up with grill area, so you can actually fit quite a bit of food on it at once if you arrange everything neatly on the hotplate.

Right, so here are a few more great features:

  • At the front there is a section that folds out and acts as a shelf. Use it to put your utensils on, stack your food that’s next in line to be cooked, or use it as a warmer for the stuff you already have grilled
  • When you’re done cooking, the legs fold up and the lid comes down to lock everything into place for transit
  • Everything about this barbecue is so shiny and reflective that it not only looks really awesome, but cooking efficiency is increased by the reflectivity as well
  • This isn’t a brushed stainless steel or even a regular shiny stainless. It’s marine grade quality and like full on chrome that has a mirror finish. It almost looks like it’s made of glass
  • All it takes to fuel it up is to attach a small propane gas tank on the right hand side and you’re ready to cook
  • You get 108 square inches of grill area to work on, which is a fair amount considering the overall size of this barbecue
  • The BBQ weighs 17lbs and measures 22” wide x 14” deep x 13” high

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Weber 57060001 Q3200 Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill

Ideal if you want a high quality BBQ that’s small as well as mobile

This is quite similar to a small Weber barbecue featured earlier on this list, only this baby is mounted on a handy cart with wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

We said it before with Weber barbecues, and that is you don’t have to guess whether the build quality and reliability is there. You just know it will be when you choose to buy any model of Weber barbecue. That’s what they’re world famous for.

Amazon customer reviews rate this particular BBQ very highly, with many people extremely happy with their purchase.

This barbecue is the perfect size for balcony fry ups, patios, decks, out by the pool, or even taking to the park, beach or camping with you on your travels.

You have both the option of using propane gas tanks to fuel this BBQ, or you can opt for the model that connects to a natural gas supply for more permanent use.

Okay, so that’s a little about this one. What else can we highlight?

  • There are twin stainless steel burners that pump out 21,700 BTUs of heat and power between them. Your food will sear and cook quickly, sealing in the juices and more flavour
  • 393 square inches of total cooking real estate is surely going to be plenty to cook up a feast for all your guests. It’s enough space to cook 14 standard hamburger patties at the one time
  • Cast iron cooking grates are porcelain enamelled for their protection, and the hood and body are made from cast aluminium for strength and to keep the unit more lightweight
  • Like the other Weber model, the two side tables where you put your utensils, plates and so on fold away when you’re finished to save on space
  • The LPG tank can sit on a handy rack at the bottom of the cart that’s been tailor made for it. The unit can hold a tank as big as 20lbs
  • There is a built in thermometer in the lid so you can keep tabs on the temperature when roasting meat or vegetables
  • Reliable electronic ignition guarantees this barbecue lights first time, every time
  • Dimensions are – 50.2” wide x 30” deep x 55.5” high
  • Overall weight – 84lbs

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Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro Gas Barbecue Grill

Best value for those on a BBQ budget

If you love the stark look of black, then you’re sure to really like this 3 burner barbecue from Char-Griller. It boasts a total of 40,800 BTUs of cooking power and the entire barbecue is black all over.

It comes on a handy trolley, and there’s even a special shelf down the bottom where you can rest your gas bottle.

On each side is a convenient shelf for all your cooking utensils, plates, and the food you’re about to grill. One of those shelves transforms into a handy hotplate when you lift the lid, perfect for boiling eggs or vegetables.

With this space saving BBQ you still get an impressive 438 square inches of cooking area, along with an extra 192 square inches for the warming tray. There is a lot to like about this outdoor grill for such a good price tag.

Okay, let’s take a look at some more features:

  • The cart is on wheels, so to move it around effortlessly, all you have to do is lean it back a little and wheel it to wherever you want to put it
  • The hood is very spacious and also has a built in thermometer so you know exactly when it’s reached the desired temperature to cook up a roast, if that’s your thing
  • Electronic ignition is the simplest and most reliable way to fire up a gas powered barbecue, and that’s what this model has
  • To add to the overall quality of this gas grill from Char-Griller are the porcelain coated cast iron grates
  • There are even some hooks on one end to hang your utensils
  • The entire barbecue has been powder coated in black to protect the metal from the elements. You’ll get many years of cooking enjoyment from this model
  • The BBQ measures – 48” wide x 28” deep x 48” high

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Giantex Propane Table Top Stainless Steel Two Burner Gas BBQ

Great for the table top and perfect for picnics

With no cart or trolley, this super sleek and modern little barbecue from Giantex is definitely made to sit on a table top when used at home, or even on a park bench if you take it out and about. When having a picnic somewhere nice, there’s no reason why you can’t just simply put this on the ground and start cooking.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, this is a very mobile BBQ, and even the legs fold up so it takes up less room in the car.

Although it’s only got 2 burners, it pumps out 20k BTU of heating power, so that’s more than enough for a BBQ of this size, making it even better value for money.

Constructed from 430 grade stainless steel, it really is a very modern and slick looking barbecue, polished up to almost a mirror finish.

So, what other features does this Giantex BBQ offer you if you buy it?

  • It’s supposed to be extremely easy to clean after use, and there is also a concealed drip tray for fats and oils that can be removed from below the unit for easy clean up
  • Each burner is individually adjustable and ignites on a reliable push and turn ignition system
  • Along with the fold up legs, when you’re done using it and put the lid down, you can lock it up like a suitcase so everything is packed away safe and sound when transporting the barbecue from place to place. It even comes with a convenient carry handle
  • Grill delicious fish, steaks, burger patties, sausages, hotdogs, potatoes, kebabs and more on this barbecue. It heats up quickly, searing your meat and sealing in those delectable juices. You could even bake with this one
  • The BBQ measures – 22” wide x 18” deep x 15” high

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Jimi BBQ Gas Grill In Stainless Steel & Orange

The perfect little BBQ for camping and picnics

Out of all the gas powered barbecues on our list, this is the most basic looking one, but it does the job and is perfect for taking places because of its size, weight and simplicity.

It features 2 burners and is fuelled by small propane gas tanks, adding to the mobility of the BBQ, as you don’t have to haul big and heavy tanks of LPG with you whenever you want to get out and about.

If you don’t fancy the orange color, it also comes in red, as well as a black model.

It’s the cheapest barbecue on our list and really is pretty good value for the money. You don’t have to take it camping. It’ll also make a great table top BBQ for the backyard, balcony, or as extra grilling power in the kitchen.

Let’s tick off a few more features now:

  • You have a char grilling section on the left hand side, and on the right is a raised hotplate for pots so you can boil up vegetables, or water for your morning coffee or tea
  • While small, it still has a decent amount of cooking area to easily cater to a family while you’re out camping or picnicking in the park
  • The entire thing folds up and packs neatly away when you’re ready to hit the road and even comes with a convenient carry handle
  • The overall weight of the barbecue is – 21.6lbs
  • Dimensions are – 28.5” wide x 15” deep x 26” high (fully open and legs extended)

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The Wrap

So that’s it for our list of the best gas barbecue grills. We really hope you enjoyed our list and that you found something you’re looking for.

Just hit the Amazon link below each mini review to learn more about each BBQ and to see the latest prices.

Happy barbecue hunting.


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