Issues You May Face With Your Garage Roller Door and How to Deal With Them

Your garage door is vital to how you go about your day, and just a little routine troubleshooting can ensure that your door stays physically and functionally intact for longer. Since your door goes through several cycles daily, it is quite likely to run into issues from time to time.

All these important issues must be addressed and dealt with before they get worse. Sure, there are some repair tasks that are well beyond your wheelhouse, but there are several quick fixes that you can still do yourself at little to no cost while also limiting the damage to the door.

It is worth noting that you should go through provided manuals beforehand and also stop and call a professional any time you feel like you are out of your depth. Here are some of the issues that you may face with your doors.

Old Rollers

The rollers are the most abused part of the door, called into action thousands of times over their life cycle. As with any mechanical part, this sort of use will cause wear and tear. Eventual breakage is also a real possibility, and an expensive one to recover from.

Instead, you should lubricate regularly, look for signs of wear on the tracks and rollers, clean them out and replace your rollers sporadically. The time is up to you, but experts recommend a replacement every five years.

Doors Not Closing

Mechanical doors could get stuck in an open, partially open, or even closed state. This is commonplace and happens to most door owners at some point. If you can’t get it to budge no matter what, you should call an expert repairs company to get in touch with a professional who can either guide you through the process on the phone or sends someone down to fix it for you. This is a pretty routine fix and is usually not the time or cost-intensive to do.

Automated doors rely on sensors to detect motion. Since the garage sees a ton of activity with people moving in and out, children playing and all your pets moving around, there could be cases where the door sensors are not triggered correctly and the door stays open. If you notice this happening, go ahead and have a look at the manual or online guides that show you how you can recalibrate your sensors.

Affected by Adverse Weather Conditions

The elements can be cruel to anything exposed to them. Stormy weather is one of the big nemeses of mechanical garage doors. Debris, water, and ice can wreak havoc and render your door buggy or completely non-functional in no time. You should ensure your garage doors to prepare for such a contingency. Electric doors must have a failsafe that allows you to open them in case the electricity is out due to a blackout.

Pests Getting in the Way

A pest infestation can make your life hell. The tiny critters can cause incredible amounts of damage, especially to a place like your garage. If your doors don’t close all the way or have sealing issues, you could see pests sneaking in and making a new home within yours.

Some of them could eat away at the door seals to bring forth a full-scale infestation. Check your doors regularly for signs of such damage and contact the authorities the moment you notice something amiss.

Motor Rail or Operator Rails Needs Lubrication

Even though all types of garage door openers do not necessitate lubrication, the ones that need to be lubricated must be maintained regularly every one to two years. Moreover, the operator rails would require regular lubrication job. However, it is important to note that any chain & belt drive would never require any lubrication job.

Garage Door Motor or Operator Needs To Be Adjusted

Your garage door has a motor to run it and it may lose its power and strength. For resolving this serious issue, you may try adjusting the limit switches present on your machine that are generally found on the motor’s side. You must stay calm if there are any issues with your garage roller doors. It is best to get in touch with a professional garage door repair service for prompt and perfect solutions.

Unusual Noises Whenever You Are Using the Garage Door

You may suddenly find that your garage door is making unusual and grinding noises every time it is being used. You would soon find that all your neighbors are grumbling and complaining about the disturbing noise made by your garage roller door.

You must get this major hint and start taking immediate corrective action. You may start lubricating the squeaky part of the door. It is best to play it safe and go about lubricating all the moving parts of the garage roller door. Even after lubrication if the noises continue, you must get in touch with the professionals for identifying the issue. They may require replacing the broken spring. 

Broken or Cracked Weather Sealant

Broken or cracked weather sealant could pose a serious threat to the safety of your garage. Weather sealant is supposed to keep water out, reduce street noise, and effectively seals air leaks. In the event you find that the sealant has developed some cracks or it is broken, you may require getting it replaced by professionals for perfect solutions.

Get a new weather sealant for substituting the old damaged one. You could buy the weather sealants from your reliable local home improvement shop.

Garage Door Remote Seems To Be Broken

It could be disappointing when you click a key on the remote and realize that it has gone dead and the garage door is not making even the slightest responses. You must, first of all, examine if the battery is dead.

The battery issue could easily be resolved by replacing the old battery with a new one. You may try reprogramming your remote by following the instructions on the manual. If nothing works talk to a professional. 

The Operator Is Not Responding

Whether you are utilizing a remote, wall controller, or even keyless entry, the operator doesn’t seem to respond at all. This implies that something is wrong with specifically the photo-eyes. Try switching on the breaker but if that doesn’t seem to work, examine if your garage door opener seems to be perfectly plugged in and ensure that the power supply is on. Consider testing your electrical outlet using a different device to examine if it is fine and working.


One of the biggest issues is when you are locked out of your garage. In this kind of situation, you should be looking for a replacement. It could be provided by the original manufacturer or by a third-party solution that is compatible with the make and model of your door Use the above expert troubleshooting tips but always contact a professional garage door repair service for perfect and safe solutions.

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