If you’re living in an apartment or a small home and you’ve been looking for the best small dining sets for apartments, you’ve come to the right place, as that’s exactly what this post is all about. We list and highlight some of the very best dining settings for downsized living on the market today.

Everybody needs furniture to service their needs, and finding just the right furniture when you don’t have loads of space presents even more challenges, apart from the cost alone. You need something that does the job, looks great, and also fits comfortably into your available floor space.

Very shortly we’ll get into our list of apartment-sized dining table settings, but first we’ll take you through a short buyer’s guide to help you make the right choices.

Best Small Dining Sets for Apartments

How Big Does Your New Dining Set Need To Be?

Rather than the overall size of the table and chairs, this question is more about how many people it can seat. You could choose a:

  • 3 piece dining setting
  • 5 piece dining set
  • 7 piece dining setting

For many modest apartments a 7 piece setting will be out of the question, but there are some really nice dining sets in the 5 piece range that don’t consume a lot of space, and we feature quite a few on our list.

If your apartment is really small, you might have to opt for a little 3 piece setting, and we list a few of those as well.

Although you might like to have a set that accommodates more people, available space will dictate what you can actually get.

Not to worry though. Even if you can only squeeze in a maximum of 4 people at the table you end up buying, if you have extra diners, it’s simply a matter of looking for some temporary alternatives, such as grabbing a couple of stools and making use of some available kitchen bench space, or even seating a few diners at an outdoor patio or balcony table, or even the coffee table in the living room.

There are always options.

Always Take Measurements First Before Shopping

It’s pretty obvious to state that you should measure up the general area where you’ll situate your new dining table and chairs, but it’s worth mentioning here just so nobody forgets.

It’s not just about making sure any dining setting you have your eyes on will fit in a small space, it’s also about maybe even being able to buy a setting that’s a little bigger than you thought you could buy.

Once you know how much room you have to work with (including space to slide chairs in and out), you can go on the hunt for a dining set with confidence.

Shop With a Budget In Mind

You don’t really want to go out searching for your new table and chairs with no idea of how much you can, or are willing, to spend on the set. It’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind, and this budget can actually narrow down your search if you’re looking for a set online, such as on Amazon.

Armed with your budget and the overall dimensions of your dining area, you’re almost ready to think about buying something.

Before you do that though, we’ll just cover a few more things to consider when it comes to dining tables and matching dining chairs.

The Most Common Materials for Dining Table Tops

The table top of your dining room table is one of the most important parts of the whole set, and also the area that sees the most use. Let’s quickly look at the most common materials used for table tops.

Glass – The beauty of glass is it looks fantastic and never goes out of date. It truly is timeless and always adds a touch of elegance. Glass table tops are also extremely easy to clean, don’t stain and are very scratch resistant. All glass table tops these days are made from tempered glass, which is extra strong and very safe.

Real Timber – Real timber might be highly machined, or left more natural for that rustic look. Table tops made from genuine timber tend to be heavier and more expensive than some other tables, but if you love that organic look, timber is definitely the way to go.

MDF, Particle Board & Wood Veneer – When it comes to modern day wooden dining tables, the majority are constructed from man made timber products, with one of the most common being MDF. These manufactured timbers help keep the price down, while at the same time delivering furniture pieces of the highest quality. These “timbers” are also much more versatile for building furniture than real timber.

Natural Stone – This includes the 2 most common natural stones for table tops and bench tops: Granite & Marble. Any tables made with these are very heavy, but they are stunning. Granite is super hardy and highly resistant to scratching. Marble is more delicate, but looks a million bucks.

Common Coverings for Dining Chairs

Many dining chairs are either made from timber or metal when it comes to the framework and legs, but in this section we’ll focus on the part you actually sit on: The seat.

