Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

Do you have a set of napkins that are too floppy to fold? My favorite multi colored napkins are perfect for Easter brunch because of the gingham pattern and pastel colors, but they can be challenging to fold as they are extremely floppy and don’t crease well to hold any sort of traditional napkin shape due to their slightly silky, polyester fabric.

When I was testing out folds, I was really struggling with something I loved, and was about to give up. That’s when I did a basic pyramid fold and sort of flopped it down on the table, in defeat. After it landed, I tilted my head to the side & the light bulb in my head went off. I realized it looked sort of like the silhouette of a bunny’s head, complete with a round face and long ears! So I did a couple of tweaks, added some raffia whiskers & voila! An easy bunny shaped napkin fold that’s perfect for your Easter tablescape, no matter how un structured your napkins are! This extremely easy bunny napkin fold will be sure to impress your guests this Easter!

Instructions: The Bunny Napkin Fold

  1. Fold your square napkin in half resembling a pyramid shaped triangle.
  2. Fold the outer corners up, meeting them at the top of the pyramid. The napkin should now resemble a diamond oriented square.
  3. Fold in half by tucking the bottom half under. The napkin should look like a pyramid again.
  4. Fold in half from right to left. The napkin should resemble the left half of the pyramid.
  5. Rotate the napkin to the left until it’s in an upright position.
  6. Mold it into a bunny by rounding and smoothing out the bottom to resemble the shape of a bunny’s face.
  7. Pinching the napkin together just under the ears until it resembles a bunny’s head.
  8. Tie a few strands of raffia paper, yarn or string in a knot & place on top for the perfect set of whiskers to complete the look!

If you prefer video directions – I also have a video tutorial version of this napkin fold on my @HousewifeHospitality TikTok account.

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