Lucozade launches its biggest redesign in nearly 100 years

For the first time in its 97-year history, Lucozade has undergone a major redesign. We take a closer look at its transformation – one that follows a collaboration with Pearlfisher London.

For decades, Lucozade might have been known as either a sports drink or an ideal hangover cure, but today, it has changed as we know it forever.

It has revealed a new visual identity and packaging design that consolidates its ranges of Lucozade Energy and Lucozade Sport drinks under a unified masterbrand, presumably to retain its visibility and appeal within an increasingly competitive and crowded field.

Pearlfisher London was brought in to collaborate with Lucozade on the redesign with one clear goal: to create a “powerful and cohesive brand presence that resonates with both long-standing fans while also appealing to new shoppers”.

Strategically, this meant capturing and expressing Lucozade’s inherently vibrant energy and dynamism and uniting this across every drink in the portfolio through design.

How did they achieve that consistency? By revitalising the iconic Lucozade arc and wordmark. The new design consciously moves away from the vertical Lucozade wordmark, rotating it to lock up and amplify the arc with a burst of bubbles. The arc has also been redrawn, modernised, and set in an optimistic, vibrant yellow. “It remains constant and prominent across the portfolio, cementing it even further as the iconic symbol of Lucozade’s positive energy,” says Pearlfisher.

“We know how important it is to have a recognisable and distinctive brand through all channels – whether online or offline. With the arc elevated to be at the heart of the design, our approach was to then refine and communicate the distinct offerings of the drinks, from glucose to electrolytes, ensuring clarity, consistency and relevance,” adds David Jenkinson from Pearlfisher. “This rebrand was all about enhancing Lucozade’s impact on shelf and reinforcing its credibility and iconicity as one of the UK’s most established energy and sports drink brands.”

The redesign followed extensive consumer research, including agile prototyping and real-time workshops, allowing immediate consumer feedback into the design process.

In addition to the overarching masterbrand identity, Pearlfisher introduced a suite of assets that work with and around the arc. This included the uplifting bubbles of Lucozade Energy propelling the arc, a bespoke, athletic mesh-inspired pattern for Sport, and introducing the colour white as a consistent signifier for zero sugar across the portfolio.

Elise Seibold, marketing director at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I, says: “This has been an exciting journey in developing the iconic Lucozade pack of the future, standing as one confident masterbrand, made up of distinct drink ranges that have separate offerings. Our revitalised brand logo is the beacon of Lucozade’s positivity, surrounded by elements that cue the brand’s credibility as the original energy brand. We can’t wait to see the packs hit the shelves this summer as part of a huge year for Lucozade.”

Elsewhere, the new masterbrand platform, ‘Bring the Energy’, was crafted by the creative agency adam&eveDDB and is a rallying call that shows how Lucozade helps people “rise to the challenge and to move with energy in the moments that matter to them.”

It’s designed to shape every facet of Lucozade’s business and marks a significant organisational shift for the iconic British drinks brand. Lucozade’s new look will debut in the UK with a TV ad, ‘Basketball x Northern Soul’, also created by Adam&eveDDB.

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