Many seats (and backrests too) are padded for your comfort, but not all are. So let’s list some of the more common seat materials, padded or not:

  • PU leather
  • Vinyl
  • Timber
  • MDF
  • Microfiber
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Laminate

When it comes to padded seating, PU leather (faux leather) is one of the most common coverings. It’s very durable and looks fantastic.

Microfiber is plush, breathable and becoming increasingly more popular.

Various fabrics – such as cottons, polyester and other blends – are still a staple material for covering chairs seat cushions and backrest cushions.

Do You Have a Preference for Dining Table Shape?

The most common shape for a modern dining table is a rectangle, because it’s simply the most functional and always looks good. With smaller tables, square tables have been hitting the stores big time in recent years.

When it comes to smaller spaces, such as dining areas in apartments, round tables are often a very good choice. They provide plenty of dining table space but, because they have no corners, tend to take up less room and there’s also nothing to bump into when squeezing past the table in a confined area.

Oval tables are still around, but are considered by many to look a little old fashioned.

Okay, that’s enough for the buyer’s guide for dining sets. Let’s get started on our list of the best dining sets for apartments and see what we’ve come up with.

Borneo Colonial Handmade Compact Dining Set Table with Glass Top and 2 Chairs

Let’s start our list off with this great little handmade 3 piece dining set that would be just at home out on the patio or balcony as it would in your small apartment dining area.

Made from natural cane that’s been treated to protect it and make it stronger, this set has a distinctive South-East Asia flavour about it, hence the word “Borneo” in the title.

It comes in a lovely light brown, natural cane colour, with 2 matching chairs that have padded seats covered in a beige, breathable material that’s odour resistant and quite easy to keep clean.

When it comes to the glass table top, it’s a clear tempered glass. Tempered glass is heated to very high temperatures to make it super strong, so it’s also extremely safe.

Let’s list a few more important features:

  • There’s no assembly required with this set. It comes complete and is totally hand crafted by expert craftsmen. That’ll be a talking point in itself, as so much of today’s furniture is highly machined and made by automated processes
  • This set almost gives off that holiday vibe and looks like a dining setting you would expect to see in a beachside holiday apartment
  • All materials that make up this 3 piece table and chairs setting are from Indonesia, so you truly get that SE Asian flavour
  • While I wouldn’t call the table shape oval, it’s rectangular with curved ends that give it a very unique appearance, and provides quite a lot of dining space for a small set
  • There is also a handy shelf located beneath the table top where you could store a few bottles of your favourite wine, or place table items such as placemats and napkins
  • To save on even more floor space, when the table is not in use, the chairs slide neatly beneath the footprint of the table
  • Table dimensions are – 40” wide x 20” deep x 30” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 20” wide x 19.3” deep x 27.5” high

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Mecor 5 Piece Dining Room Table Set for Apartment Living

If you’re living in an apartment and need a new dining table and chairs that seats 4 people, then this little setting from Mecor might just fit the bill perfectly.

It’s a stunning little set that sells for a very reasonable price on Amazon, and customer reviews are favourable as well.

If modern is your thing, then this dining set will likely put a smile on your face.

A sleek and stylish glass top table with glistening chrome legs is accompanied by 4 dining chairs that are really a standout feature. The style of the chairs sees the backrest go all the way to the floor, something you don’t often see.

The seats are padded and covered in a quality PU leather that really adds a further touch of class to a rather remarkable little dining setting.

Now for a peek at some more key features:

  • The glass table top is made from a super strong and durable 8mm tempered glass that’s very hard to break. Being glass it also won’t go out of date, and glass is one of the easiest finishes to clean
  • Both the legs of the table and the legs and frames of the chairs are made from a tubular and lightweight chrome steel that looks fantastic with the glass and the black PU leather. You’ll be styling when dining at this table
  • While it’s only a small table, it is big enough for 4 diners, making it the perfect little set for people living in smaller apartments and homes
  • Table dimensions are – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Size of the chairs is – 17.3” wide x 17.3” deep x 38.6” high

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Adelade Natural Walnut Finish 5 Piece Dining Setting

The featured table is 50” wide, but the setting is also available in the bigger size of 60” wide, but still with 4 chairs. If you’re after a more natural and organic timber look for your dining setting, then just maybe this one is for you.

