16 of the best online shops to buy original art prints for your home

They Made This

Make your home beautiful for an affordable price! We reveal the best place to buy wonderful art prints to fuel your mood, imagination and creativity.

As a creative, you’re by nature a visual person. In fact, you probably spend every working day meticulously crafting amazing-looking work for your company or freelance clients – not just because you want praise and reward. But also because it’s intrinsically important to you that you’re helping make the world a more beautiful place. Ask yourself, though: do you pay as much attention to your own environment?

Think about it: we spend an awful lot of time at home, whether working or just chilling out. If your surroundings are on the drab side, you’re missing the opportunity to put a smile on your face, day in and day out, and creatively inspire you and your loved ones.

A beautifully produced art print isn’t just a nice thing to have: it’s an investment in your daily mood, sense of well-being, and creative career. And in that light, your home becomes not just a living space but a canvas waiting to be adorned with pieces that resonate with their unique creative spirit.

Let’s get physical

After spending hours every day staring at screens, what better treat for your eyes than an original, physical art print, acting as a beacon of personalisation and sophistication and providing a blend of contemporary appeal and timeless charm?

Of course, it’s important to find a piece that personally speaks to you. But where do you start? In our curated guide below, we’ve brought together our favourite purveyors of amazing art prints: those who appreciate the finer details, the stories behind strokes, and the allure of an image that captures more than just a moment.

So whether you’re an artist yourself, an art aficionado, or just someone looking to infuse your home with a touch of creative flair, our handpicked list of online destinations will lead you to discover prints that are not just decorations but conversations.

1. Projekt 26

Based in south-east London, Projekt 26 is the passion project of Harriet and Sylwia, a British graphic designer and Polish design lover. Both founders are utterly addicted to Polish posters, and they share the best from this little-known niche on their website: bold, witty and often naively illustrated pieces that they’d proudly hang on their own walls. “We are again living in grey times,” they say, “but we hope to be able to inject a little bit of colour back into the world with Projekt 26.”

Harriet and Sylwia of Projekt 26

2. House of Spoils

‘Empty walls are boring’ proclaims the homepage of the House of Spoils, and once you’ve glanced at their fare, you’ll know the solution. This Los Angeles art gallery has a selection of amazing art prints for sale, all printed on premium matte artist-grade paper and touting gallery-like quality and colour. There is a huge range of categories and a long list of artists to choose from, with both horizontal and vertical prints in their extensive collection.

3. Artists & Objects

Artists & Objects is a curated collection of art, ceramics and homewares by independent UK artists. Their collection features a rich mix of traditional and modern crafts, focusing on hand-made pieces. Importantly, they share their artists’ stories so you can learn about their creative journeys, helping forge a personal connection between you and your artwork.

Artists & Objects

4. David Horgan Art

Deviating a little from the criteria of this feature, we’ve chosen David Horgan and shared his individual print shop because we’re big fans of his work. A self-taught, London-based painter, David is interested in storytelling and social commentary. He conveys narratives drawn from his own personal experience and every day encounters mixed up with popular culture and iconography. Raw, colourful and bursting with personality, his predominantly figurative scenes, crafted with fast-paced brushstrokes, include a healthy dose of humour.

5. Hvass&Hannibal

Hvass&Hannibal is a design studio founded in Copenhagen in 2006 by Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal, while attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design. Their online store is packed to the rafters with beautiful prints, including screen prints, offset prints, risographs and giclée prints. They currently have a section with specially designed prints supporting charities in Ukraine.


6. Poster & Frame

Poster & Frame is a poster shop established in 2018 by a seasoned team from the Danish design, advertising and design industries. Where Poster & Frame really stands out from other stores is that each order is individually produced. This keeps paper consumption low and sustainability high.

7. They Made This

They Made This is a female and LGBT+-founded, contemporary modern art print shop and gallery by partners Aine Donovan and El Jones. Established in 2018, it now has stores in London and Brighton and represents the work of over 60 of the world’s best graphic artists, photographers and designers. Their manifesto, Art For Everyone, underpins everything they do, from making art affordable and accessible to supporting artists and building community through cultural art events.

They Made This

8. The Private Press

Managed and run by creative director Gary Parselle, this contemporary screen printing studio is passionate about the endless possibilities of the discipline. Their shop features a carefully curated series of screen prints produced in close collaboration with some of their favourite artists; all prints are exclusive to The Private Press.

9. National Park Print Shop

National Park Print Shop is a risograph press and art print store based in the Lake District. They love art and illustration that celebrate the good things in life (the great outdoors, adventure, food and travel) and work with their favourite indie artists to provide quirky and memorable art prints and illustrated goods for every home. Their art prints are made and framed to order using a museum-quality printing process and artist-grade paper.

National Park Print Shop

10. The Poster Club

The Poster Club is an online emporium offering a unique selection of high-quality posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists. Its inspiration comes from the trends in Nordic lifestyle, fashion and interior design, combining their roots in Copenhagen and the Scandinavian culture with new and innovative technology in the creative industry. (But beware, tax import charges apply.)

11. Bold & Noble

Bold & Noble was born at the kitchen table of Jane Tobitt and David Wardle back in 2007. The couple had had their first baby and were struggling to find wall art for his bedroom. So they set about creating our own range of prints; while Granny babysat, they worked nights on their first collection. Today, their vision is to create beautifully made homeware people will love, and their superb collection keeps growing.

Bold & Noble

12. Studio B-Low

Studio B/LOW believes original handcrafted art should be available to everyone and is dedicated to creating affordable pieces for the modern home. Fuelled by the lack of offerings in the market, Bei launched the company to bring contemporary artwork to a broader audience, open up the art world to new collectors, and enable them to build their collections with original pieces.

13. Jealous Gallery

Founded in 2008, Jealous is an artist-led, fine-art print publisher and studio with a physical gallery space in east London. Prints published and printed by Jealous are in numerous museum collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum and the Whitworth in Manchester. Their online shop, meanwhile, is packed full of gorgeous prints at affordable prices.

Jealous Gallery

14. Animato

“Everyone deserves good art,” say Animato, “and that’s why we’re here.” From classic masterpieces and vintage posters to modern, on-trend designs, they’ve got something to tie any space together. Here, you’ll find the work of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, René Magritte and Claude Monet, alongside contemporary names. They do an especially good line in Japanese prints.

15. Printed Originals

With hearts in the romantic past, Printed Originals is a one-stop shop for original posters and fresh new art that is friendly, trustworthy, and easy to navigate. They sell high-quality, guaranteed-authentic pieces of art and pop culture history at a price range for everybody, breaking the barriers of entry. Their catalogue features both pieces that are over 125 years old and others that have been created in recent weeks.

16. Telegramme

With a joint love of fine paper goods and vintage, mid-century Americana style, Bobby and Kate Evans started the now award-winning Telegramme Paper Co. in London in 2014. Today, based out of their studio by the sea in Margate, they apply their unique illustration style to high-quality, original art prints and personalised prints. They exhibit their prints across Europe and the US and are stocked in shops and galleries across the world, as well as selling from their own online store.

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