Flooring is the foundational component of your house. Irrespective of whether your house is a magnificent bungalow or a simple apartment, the infrastructure and layout of the floor should be strong and irreplaceable for over decades and decades. Let’s talk about some best tips to take care of your floors.

Installed under strong supervision, floors can be constructed with stones, metals, or any other material that is able to withstand large weights. There are various kinds of flooring available viz. hardwood, vinyl or linoleum, porcelain, marble, etc.

As various flooring materials are gaining popularity in the market, the global flooring industry which was estimated to have a worth of $388 billion, is expected to witness a high rate of growth in the coming year.  

There are many companies that are here for you to select the most suitable and appropriate flooring pattern and material for your house. Tiento is a Melbourne-based stockist company that is capable of doing justice to your home project by laying out the best flooring for you. You can check out their website https://tiento.com.au for more details.

All things said it’s important to know that like every other aspect of your home, the flooring also needs regular and proper maintenance. This can prolong the lifespan of your flooring and keep it evergreen and new-looking throughout. Below are enlisted a few effective tips to help you out:

1. Utilize Less, Clean More

Take Care of Your Floors

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There’s one common misconception in every household, that over the years, your flooring becomes more strong and sustainable due to regular usage. However, in reality, it’s the opposite. The best way to go is by ensuring minimum use with regular cleaning shorter frequencies.

Make sure to sweep the floors on a regular basis. Thereafter, clean the floor with a fresh and slightly wet mop. Don’t wet the floor more than what is required or use chemicals without knowing the harm it can cause as it may deteriorate the floor structure.

2. Make Sure to Have All the Essentials

It’s recommended to buy a floor care kit so that you have all the essentials required to maintain your floor, handy. A floor care kit has all the items ranging from a mop, Terry cloth towels to a good quality vacuum cleaner, etc.

3. Vacuum on a Weekly Basis

Take Care of Your Floors

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Make sure to vacuum at places that are used to keep or store valuable items. Give special attention to the corners of your house with high traffic.

4. Put Doormats at the Entrance of Every Door

Secure the entrance near every door with good-quality doormats to prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from being deposited on the floor. To reduce the staining that might be caused as a consequence of asphalt tracking, it’s recommended to use a latex-based driveway sealer.

5. Take Precaution While Moving Heavy Objects Around

It’s advisable to use a dolly or a hand truck for transporting heavy materials around. But, lay down a clean sheet of masonite or maybe a hardboard to secure protection for the floor.                                                           

Don’t try rolling or sliding heavy objects without ensuring appropriate protection. There are a few kinds of heavy objects that aren’t advisable to be moved around without precautionary measures under any conditions.

6. Close Curtains

Take Care of Your Floors

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If there’s too much bright sunlight striking the floor, you must not forget to close curtains at least during the peak afternoon hours. Excessive heat and sunlight hitting the floor might cause discoloration of the flooring.

7. Tend to Blot Stains and Spills Immediately

The most effective way to remove spills and stains is to do something about it quickly. Blot and wash the spills immediately for the prevention of staining.

The correct way to go about it is; by commencing from outer edges and then making your way to the center to avoid the stain from spreading more.                                      

Remember that floors with hard surfaces can be slippery. So, be careful while walking around on wet and slippery floors.

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8. Employ Professional Cleaning Methods

The carpets on the floor should be cleaned and washed using professional assistance to ensure the functioning of the warranties. Periodic professional cleaning helps to collect the dirt and prevent it from settling in.

Over to You…

Maintaining your floors isn’t such a difficult task if done by employing proper cleaning methods with deep knowledge of the products being used. Follow the above-mentioned tips to great effect and keep your floors clean and in a pristine condition throughout!

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