It’s a bit of a hybrid between modern lines and some traditional, mid-century features, which gives the set a very cool and rather unique appearance.

The backrests of the 4 timber chairs have been ergonomically designed with a curve for the ultimate in dining comfort. Add in the padded, PU leather covered seats and you’re really styling.

It’s the perfect little 5 piece setting for apartments and small houses and will fit comfortably even in a little dining area.

The walnut wood grain finish combined with the black faux leather seats on the chairs looks really, really nice together.

Okay, so what else can we highlight about this set from GDF Studio?

  • Being mostly constructed of wood, you’ll find this entire setting, including the chairs, is very stable and sturdy, so you’ll likely get many years of use out of it
  • Looking after this dining table and chairs is pretty easy, so you can spend more time enjoying your meals rather than cleaning it. PU leather simply needs a wipe over with a damp cloth and it’s the same for the treated table top
  • The colours of this set are neutral enough to blend in well with most decor, and that goes for the design and style as well. It’s a pretty versatile set in that way
  • The table measures – 47.24” long x 29.53” wide x 29.53” high
  • The chairs are – 18.31” wide x 20.08” deep x 31.1” high

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Mecor 5 Piece Glass Top Dining Table Set  With 4 Leather Chairs In Light Yellow

We featured a similar 5 piece dining setting from Mecor earlier. Although the table is about the same size and very similar to the last one, the 4 dining chairs are quite a bit different.

Once again this is a great little table that’s really tailor made for apartment living in style, but also on a budget. If your dining area is a little more roomy, there is also a 7 piece option, which is identical in appearance, but features a longer table and 2 extra chairs.

8mm thick tempered glass tops the table in very simplistic and minimalistic fashion, making for a very clean dining surface with plenty of room for 4 diners, and one that is also a breeze to look after. Tempered glass is very safe, and in its appearance never goes out of style. Combine the glass with the shimmering chrome table legs and you have a stunning looking table.

Now let’s talk about the dining chairs. They really make a statement and add that extra touch of sophistication to the overall setting.

The framework and legs are made from lightweight tubular metal powder coated silver in a low sheen finish, but it’s the lovely light lemon yellow PU leather and plush padding that makes these chairs stand out.

Now for a few more features of note:

  • All the framework and legs of the table and chairs is highly resistant to rust and tarnish, so you can be confident that if you buy this set, it’ll look great for years
  • The PU leather covering the chairs is extremely easy to look after and usually just needs a wipe over with a damp cloth occasionally. PU leather really doesn’t stain very easily, so is also spill resistant
  • Both the table and the chairs are built strong. The table can withstand up to 80lbs of weight, while the chairs can support people up to 220lbs

Let’s check out the sizes:

  • Table dimensions – 47.2” long x 27.6” wide x 29.5” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 15.7” wide x 18.5” deep x 38.6” high

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Simple Living 5 Piece Baxter Dining Set & Ottoman Chairs With Storage

The team at Simple Living are providing the ultimate dining solution for people living in apartments with this awesome little 5 piece table and ottoman set. The really cool thing is that each seat lifts off the ottomans, revealing an area to store stuff.

You won’t want to put anything too heavy inside, as you need to be able to slide the ottomans in and out from under the table, but might be handy for stashing some spare clothes, kids toys, or even some tableware.

Made from a compact particle board with a stunning, glimmering black distressed wood grain finish, this dining set will prove to be a talking point when you have guests over. And as an added space saving feature, when you’re done, each of the 4 ottomans fits neatly under the footprint of the table.

