The logo for Paris 2024 combines three separate symbols — the gold medal, the flame, and Marianne (the personification of the French Republic).

“Each of these symbols reflects a part of our identity and values. It is also the first time in history the same emblem has been used for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.”

Marianne is an allegorical figure with a ubiquitous presence in France. She can be seen in the official logo of the French Republic, on stamps and in town halls and law courts, albeit with a much more detailed and traditional look.

According to, as general rule, a new representation of Marianne is chosen each time a new French presidential term begins.

Watch a 1-minute YouTube video introducing the Paris logo.

Following the logo unveiling, the next phase of the Paris 2024 Olympics visual identity was revealed.

“A mix of sharp lines and simple graphic shapes come together in an interchangeable grid system that is a nod to the Art Deco style seen during the 1924 Olympics, also held in Paris.”

More imagery on Creative Review.

With almost every high-profile logo launch, not everyone liked what they saw. Can’t please them all.

More about the Paris 2024 design, including the colour scheme, Art Deco-inspired typeface, and games iconography.

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