Designing an Elevated Sports Lounge & Multi-Purpose Space – ORC – Week 1

For week one of the One Room Challenge I will be going over the design plan & general aesthetic that will transform and extra bedroom into a dark, moody & masculine multi-multi purpose room (Gym, Office, Sports Bar / Lounge & Guest Room).

One Room Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the The One Room Challenge® before – its purpose is to encourage and support each other in finishing a room. The spirit of the ORC is solely to celebrate interior design in a positive, supportive environment. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be joining the One Room Challenge as a guest participant & you will be able to following along with me every step of the way as I transform an extra bedroom into a multipurpose retreat for my husband, Garrett.


Since moving into our home two years ago, we have a bedroom that hasn’t been touched at all – it hasn’t been painted, nail holes haven’t been filled, it’s just sat there. We put off doing anything with this room. As we furnished our home, our old apartment sized furniture kept finding its way into this room. This created a hodge podge of dog crates, gym equipment, tables, & extra chairs masquerading as a home office & gym. While it functions fine, my husband wanted one room in the house that reflected his style & interests. Over the next weeks he will be my client as I transition this room into a multi-purpose space designed just for him.

In anticipation of getting ready to start working on this space, I went ahead and cleared out a bulk of the furniture from the room & captured these “before” shots for your viewing pleasure.

The Plans for this Multi – Multi Purpose Room

The new intent for this small 12’ by 12’ room is to create a multi-purpose space. It will be a man cave style retreat that can function as a gym and sophisticated office by day, and an elevated sports lounge and cozy guest room by night. It will be the ultimate work hard play hard space.


This space is currently being used primarily as a gym. It houses weights, a bench, a set of perfect push-ups, a yoga mat, a small elliptical & a full length mirror. The needs of a gym also require that a majority of the floor space be left fairly open. The vision is to have the gym equipment in the room regularly, but move the larger items out when guests stay over.


In addition to a gym – this space currently acts as my home office & gift wrap studio. Our old dining room table acts currently as a desk, and this space holds several extra accent chairs. The closet in this room includes a bookcase with all of my office & gift wrap supplies. In order to make this office more masculine we will be replacing the current furniture with a vintage wooden desk & a brown leather executive chair to give off a traditional & classic office feel.

Sports Bar & Lounge

As Garrett is a pretty big sports fan, he’s been referring to the space as his GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Lounge. In the evenings he intends to be able to come up to this space, and kick his feet up on a tufted couch to watch a game while sipping a cocktail. Over the years he has collected quite a bit of sports memorabilia and trophies that he wants to have displayed. We plan to create a gold gallery wall using some of his autographed photos in vintage frames. We will also utilize tall book cases to style the rest of the items that cannot be hung. As no sports bar is complete without a TV – we’ll be adding one on the wall, as to never miss a game. There will also be a small dedicated space for a bar set up too.

The Guest Room

As this room will already be featuring a couch, it only made sense to select a sofa that would be able to transition into a bed for when we have groups of friends or family visiting from out of town during the summer months. Due to the east facing window, I’ll be following one of my 14 tips for creating a comfortable guest room by incorporating a nice set of black out curtains to make this space even more comfortable for our guests.

The Overall Aesthetic

If you’ve followed along with me – you’ll know that most of my home is very light, airy, & feminine. This space will still have grandmillenial elements, but will be doing a complete 180. It will be geared towards dark & moody elements while still mixing in traditional pieces that are reminiscent of a very masculine Ralph Lauren vibe. It will feature a dramatic wall mural style wallpaper, dark bead-board trim, tufted furniture & showcase some vintage finds while having sporty touches throughout. While my husband is my client for this project, my style will still shine through in the finishes & overall direction to ensure that this space comes off as a refined version of his vision.

The Inspiration Mood Board

Without further adieux here is a general concept & mood board of what we’re looking to achieve in the space. As we are looking to incorporate vintage pieces and thrifted finds, this space will certainly evolve, and come together to be ready to host guests for Memorial Day Weekend! Stay tuned & Follow along as we tackle this room project by project over the next 8 weeks!

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