Okay, so let’s see what else we can highlight:

  • Each seat on the ottomans is comfortably padded and coated in a shiny black vinyl that is so easy to keep clean and won’t stain or attract odours
  • It’s a very contemporary and modern looking setting, and being black and very neutral, you’ll easily match this up with your current decor
  • Amazon customer reviews are very positive overall, but many state that the table and chairs are fairly small, so not really suitable for adults on the larger size
  • Table dimensions – 31” square x 29.7” high
  • Ottoman dimensions – 15” square x 18.75” high

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Tangkula 5 Piece Dining Table Set In White and Silver

In a similar style and design to a Mecor 5 piece setting that was reviewed earlier on the list, this little setting from Tangkula looks modern and very pristine in white, silver and clear glass.

Don’t be worried about glass table tops being fragile and dangerous, because they’re all made with tempered glass these days, which is really tough. Even in the unlikely event that the table did get broken, the glass is designed to shatter into harmless cubes with no sharp edges, much like a car windscreen.

With rounded edges and corners, there are no sharp bits on the table top, and when you match it up with the stunning chrome legs, this dining table will really add a touch of class to your apartment.

The chairs add even more sophistication to a dining setting that looks like it should cost way more than what it does. Covered in a quality white PU leather, the padded chairs are built atop a tubular steel frame that’s been powder coated a low sheen silver to match the chrome.

Let’s now discuss a few more key points:

  • You’ll find the PU leather, although white, is very easy to keep clean and is resistant to staining. Spill something on the chairs, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth
  • The same goes for the glass top of the table. Glass doesn’t stain and glass is very hard to scratch with normal use. Attack it with window cleaner or even just some water, and the table will be returned to its pristine condition after you’ve finished eating
  • This set is built to last. The table can hold weights up to 250lbs (which is way more than you’ll ever need), and the chairs are rated to hold weights up to 300lbs
  • Chair dimensions are – 16” wide x 20” deep x 37.5” high
  • Table dimensions are – 45.5” long x 27.5” wide x 29.5” high

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Harper & Bright Designs 5 Piece Dining Kitchen Table Set With Chairs

While the one featured in the listing is brown, there is also the option to get this same setting in black, with the only difference apart from the color being narrower table legs. Either choice is a good one, and both colors are neutral enough to compliment most decor and color schemes.

Supported by very strong and sturdy steel framework, the stand out feature of this setting has to be the marble table top. It’s not genuine marble, mind you, but a manufactured marble.

It’s a lot cheaper than real marble, but still provides a stunning finish that is sure to be a talking point when you have guests over for dinner. Each table top is slightly unique in its color arrangement and intricate patterns.

This 5 piece setting is small enough that it’s the perfect fit for apartment living, and you could even have this dining table and chairs in your kitchen if there’s room.

Designed in a modern theme, the dining chairs feature comfortable padding and are covered in burlap material, constructed over wooden frame and legs.

Now it’s time to list a few more features of this set from Harper & Bright Designs:

  • The sellers offer a refund and exchange policy if you’re not happy with the purchase. This should really give you the peace of mind and confidence to take a chance on this setting
  • Real wood has been used in the construction of both the table and the chairs, utilizing genuine rubberwood from South-East Asia. This ensures a sturdy build quality and adds that organic touch to the set
  • Amazon customer reviews are overall very positive, and the table and chair set sells at a very decent price considering the quality and the overall look of the package
  • The table measures – 48” long x 29.9” wide x 29.9” high
  • Chair sizes are – 18.1” long x 17.7” wide x 37.7” high

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Giantex 5 Piece Wooden Dining Table Set for Apartments & Small Homes

If your preference is for an all timber dining setting, then you might be attracted to this offering from Giantex. However, if you’re after a natural timber look, you won’t find that with this set as it’s been painted white and brown, although the table top does have a lovely wood grain finish.

The entire set is made from lightweight, yet strong and durable pine wood and not a manufactured timber like many other dining settings.

Use this set in the kitchen, dining room, or possibly even on a balcony or undercover patio area. It’s small enough and definitely versatile. The simplistic timber look gives it an indoor or outdoor appearance.

