Unleash Your Inner Zen: Interior Design for a Calmer and Healthier You

While some see wellness-based interior design as a new fad, in reality, it is just an expression of the basic intent of interior design – to make us feel good in our homes. At least that’s what Imagine Interiors, Bangladesh’s leading interior design company, thinks

Well-based interior design.

Creating nourishing living and workspaces.

Holistic design.

As a premier interior design firm in Bangladesh, Imagine Interiors gets queries about these quite often.

This is quite natural, seeing the emphasis holistic living has been getting these past few years.

So, is wellness-based interior design a new thing?

In one word – no. At least that is Mr. Subrota Biswas, a rising young Bangladeshi interior designer with a global design footprint who has always seen interior design.

Interior design is, and always has been, about making people feel good in their space – whether it’s a home or a workspace – and helping them gain the maximum efficiency possible in that space.

If it’s an office, you need to feel energized to work inside.

If it’s a bedroom, you should be able to relax and switch off for the day.

And focusing on creating an interior environment that nourishes your body and mind is always the best way to help you achieve your goal.

In other words, even if interior designers haven’t always talked in the wellness jargon, interior design has always focused on achieving all-around wellness for clients. And this has been true whether it’s interior design in Bangladesh or interior design in any other country.

Great. What are Some Interior Design Ways to Create a Nourishing Atmosphere in Space?

These are some pretty simple design hacks all designed to promote all-round wellness. You can do all of these yourself, you don’t need to ask an interior designer to do these.

However, if you do hire an interior designer to revamp your living or workspace, you can ask them to focus on including such design features. That will give them an idea of what kind of design you are looking for.

Wellness-Based Interior Design Hack 1: Eliminate All Clutter

Sounds so simple and obvious, doesn’t it?

But this is a genuine suggestion of a simple design hack designed to create a holistic living or working space.

The reason I mentioned this is that while you may know about how a cluttered space fatigues the mind, you may not get around to doing anything about it.

So, take a look around you. If you see things placed randomly, out of place, and serving no purpose, collect them and put them in a basket.

Then, think of a more suitable arrangement for them and arrange them accordingly.

Whichever ones you don’t see a use for, you can

Place them in a storeroom. Here too, don’t just fling them inside – arrange them neatly.

Keep them aside to be given away to charity.

Wellness-Based Interior Design Hack 2: Find Your Zen Spot

Here’s another new jargon – zen. The ‘zen spot’ or the spot where you are totally ‘zen’ is where you are completely at peace, where nothing can get to you, and where you can do whatever you want.

Your zen spot could be anything from one end of a particular sofa to an entire room.

Everything – the view, the general ambiance, and the comfort – should be exactly the way you want it at your zen spot.

Find such a spot and furnish it with whatever sitting or reclining – it’s a given you won’t want to stand or lie down there – arrangement suits you best.

It could be a very upright chair or a comfortable sofa – what matters is that you feel completely at peace in it.

Wellness-Based Interior Design Hack 3: Pay Attention to Air Moisture

The right level of air moisture can keep your skin comfortable, ensuring peace of mind for the present and good skin health in the long term.

I would suggest going to a humidifier.

Apart from maintaining an optimum moisture level, it can eliminate some dirt (maybe even some viruses, although I’m not sure about that) from the air and even help with sinuses, if you suffer from that.

Wellness-Based Interior Design Hack 4: Go green!

I’m sure you have heard about the numerous health benefits of maintaining some greenery in your space.

Whether it’s an office or your home, maintaining some plants will

Reduce stress levels

Encourage positive thinking

Increase in concentration

Act as a natural air freshener and filter out some pollutants

And plants are ridiculously low-maintenance.

For your home, I’d suggest plants like aloe vera, orchids or cacti while for your office you can go for a lily plant or a philodendron.

If you are going for a full-service design project, you can even discuss the possibility of a ‘green wall’ with your interior designer.

In conclusion, wellness-based or holistic interior design isn’t exactly a new idea. It’s what interior design is all about – making you feel good in your space and helping you achieve maximum efficiency in whatever you do there.

There are 4 DIY interior design steps you can take to create a more wholesome living or workspace

Eliminate clutter

Find your zen spot

Pay attention to moisture levels

Get some plants

Hope these help you transition to a more fulfilling living or workspace!

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