While I like to keep the big ticket items in our house simple and classic as opposed to what’s trending, the same can be said for smaller home styling details as well. Finding that balance of classic and trending is always a fine line.

Today I thought I’d share some really inspiring, beautiful spaces that nail some classic details. Steal a few of these simple ideas for your home. I always love small changes with big impact for a quick pick-me-up, and these fit the bill while also being timeless!

Tall Branches

lilac display interior home styling ideas
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Seriously, this display of lilac branches is insanely beautiful but you can get the same effect with a smaller display. Find tall branches from your yard or a local park and display them in a vase. The taller the better for a dramatic display!

white and wood

white and wood interior design classic home styling
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Shades of white mixed with wood tones never gets old! It’s my favorite combination for home interiors. Whether it’s white walls mixed with gorgeous wood furniture or white linen bedding with a wooden headboard, it’s a classic look every time.

Pretty Pendant lights

via kejit.is

While pleated lamp shades like the ones shown above are trending right now, a classic pendant light is always a timeless lighting choice.

Book Displays

bookshelves are  a classic home styling idea that will never go out of fashion
via haslington house

Creating a room with warmth and character is as simple as adding piles of books. This is one of my favorite home styling ideas, the more books the better! I am currently thinking of ways to get a similar look in our family room which will hopefully be getting made over soon. I’m slowly collecting a few vintage pieces for that.

Collected Art

via mandyeno home

A grouping of pictures, whether vintage art or something more modern, is another look that will stand the test of time. I especially love slightly asymmetrical groupings like the one above.

Slipcovered Furniture

via monicafjield interior

Slipcovered furniture is another classic that works with whatever design style you love. You could move a slipcovered chair from a traditional house to boho loft and it would work in either. Classic and versatile!

Display Dishes

dishes display
via chrislovesjulia

Display a grouping of dishes on a shelf or even on a wall for a perfectly classic display.

Sometimes you just need to make a simple change in a room to wake it up! I hope you found something inspiring here to encourage you to do just that today!


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