So we’ve said a few things about it, but what else can we list?

  • The straight line design is very linear, simplistic and rather modern. This makes it an easy match for a number of current furniture styles, and the colors are very neutral as well
  • Both the table top and the seats of the wooden chairs are brown and have that awesome wood grain pattern. Coupled with the white legs and framework, it’s a really nice and fresh combination that gives off a positive vibe
  • The protected timber finish is very easy to clean, but it’s advisable to use placemats for both plates and glasses to avoid any potential damage or staining of the table surface
  • Table size is – 43” long x 26” wide x 29” high
  • Chair size is – 17” wide x 18” deep x 34” high

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Giantex 5 Piece Dining Table Set With Glass Table Top & 4 Leather Padded Chairs

You’ll find this 5 piece dining setting from the team at Giantex is the perfect size for apartments. Giantex are renowned for delivering quality furniture items at budget prices, and they continue to do that with this set.

With a whole host of positive reviews from Amazon customers, you can buy this setting with total confidence and enjoy years of fun dining with friends and family.

A smoked tempered glass table top with rounded edges really gives this dining table a real touch of class. Tempered glass is very strong and safe and never goes out of style. It’s also an absolute breeze to clean, won’t stain, and very likely won’t scratch either.

Another real standout feature are the 4 dining chairs. Built upon solid tubular steel frames that have been powder coated black, the seats and the backrests of the chairs are padded for your comfort and covered in a luxurious and stylish black PU leather.

These chairs are also super easy to look after and are spill resistant. You’ll find yourself spending more time enjoying your food rather than cleaning up the mess.

More features at a glance include:

  • Very sleek and extremely modern and classy are some words to describe this Giantex dining setting. It’s small enough to fit in small dining spaces, but large enough for 4 people to comfortably enjoy a relaxed meal together
  • Both the chairs and the table are built on lightweight steel frames so, apart from the glass top, the entire set is not that heavy and quite easy to move about if need be.
  • When in place, you’ll find this setting is very stable and rigid. The table won’t sway or wobble, so your food and drinks are safe from spills
  • The table measures 47.3” long x 27.5” wide and the chairs are 37.5” high

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Giantex 5 Pieces Dining Table Setting for Small Rooms

Use this setting indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. Either way, we think you’ll be pretty happy with this set if you’re shopping for a 5 piece dining table and chairs on a budget.

The description claims this is a mid-century design, but it has more of a modern and contemporary look about it, with its rather raw looking timber legs on the table and chairs, and the pristine white seats and table top.

It’s only a little setting, so may not be great for bigger people, but definitely a good size for apartment living, or anywhere that space is at a premium but you still need somewhere for 4 people to eat.

The wood sections look like real timber with a nice wood grain pattern, but it’s actually a man made MDF used for the timber look. The chairs are very comfortably padded and covered in a plush white PU leather, which not only looks awesome, but is also very easy to look after.

Let’s now list some more features of note:

  • Even though the price is low, there’s no skimping on build quality with this setting. You’ll find that it’s well put together and will likely last you for many years
  • Ergonomically designed chairs ensure you and your family or guests will remain totally comfortable right throughout dinner, dessert and post dinner drinks or coffee
  • Along with using this set for home dining, it’s the perfect size and simplistic design to be used in restaurants and al fresco style cafes and bars
  • Each foot of each chair is covered in a protective pad so you won’t damage you floors sliding chairs in and out from the dining table
  • Table measures – 47.5” long x 27.5” wide x 30” high

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Target Marketing Systems 3 Piece Tiffany Country Cottage Drop Leaf Dining Setting

There are copious amounts of positive customer reviews on Amazon for this rather cute little 3 piece dining setting for two. If you have an extra chair, when you raise the drop leaf section of the table, there’s actually enough room for three diners.

You’ll find this dining set is petite enough to fit any space, and you could even use it outdoors on an undercover patio. It’s also a fantastic size for balconies.

Another cool feature about this set is you can buy the pieces separately. For example, you can just buy the table on its own. Or, if you want to add chairs to the set, you can purchase extra ones.

As the title suggests, it definitely has that country cottage look and feel to it, made from timber in colors of white and light brown. It’s both a rustic but clean look.

Here are a few more features:

  • The entire set is made from tropical hardwood and not MDF or a wood veneer. It’s very solid and sturdy, ensuring you’ll get many years of enjoyment out of it
  • If you find this small 3 piece set is too small to be your main dining table, it makes a great little table for the kids to eat at when you have extra guests over for dinner
  • It’s very affordable, good quality, well reviewed and it will add its own unique touch of style to your home or apartment
  • Chair dimensions are – 18” wide x 16” deep x 36” high
  • Table size measures – 30” square x 29” high
  • With drop leaf raised – 44” long x 30” wide x 29” high

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Best Choice Products Wood & Metal Dining Table With 2 Stools

What a great little space saver and innovative design this table and 2 stool set is from Best Choice Products.

The main feature of this dining setting that is perfect for small dining rooms and kitchens alike is the built in storage at one end. The storage nook has 3 shelves, with one big enough to house your favourite bottles of wine or bubbly.

You can also store dinner plates, glasses, tableware, cutlery and more in this section of the table as well.

The table itself is a very simplistic design, crafted from MDF and coated in black and wood grain laminate. A strong steel frame supports the table, as well as the chair with their padded black vinyl covered seating.

Let’s see what else it offers purchasers:

  • It’s modern in design and very neutral in its colors, so you’ll have little trouble getting this set to blend in seamlessly with your current decor in most cases
  • The option of having storage built into the table not only saves on space, but it adds to your dining experience by making everything you need conveniently located. More chance for you to simply relax once you sit down to eat
  • The 2 chairs are made tough and can withstand weights up to 285lbs. The table can hold up to 90lbs
  • Table dimensions are – 36” long x 19.5” wide x 36” high
  • Chair dimensions are – 17” wide x 16” deep x 35.75” high

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Giantex 5 Piece Foldable Dining Set With Wine Rack

Giantex have produced a very versatile and budget friendly dining setting for 4 people with this double drop leaf table and chair set. Not only do both sides of the table fold down for the ultimate in space saving, the 4 chairs fold up as well.

If you want a lightweight dining set that you can take places, this is definitely the one, as it’s easy to stow in your car and is very mobile.

You could even use this setting outdoors on the patio or balcony as well as indoors in the dining room, or even the kitchen if you have the available space. It’s probably the most versatile set on our list and well worth considering.

Amazon customers have consistently given it positive reviews, so you can buy this one from Giantex with confidence.

Now for a few more features:

  • Just below the table top you’ll find two conveniently located wine racks, so you can keep your favourite bottles of red handy
  • There is also another storage rack towards the floor to house some of your dining table utensils or placemats, napkins and so on
  • The table is on wheels so you can easily move the set from room to room. When in position, simply lock the wheels in place to keep the table from rolling around
  • Raise one drop leaf section to create room for 3 diners, or raise both and you can have 4 people dining in comfort on this table. There’s actually quite a bit of room
  • A reinforced steel frame with a shiny chrome look holds it all together, and the table top and chair seats are made from a laminated wood veneer with a wood grain finish
  • Modern, sleek and stylish, we’re sure you’re going to like this one; especially if you are after a setting that’s mobile
  • Overall table dimensions – 43” long x 33” wide x 32” high
  • Chair dimensions – 16” wide x 14” deep x 29” high

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Giantex 3 Piece Indoor/Outdoor Bistro Style Dining Set

Made from wicker with a glass top table, this little 3 piece set for 2 diners could be used outdoors, or inside in a small dining room or kitchen. It’s versatile and saves even more space, given the fact that the chairs fit neatly under the table’s footprint when not in use.

It’s a very simple and basic little set, but perfect if you really don’t have much room. As an alternative, you could use this set as extra dining space for when guests come over, situate it out on the balcony even, or possibly in the living room.

Dark chocolate brown rattan, beige seat cushions and clear glass table top all combine for a fresh and modern look.

More features include the following:

  • The cushions are held in place with Velcro straps and are easily removed to give them a wash. You’ll also find the glass top table is super easy to look after, as is the weatherproof wicker
  • Both chairs and table are build around a solid steel frame for stability and longevity. This dining set will give you great value for money for many years
  • The backrest of the chairs is made of wicker and goes all the way down to the floor. When you slide the chairs under the table, the entire set then resembles one solid rattan table from floor to table top
  • It’s comfortable, it’s sturdy, practical and versatile
  • Table measurements are – 26” long x 20” wide x 29” high
  • Chairs measure – 17” wide x 18.5” deep x 27.5” high

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Giantex 3 Piece Pub Style Dining Setting With 3 Tier Storage Shelves

This is considered a little 3 piece pub/bistro style of mini dining setting. It’s yet another budget friendly one from the team at Giantex, who are renowned for offering cool little dining tables and chairs for small spaces.

It looks very modern and really takes up hardly any floor space at all, due to the fact that the table itself is so narrow. It would actually make a great breakfast nook in the kitchen and is the perfect size for balcony dining or relaxing with some snacks and a few drinks.

One really handy feature is the chairs actually fold up, so you can put them out of the way when you’re not using them. It’s yet one more way this dining set helps you utilise space.

Tubular steel powder coated a nice shade of shiny silver makes up most of the set, with a light colored wood veneer used for both the surface of the table and the seats of the chairs.

Let’s now see what else we can highlight:

  • Despite only being a small table, it’s quite big on storage. There are a total of 4 handy shelves all within reach just below the table. This includes a wine bottle rack and 3 more metal shelves to stash everything you’ll need when using the set
  • You’ll be happy to know that this setting is super easy to look after as well. The powder coated metal is protected, so it won’t rust or tarnish, and the table surface really only requires wiping over with a damp cloth to keep it clean
  • The table size is – 47.25” long x 15.8” wide x 34.25” high
  • Chair sizes are – 14.6” wide x 16.2” deep x 30.8” high

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King’s Brand 3 Piece Drop Leaf Table With Storage & 2 Stools

Another great space saving design is this table and stool set from King’s Brand Furniture.

Built with timber painted a clean white and topped with a faux marble table top, this dining set is the ultimate in both space saving capacity and versatility.

Use it as a breakfast setting in or near the kitchen, set it up as a kitchen island bench, or situate it in your apartment dining room. It’s built strong in a country style look with modern lines and will blend in very easily with most decor.

One of the really great features is the drop leaf section. Leave it lowered and it’s big enough for one or two people and perfect for that toast or cereal in the morning. Raise the drop leaf and you pretty much double the surface area of the table, making it big enough for maybe 3 or 4 people.

Okay, so what else can we highlight?

  • Well, how about the 2 handy storage drawers, where you can keep your cutlery, napkins, placemats and anything else you want within reach when sitting down to eat
  • Both the stools themselves and the table have a comfy footrest, so you really get to relax when eating your dinner after a day at work
  • You’ll find the faux marble table top is super easy to clean and look after and is also stain and scratch resistant, so it’ll stay looking great for longer
  • Table size with drop leaf extended – 31.75” wide x 23.8” deep x 33” high
  • With drop leaf closed – 31.75” wide x 15.5” deep
  • Stool sizes are – 11.75” diameter x 20.12” high

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The Wrap

So, that completes our list of 16 of the best small dining sets for apartments on the market right now. If you want to know more about each one featured or to make a purchase, just hit the Amazon link at the bottom of each review.

Happy small dining set hunting.


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